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Updated on Jul 2023

Short Review (Editors’ Summary)

BravoDate reviews will give readers all the relevant information on this dating website that attracts men and women from all over the globe. From this review, you can learn that this dating platform is modern and fashionable with a great interface. It has been going strong for some years with great success pairing couples together. With this BravoDate dating site review, you will know exactly how to not be single when you get older.

What is We hope that through this entire review we can give you answers. It is a reliable, fashionable dating website that connects over forty together so they do not need to live a life of loneliness. There are lots of options on this website that is free for users to enjoy and also some options which need credits.

bravodate review

Pros & Cons


  • Registration is easy and free;
  • World wide coverage of users;
  • Meet real people;
  • Reliable security system;
  • Good prices;
  • Easy to navigate interface.


  • Some countries not available;
  • No monthly fee;
  • No mobile app.


What is Bravo Date?

In all BravoDate reviews, users will find out that the website helps people no matter what age to find love. The site believes every person has the right to live with a partner and enjoy love in their life. From this review, you can learn that you have the chance to chat and meet ladies from all across the world on this dating platform. Women also have the opportunity to have the assistance of a professional makeup artist and a photographer for amazing photos that will make men weak.

BravoDate review of the website has researched all the benefits of this dating website. We have discovered a fantastic support page with customer help 24/7 as well as a new stylish interface that keeps your attention on the dating website. But the main advantage of the site is the great variety of brides from all over the globe for dating. at a Glance

Best for: American, West and East European singles over 40 years old
Recommend age: 40+
Favorite features: Matches

How Does It Work?

The question of how does works is a very popular question and we can answer with a simple word easily. From our review, you can learn that the users can search for dates online with no trouble and with ease through the interface. A review of the BravoDate dating site has uncovered an excellent site that brings divorces together who feel lonely. This dating platform can bring all people together from all over the world for love and friendship, no matter how old you may be.



The truth about BravoDate is that when you search through there list of dates you will not be disappointed. BravoDate free search is available for all customers who are looking for a date online. Through BravoDate you can review many accounts and find exactly the type of partner you want. You can ask the system to make sure you are not matched with any women with kids or anyone who has been married previously. All of these requests allows the dating platform to do the best job for you possible.

BravoDate review has discovered all of these advantages with the dating site. It will not take long for the site to match you with someone similar for a chat online. All the data that BravoDate retains from each user gets used in an algorithm so you have the ability to meet many singles. The search filter is a great feature that really helps customers to review hundreds of profiles and get connected with like-minded people.



In this review, we have researched registration thoroughly. Our findings are that it is easy and convenient. From this review, you can learn that the users will need to open an account after registration, so customers need to add their date of birth, email address, and a password. Once the site receives your request they will send an email with a link which users will click on and then they are ready.

Once your profile is up and running you will add your personal information to which females can be drawn to you. Remember to add your hobbies, age, what you like in a partner and add photos. This helps you to connect with others more easily and effectively.

Profile Quality

Is BravoDate any good? Well, this part of the review says a lot about the dating site. With the quality of the profile, there are no many sites that we have reviewed looked better. They have so much information on each profile with pictures and the relevant details you need to make a good choice for a date. If it is relationships you are interested in then all of this will appear on profiles, so you know who is looking for the same thing as you. In our review, we would like to mention that women’s profiles here are validated.

Profiles also have details about marital status present and past, there is also the option to review their likes and hobbies. Occupations are also mentioned as well as a smoker or like a drink. All of these pieces of information help users make an informed decision which then creates a better experience on the dating platform.


Safety & Security

Is BravoDate safe is one of the most important questions that we need to answer in this review. It is not scammed it is fully legit. BravoDate dating reviews investigated and found a reliable website that can block malware and viruses plus stops annoying pop ads. They have a verification team that reviews all female profiles and keep up to date with all security features. BravoDate has a specialist team that reviews all kinds of issues users may have with suspicious activity on your account.

All in all the safety features are strong and the company has done a fantastic job keeping on top of all the possible problems that may occur on a dating website. All card payments through the dating site are encrypted and never shared with third parties. Visit the site and review what payment methods can suit you. There is also the responsibility of each user to only share the information they feel comfortable sharing on the dating platform.

Help & Support

BravoDate dating site reviews can safely say that the customer support on the platform is very reliable it works twenty-four seven. If any user experiences any issues on the website they are always available to help and assist no matter what time.


Is BravoDate worth paying for? This leads us on nicely to the next aspect of the site, the price. There are some things free such as uploading pictures and the initial signup. From this review, learn BravoDate credits are sold in packages which make it cheaper the higher amount you purchase.

  • 50 credits for $28.99 or discount price of $19.99;
  • 125 credits for $64.99 or discount of $49.99;
  • 250 credits for $99.99 or discount of $69.99;
  • 750 credits for $214.99 or a discount of $149.99.

Another great aspect of this site is that you can monitor your funds, what you spend, and when you spend it. So you are always on top of all your spendings. If you do not want to use your bank card to transfer the money you can use special terminals in public buildings.

Do we hope that we have answered some important questions with this review such as is BravoDate a good dating site? As you have read through this review we believe it definitely is and can connect you with other like-minded people from around the world.
Is BravoDate worth it? That question is down to each user really. We believe that you get very good value for what is on offer on this dating platform. But you the customer knows best for yourself, so this question is yours to answer.

But overall this dating platform has impressed us, we certainly recommend this dating site for anyone who is forty or over and searching for a partner. There is always hope and this dating site proves that for everyone. It is easy and convenient to review profilers of people who attract you by photos, chat and even meet others like yourself online. You do not need to suffer alone when there are dating sites like available for all.


Is safe?

It uses the most up to date security protection to prevent any fraud or problems on the website.

Is a real dating site?

Yes, it has the features of a reliable dating platform and allows users to meet and date others from all over the globe.

How many members does have?

The latest estimate was over one million members worldwide.

Is worth it?

If you are someone searching for girlfriends and fun times then, of course, it is worth it. Users get value for money on this dating website.

How to use

Just create an account add your profile with some pictures and you are ready to start seeking love online. That simple and quick.

Is free?

Adding profile photos are free but to use the majority of the platform you must buy credits to navigate the website.

Can I use anonymously?

Yes, you can once you purchase credits you can choose to have some privacy when you are online.

How can I delete my profile?

All you must do is head to the settings and click cancel account and your profile will be canceled.

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