Who Are Chinese Brides and Are They Worth Marrying?

Have you ever thought about the secret of beautiful Chinese women and Chinese brides? Let’s be honest and admit the fact that millions of different men from Western Europe, America, and other parts of the world come to China to meet and, if they will get lucky, marry one of these amazing women. And we assure you that you will never regret your choice that among many other women, you have chosen single Chinese ladies to conquer. However, let’s take a closer look at the characteristics of these amazing brides and discover how to find Chinese wife.


Which Qualities Make Chinese Brides so Desirable for American Men?

All women around the world have women’s unique and specific qualities. And the same applies to women from China. We assure you that women from this country will have a lot of qualities that will make women in the eyes of American guys the most desirable brides in the whole world. However, if you want to know everything that is possible about modern Chinese brides for marriage, we suggest you read this section because here we have collected some of the qualities that help women from China to engage men from all over the world and especially in the USA.

Chinese Brides

Chinese Girls Put Family First

That’s one of the main reasons why American guys prefer dating these brides instead of local American women. Most local brides dedicate themselves to family and women’s husbands. On the other hand, American women usually prefer to create a career first, and only after that they may decide to marry. Probably we can say that’s why American prefer to find Chinese mail-order wife.

Fang 24 y.o.
Social worker
Min 25 y.o.
Xiu 26 y.o.

Chinese Mail Order Brides Are Intelligent

It’s well-known all over the world that Chinese women are one of the smartest and most intelligent. You’ll never be bored with one of these magnificent women. And what is more important, instead of some awkward pauses on your dates, you will have one of the most interesting conversations in your lives. That’s also another point that makes western men from all over the world come to China to find the love of their love.

Beautiful Chinese Ladies Respect Their Man

You will never hear from your Chinese lady any unfounded criticism. Women from this country will never criticize you in public and surely will not make any scenes of jealousy. Instead of the permanent scenes of discontent that American guys usually get from women from their country, Chinese women will do the opposite. The women will pay a lot of respect to you, and of course, they will give to you all their love and tenderness.

Chinese women

Why do you think Chinese women are so strongly attracted to foreign men?

There are a number of reasons why Chinese women are so attractive to American men and so popular among them. Here are the most common ones we would like to tell you about.

Chinese women are known for their beauty.

With their delicate features and slim figures, they are considered to be some of the most attractive women in the world.

Chinese women are very feminine.

They tend to dress and act in a way that is pleasing to men, and they are often seen as the perfect counterpart to a strong, masculine man.

Chinese women are very traditional.

They value family and marriage, and they often take on a more submissive role in relationships. This can be appealing to foreign men who are looking for a wife who will be a loyal and supportive partner.

Chinese women are excellent homemakers.

They have a reputation for being great cooks and housekeepers, and they are often seen as the ideal partner for someone who wants a traditional family life.

Why Do Chinese Ladies Become Chinese Mail Order Brides?

If you are seriously thinking of marriage to a beautiful Chinese woman, in this case, you should probably be curious about the fact that women of China are looking for weddings on China women dating sites and other international women dating websites.

Nowadays, fewer and less serious relationships have started in real life. That’s why if you want to meet Chinese ladies if you’re a citizen of Western countries online dating services will be the best solution for you. That’s why in this section we decided to collect the main reasons that make Chinese brides become Chinese mail order wives. Probably there are many more reasons why these brides decide to find a couple not with help of traditional dating culture but with the help of the world net.

Foreign Guys Attract Average Chinese Woman

It’s not a secret that a lot of western guys are interested in Asian beauty of local women. But you should not forget the fact that Chinese women for marriage are filing the same way for western world and its male representatives. You see, the fact is that women from China and other Asian women adore the look of European single men. We’ll not say that local brides do not date local men. However, you should be prepared for increased attention to you from the side of Chinese brides and social pressure from China men.

Ability to Have Bigger Opportunities

Pretty often, a lot of China brides want to marry foreigners because it will help them not only to get beautiful foreign husbands. It will also help women to find their place in the world. Society of Chinese brides consists of women who usually have a lot of plans and career claims. The women want to achieve their highest goals and make their incredible dreams come true. And usually, moving to another country is a good way to get both of these.

Chinese wives online

Better Future for Children of Chinese Mail Order Wife

You have already understood that Chinese brides become good women for foreign men. But also, besides becoming the perfect bride, an average China woman becomes a perfect mother for her child and children. That’s why she usually starts to think about her second most important person in the world (besides her husband) long before birth. Every China girl will look for a better father for her children, and of course in this case, it’s another purpose that prompts her to make such a decision.

Foreigner vs Chinese Bride: Who Wants International Marriage More?

As we have already mentioned in our previous paragraphs, both male American or European and China brides want to create such a beautiful union. However, in order to better understand the online China dating culture, let’s do a little research and find out who wants to marry more Chinese brides or foreign men.

