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Updated on Jul 2023

Fast Flirting is a young but ambitious dating site, created just a few years ago. It is created by a company that aims to provide international communication for singles around the world. There are many people that register here on a daily basis, hoping to get the most out of it. Can it match the expectations of many? This is exactly why we created this PlaceToChat site Review. It is devoted to analyzing PlaceToChat on a deeper level. 

What is PlaceToChat: a Short Overview

Users per month210,000
Male to female ratio43% male vs 57% female
The average age of girls29
The most popular regionsUkraine, Japan, the Czech Republic

This is a titbit of information that helps you quickly understand what can you expect from it. As you can see from PlaceToChat dating reviews, the user base is big enough, and there are many girls available for dating. Also, mind that we listed some of the popular regions where girls come from, but there are also options for different countries. 

PlaceToChat main page

Who Should Necessarily Use Placetochat? is specifically created to ease the process of international dating. It allows you to interact with girls online, creating a process similar to speed dating in real life. From a male standpoint, the site is mostly aimed at foreigners from countries like the UK, the USA, Australia, Canada, etc. Girls, on the other hand, can come from about any region, which creates diversity. 

PlaceToChat Dating Website: Important Facts

There are some more key points that can help you understand PlaceToChat on a deeper level. Treat this information as another way to see whether there is something that can possibly hook you up. 

  • The starting price for 20 credits is $4, but it’s only meant for newcomers
  • The most popular region of the site is Ukraine
  • The has high security, reducing the number of fraudsters
  • There are many options for using your credits
PlaceToChat features

Women’s Profiles at Placetochat

As we were saying, there are diverse female profiles from many countries. What is great about those is that they are properly managed by the site’s team. There is a proper verification system to check whether the girl is real, plus the team reacts fast if a particular profile got reported for suspicious activity. Also, the preference for searching is given to girls that are currently active on the site.

PlaceToChat Dating Review: 5 Reasons to Try It Out

This is the section of our PlaceToChat review where we are going to describe the main reasons why we enjoyed PlaceToChat. It’s a section that outlines the stronger points of a site, giving you all the more reasons to give it a go. Mind that the list is unbiased and created based on months of our interactions here. 

There Are Diverse Profiles

On place to chat, you have a chance to flirt with people of different ethnicities. There is no color bias. Whites and people of color are equally represented. As far as ethnicity is concerned, you can find men and women from America, Britain, Australia, the Netherlands, Mexico, Guatemala, and Latin America here. In particular, you can find people from Ukraine, Japan, and the Czech Republic.

PlaceToChat welcom to site

There Is a High Level of Security

This site uses SSL encryption, which ensures the security of its users. Moreover, it does not require any additional information than your email. You can be anonymous on this site. People who do not use it will not come across your photos on the Internet. The use of photos or personal information is optional. The site informs you that it collects some of your data.

It Is Easy to Use

PlaceToChat is indeed an easy and accessible dating site that can be understood by people of all ages. The structure of the site is very intuitive. Everything is divided into lists. There are no pop-up screens, hidden buttons, or blatant icons. Here there is no confusion and playing games. Everything you need in terms of dating can be found on this site in seconds. 

There Is a Great FAQ Tutorial

PlaceToChat reviews state that there is no live chat, but if you click on the Help tab, you can see a quick list of FAQs. It includes information on security, moderation, profile, terms of use, and privacy policy. Since this site is more than simple and has no payment system, it does not need a complex 24/7 support team. But in case you still have questions or need clarification, this site has a Send Feedback option.

PlaceToChat users

You Can Find Someone Really Fast

In the Search Profile tab, you will be directed to the search page. Here you can search for people by different criteria: gender, age, country, and language. You can also choose to only talk to people with photos, as well as to only talk to online users. If you remember someone from the site to whom you did not text right away, you can search for the nickname.

PlaceToChat Site Reviews: Comparing to Other Sites

Some of you might be asking about possible alternatives to PlaceToChat. The thing about quality sites is that they usually match in their quality, so technically, there is no best option to choose from. It can differ in subscription, audience, paid features, etc. So let us take a look at two sites that are more or less on the same wavelength as PlaceToChat. 

PlaceToChat vs Zoosk

Zoosk is more meant for people that are looking for casual dates. It’s available in many different countries and even has a mobile app that can be used in many countries. The attractive part of Zoosk is that it is pretty much available to any user, helping you search based on age, ethnicity, kind, etc. But it can also feel chaotic because of that, and you have to spend more time to find someone that has similar interests. Nevertheless, it’s a good option to start from. 

PlaceToChat do you like

PlaceToChat vs eHarmony

Just like PlaceToChat, eHarmony focuses more on serious relationships over casual dates. It focuses more on a matching algorithm, allowing people to quickly fill out a questionnaire to then match with girls based on what they filled in. There are also searching options as well, helping users choose between their means of interaction. Also, eHarmony is more popular among users, but it also has its drawbacks, attracting a higher number of fraudsters.

Stories of Western Men Who Found Their Love on Placetochat

Kokori, 32

Place to chat feels like home. It’s a fine site that quickly got me hooked up with Sakura, allowing me to date the most beautiful Japanese girl out there. Our online interactions progressed smoothly from a simple chat to video calls up to our meeting in real life. The site works at a slower pace, allowing people to further get to know each other, and I like it. 