Official Statistics on Chinese International Marriages

It’s worth mentioning that in recent years the number of officially registered marriages is increasing permanently. For example, in the year 1979, around 8 thousand Chinese women registered their marriage with foreign representatives. In the next year, this number increased to tens of thousands. Already in the year 2001, this number has increased to 68.000 thousand women who successfully married. In the 2010s, this number decreased a little to 40.000 women married to foreigners. As we all know, China is a huge country with a population of over 1 billion at the current moment. That’s why the percentage of women who marry Foreigners will not reach even 1%, but still, the number is large.

The situation with foreigners who want to marry China women is a little different. For example, in the US, the statistics of marriage with China people have increased impressively over the last few years. For sure, we can truly tell that hundreds of thousands of American men prefer Chinese brides to western women.

find a Chinese wife

Are There Any Pieces of Advice To Start Dating Chinese Women?

If you want to start meet Chinese women or find a Chinese wife, you may need to know some important pieces of advice that will allow you to know more about local dating culture. Before starting dating and looking for marriage online with some Asian mail order brides, you need to understand that looking for some affair or arranged marriages in China is a bad idea.

5 Steps to Win the Heart of a Chinese Woman


So in case you’re not looking for a serious relationship, and you’re not interested in a Chinese wedding with your bride, you should not even start this. But in case you have serious intentions, we have prepared some advice that might be useful for you.

Early Stages of Dating Chinese Brides

We want to start our list of tips from the very beginning of your attempts to find Chinese mail order wife. This advice will be useful in both cases if you’re meeting Chinese brides on some online dating services or in a big city like Beijing.

  • Be well-mannered. China is a country where local traditions and culture have great value for girls. That’s why no matter where you meet Chinese brides, you need to be respectful to her in all ways. You need to watch your tone and not play like you have been knowing each other for a long time. Instead of this, tell her about yourself and ask about her, and she will be glad to tell you her life story.
  • Do not rush things. That’s another common mistake that every foreign man from other countries makes in his communication with many Chinese women. He starts to move to another stage of communication too early. Even if you have been communicating on some dating platform for some time, do not rush things. Everything will be just in time, and you do not have to start some conversations on purpose, just enjoy your communication with Chinese brides and wait until she will have enough trust in you.
Chinese mail order wives

Stages of First Dating With Your Chinese Bride

Once you find Chinese mail order bride and communicate with her for a while on some brides dating websites or local mail order bride websites it’s time for another step. If you have done everything correctly your chances to see your China bride on your wedding date have increased. So let’s talk about your next steps, what you should do on your first date and how to communicate with Asian brides after the first date. Here are so tips about Chinese dating culture.

  • Be self-confident. A lot of men who already met their Chinese wives online give the same advice. You need to show your confidence when you are dating your local bride in everyday life. Especially this refers to your first dates in real life with your Chinese bride. You need to make a good impression at the beginning and after everything will be just fine.
  • Ask about Chinese culture. If you want to succeed in dating your China foreign bride, you need to show interest in her culture and China rituals. Ask questions about Chinese traditional values, and of course, do not forget about the Chinese wedding ceremony. This will show her how much you care and how serious you are towards your relationship.
  • Meet her parents. China is a country with traditional gender roles, traditional values in family life, and and in Chinese society still exist a great influence of an older generation. That’s why you need to show your Chinese girl how much she is important to you. And meeting her family is the best way to show that you’re a family-oriented man. Chinese parents may usually be suspicious of the foreign partner of their daughters. However, with time they will get used to you, especially in case you will be respectful of Chinese family values.

You may be interested in learning more about Chinese brides dating from the video:

What Are The Best Places to Meet a Traditional Chinese Wife?

The places where you should look for family-minded Chinese women depend on a few factors. But we offer you a few ways of meeting Chinese brides. The first way is online with help of online dating platforms and special Chinese mail-order bride websites. You will be able to choose the most suitable women dating site and start your journey to Chinese marriage online.

In the next sections we’ll tell you about the difference between meeting China women on mail order brides sites and in usual life. As you may have already guessed, another way to meet a China woman with shiny black hair is to buy tickets to China. However, let’s take a closer look at each one of these methods.

Chinese women for marriage

Chinese Online Dating Apps: Why It’s Better To Meet Chinese Women Online Than Offline?

In this section we want to discuss with you why it is more convenient to meet Chinese brides on mail order bride services and the biggest dating platforms like Asian melodies. For your convenience, we have made this table of comparison.

Meet Chinese on the best dating sitesMeet offline in China
You do not have to spend additional cost on plane tickets to the home country of your bride.The necessity of buying an expensive ticket to China, and additional expenses on trips around the country to meet women
Ability to find a perfect China woman in just a few clicks.More stress of going to an unknown country by yourself for meeting women
Wide variety of different apps and ability to start chatting and online communication with your Chinese girl absolutely free on some suitable online platform.The total cost of your trip to China will be much more expensive than even the best women dating app with premium membership plans.
Wide variety of different communication tools allows you to improve the quality of your communication, such as video calls and special video chat. 

Is It Legal To Buy Chinese Bride?

You should not take the bride buying the bride definition too literally. In this case, we mean the price that you will have to pay to some dating agencies that will help you to find your China bride easily for democratic rates. If you’re a man seeking the love of a China woman, it’s better to draw your attention immediately to special services that will help you to find your love in China. But the buying of Brides is illegal in this country, so everything should be by love.

single Chinese ladies

Success love story of Chinese woman and American man

Success Story #1 Image
Charlie and Ming EasternHoneys logo
Charlie had been single for a while and was starting to lose hope that he would ever find the right person. He had tried a few different dating sites but hadn't had much luck. Then one day he received a message from Min. They hit it off right away and started messaging each other every day. After a few weeks they decided to meet in person. They met for coffee and ended up talking for hours. They both knew they had found something special. They started dating and they're now celebrating their 5th anniversary. They're happier than they ever could have imagined and they're grateful that they found each other online.
Success Story #2 Image
Paul and Xin AsianMelodies logo
When Paul first saw Xin's profile, he knew that she was the one for him. Even though they lived in different cities, they immediately hit it off and started dating long-distance. After a few months, Paul took a big step and moved to be with Xin. They were both really happy with the decision and their relationship only got stronger. A few years later, they got married and are now expecting their first child together. They're both really grateful that they took a chance on love and found each other online.

What Is the Final Price for Online Dating Sites with Chinese Brides?

If you’re worried about the money that you’re willing to spend on your future China bride, we want to clarify things for you in this section. Here we’ll provide you with some expenses that you should be aware of. So, here are some of the points that may influence the final price.

FeeUsually, registration is free and will not cost you anything. But on such international dating websites, there is a special credit system available.
Virtual GiftsYou will not buy gifts for real money to impress chosen Chinese bride online. Instead, you will buy them for credits.
Membership PlansRates on packages of credits usually start from a few bucks for a couple of credits and to hundreds of dollars for hundreds of special currency.
First PriceAs we already mentioned, you will not have to buy anything on the registration stage or make any first payment. However, you will need to decide if you want to buy credits or continue your use of the application for free later.

So, as a result, it will cost you only around $400-500 for a month of use of some brides dating sites. But, here is another piece of advice, make sure to visit women dating site and check all the current prices before giving your consent to any type of agreement.

Offline Dating: Prices For Chinese Women Dating,

First of all, we’d like to emphasize that the price for Chinese women of average age in the city and in the rural areas may differ. However, in this section, we decided to collect some fees for offline dating with local women. Please, check the table below.

Travel expenses$1000-1500
Relocation expenses$500
Wedding expensesDepends on your budget

As you have already noticed the total rate of offline dating with the family-centered Chinese woman will cost you around $4500-5000, and it’s without wedding expenses with the tea ceremony. So the decision regarding the format of your dating with a China bride is up to you.

meet Chinese ladies

Costs For Chinese Brides in Shanghai and Beijing

We decided to choose these two of the biggest cities in China, to make a table for you to understand the approximate cost of dating there.

 AirfareHotel (one week)FoodEntertainmentWedding
Shanghai$1000$300-400$500$800-900at least $2000

What About the Experience of Real Men Who Dated Chinese Women?

We understand that you might want to hear about the real experience of men who are dating Chinese brides. That’s why we decided to share some real feedback from American men who actually dated Chinese mail order brides.

real feedback from American men

Also, here is the story of the US citizen Tom who has been living in China for the past two years.

story of the US citizen

Chinese Brides Map

Traditional Wedding in China: What Does It Look Like?

In traditional weddings in China, it takes place in a huge celebration. Usually, every Chinese wedding has a lot of guests. The traditional wedding in China always includes a tea ceremony and of course instead of a white wedding dress your future bride will be wearing a red wedding dress since it’s been a tradition for many years already.

Also, Chinese weddings include a necessary tradition for guests to make presents for young couples. And also, it will have a post-wedding where the young bride will make breakfast for two families.

You may be interested in watching the Chinese mail order brides wedding ceremony:

What Do Traditional Chinese Wives Look Like?

In this section, we decided to collect the main differences between traditional women and modern women. Because despite everything, China went through great changes over time.

Traditional Chinese WivesModern Chinese Wives
The women were completely dependent on their husbands.Modern Chinese girls are less dependent on their husbands. But still, the role of patriarchy is strong.
Chinese women in the past centuries were not allowed to study or receive an education.At our time Chinese mail order brides are studying in the best universities in the world, and Chinese brides are known as one of the smartest in the world.
Traditional Chinese women spend all their time with their families and husbands.Nowadays, such a tradition is left in the past, and modern Chinese mail order brides may spend their time with friends.


To sum up our research about Chinese mail order brides we wanted to remind you of everything we told you about women. Chinese women are perfect examples of loving mothers, reliable partners, and beautiful women. You will never become bored with them since the brides are really intelligent and what is more important is that the women respect their husbands and put their families first. So that’s why once you decide to dedicate your life to this woman, we assure you that you’ll never regret this.


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