Sam, 41

PlaceToChat left a lasting impression on me as this is where I was able to date 5 girls or so. We usually interacted for some casual fun, even though the site is mostly aimed at those who look for a better serious relationship. Regardless, my count of dates shows just how great you can interact with people out there, having no boundaries whatsoever. I especially enjoyed the delivery option, helping me express my passion via sending real gifts.

PlaceToChat do you like

Danny, 29

I was extremely skeptical about PlaceToChat as I am very poor at communication. The site helped me figure out that the only thing in communication that matters is mutual interest. Girls here can struggle with English at times, but we are still able to reach a proper agreement, not being frustrated with possible challenges. I am going to meet my sweet Julia next month, and though I feel a bit nervous, I know that it’s going to be alright. 

Value Tips on How to Use Placetochat From a Dating Coach

Hearing opinions of different users was great, and you also know some of the more popular means of using the site and what it can offer. However, we’d still recommend you to hear a detailed guide from a dating expert. He was using PlaceToChat for quite some time and knows how people usually interact here. 

Argue why you think that PlaceToChat is a good online dating site, and men should use it to meet girls?

I enjoy PlaceToChat because it’s a safe space with different features to interact with girls here. Everything here feels like a proper library, with various search functions, allowing you to focus more on personal interests. It never feels random and gives me some great joy. I also like the design of the stickers here as they create a lovely atmosphere without being overly blunt. 

What are some expert tips for creating a strong and compelling profile on PlaceToChat?

Instead of writing, “I love to travel and visit new places,” try writing, “Traveling is my passion. Every time I go to a new country, I learn something new about myself.

This way of writing is sure to evoke emotion in the reader. When you write about your travels in story form, he or she can imagine your entire trip by mentally spending it with you. Listing your trips as a list will generate little or no interest. Remember that you are filling out your profile for someone you don’t know in order to interest them.

What services of PlaceToChat do you recommend men use to find and meet girls? 

I usually start with a casual chat, and if the girl wants to hear some more from you, then using a mail feature is a great idea. Gifting is also a great option but use it only for a girl you know you can trust. Throwing gifts casually is not bound to give you success. So using pricier features for girls you actually know is the way to go. 

PlaceToChat girl profile

What tips can you give our readers that will help them avoid scams and avoid fake girls’ profiles?

In addition to vigilance, there are other preventive measures that can help you avoid falling for scammers. First, use image searches and tools like social catfish to confirm your contact’s identity. Make sure the same photo doesn’t appear under different names on different profiles. Also, fraud schemes in applications may be different from those used on websites.

Your top tips on how a man should start a dialogue with a girl he likes on PlaceToChat? In your experience, what phrases work best and get the most interest from women?

Honestly, there is no definite way of starting a conversation to immediately seduce the girl. The main point here is that you shouldn’t sound boring, so you can skip your casual “how are you?”. Be a bit unpredictable and ask her more about feelings, or try to rate her photo, underlining some of the greater features you see. 

PlaceToChat girl profile

What Paid and Free Services Are Offered at PlaceToChat Dating Service?

This is probably the section that interests you the most. Everyone wants to figure out whether you can chat for free or whether the features you pay for are actually worth it. From what we’ve gathered, browsing the site is completely free, allowing you to like certain profiles to interact with later. The interaction, however, is fully paid. 

Free Features

There is enough room for experimentation on PlaceToChat even without paying for credits. Think about it as a pre-establishing strategy to get the chance to properly chat with girls later on. Until then, just work on editing your profile, adding girls to your favorites, and just matching via similar interests. The full list of free features looks like this:

  • Free registration
  • Watching the streams of other users
  • Checking out hot photos
  • Getting likes from other people
  • Profile customization
PlaceToChat virtual gifts

Paid Features

As many PlaceToChat dating site reviews state, the paid features is the way to go if you want to get the maximum value from using PlaceToChat. It gives you different means of interaction with girls and you always decide whether you want to spend the credits on something pricier or just have a casual chat with the lady. The full list of paid features looks like this: 

  • Starting a live-chat
  • Setting a delivery for a real gift for a girl
  • Sending a photo
  • Sending a sticker
  • Sending a video

Prices for Paid Features

Place to chat offers a standard credit system for its users. You buy a credit package that interests you and then decide how to spend it on paid features. Credits are your only way to properly interact with people online, so it’s really important if you want to start a chat with someone. To help newcomers start on the site, PlaceToChat offers a huge discount for the first 20 credits. Starting users can buy it for a total of $4 dollars. After that the price jumps to the usual $10. The whole price list looks like this:

  • $10 for 20 credits 
  • $20 for 50 credits
  • $75 for 150 credits

Make sure to watch the video to enhance your knowledge on how to effectively date online in 2023:


Place to chat is the kind of place where you can have fast interactions with other people. The communication proceeds at a light speed, and eventually, you arrange for a date in real life. Mind you, this is a site that devotes itself to international dating, so you won’t get much value from trying to find girls nearby. Some might not enjoy a site that bases itself around using credits, but we think it’s convenient how you choose where your actions go, and they now have a certain weight to them. 

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