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Updated on Jul 2023

Romania is loved for its beautiful castles, landscapes, and legends, but it is also a homeland for millions of Romanian women. These girls charm men from parts of the world with their appearance and beautiful soul. They seem mysterious and extremely appealing to foreigners, as their culture and mentality are not widely known in the world. Let’s find out all the secrets about these women and how good they are at marriage.


Why Are Romanian Women Good for Marriage?

If you have never met Romanian ladies, it would be unclear to you what men like in these girls. It is undeniable that they are possessors of a great mixture of amazing personality traits and bewitching beauty. But what is so special in their character that attracts one’s eyes? Let’s talk about it in more detail.

Inner Beauty

The personality of Romanian girls for marriage is one of the best things about them. They combine hospitality, kindness, politeness, and an amazing sense of humor in themself. But to see their real inner world, you need to get to know them closer, as beautiful Romanian brides for marriage are usually reserved with strangers.

Also, Romanian beauties for marriage are independent, educated, and open-minded, which makes them great conversationalists and amazing partners. That’s why if you’re lucky to date Romanian women, you will have a chance to see how interesting and fun they are.

Mesmerizing Appearance

If you are a fan of girls with expressive eyes, dark brown hair, lovely facial features, and a seductive body, Romanian ladies will definitely delight you. All brides in Romania possess magnificent beauty, indeed, and fascinate men with their gracefulness.

Pretty Romanian ladies take care of their appearance and have a great sense of style. They always carefully choose outfits for different occasions and don’t forget to highlight their best body parts. However, in comparison, Romanian girls don’t like bright makeup and prefer to wear less revealing clothes.

Marriage Romania Girl Statistics

If you are still not sure if finding a Romanian bride is a good idea, let us show you some statistics.

  • The crude divorce rate in Romania is comparatively low – 1.6 per 1000 citizens.
  • Brides Russian Romanian prefer to get married in their late 20s, as they want to become financially independent first.
  • 74 K-1 (fiance) visas were issued only in the US. And there is no information about couples’ divorces.

That’s why if you have serious intentions about your life together with a local girlfriend, you don’t need to worry whether she will be a reliable wife or not. We can assure you that brides of Romania are one of the best wives and most caring mothers.

If you haven’t found a Romanian mail order bride yet, we are here to help you. Do you want to know how to marry a woman from Romania? And where to find them? We will answer all these questions and many more.

Why Are Romanian Women Good for Marriage

Where to Find Romanian Brides Online?

Nowadays, online dating is one of the best ways to find your love, as you can communicate with singles from all parts of the world. Such platforms are popular in Romania too, and it’s easy to meet single Romanian women there who are also looking for love abroad.

What apps or websites are worth choosing? To help you get the best dating experience with local singles, here is a list of reputable dating websites and some tips for your safety.

Best Online Dating Sites

To meet Romanian ladies, you should know which dating platforms they prefer to use. Due to different intentions and preferences, single Romanian ladies for marriage use different websites and apps to meet new people and it is very likely to meet them on widely known platforms like Tinder or Badoo.

However, there are some other, more popular Romania dating platforms, that will help you to find a Romanian wife or girlfriend. Let’s take a look at these sites and apps.

  • Evermatch – It is one of the leading dating apps in Romania. There are a lot of Romanian women looking for marriage, and you will easily find a girl with serious intentions.
  • Meetic – This app is a perfect option for those who are in Romania, as you can set up a location filter and meet Romanian girls who are near you.
  • Bumble – An app where women should make the first move is great for those who want to spend time talking to attractive women from Romania and who don’t plan to marry a Romania girl.
  • iHappy Date – It is an app with numerous positive reviews, where you can meet Romanian brides, as it is one of the trending apps in Romania.
  • Sentimente – This Romanian brides agency is usually at the top of the most used dating websites rate. You can find both Romanian ladies for marriage and for casual relationships here.

Secure Dating: Tips & Advice

As you might know, online communication platforms are not the safest thing in the world. A lot of people connect there with each other, but not all of them have good intentions. How to secure yourself from scammers, bots, and fraud? We prepared some tips for you, that will help to make your dating experience with beautiful Romanian brides much better.

  • Don’t send your personal information like phone numbers, credit card information, and address to other users. It may be dangerous, as such information is usually asked by bots. Real users understand the importance of security and don’t ask for personal data.
  • Make a video call. When you meet Romanian women online, such calls will help to see that you are talking to a real person and also make your communication more lively.
  • Don’t send money to any user. Even if you have three online dates or a girl seems real, she can still be a scammer.
  • Before choosing an app or website, read other users’ reviews and check the company’s security certificate. Usually, all the information is available on the official website of the site and it is not a problem to find it.
Where to Find Romanian Brides Online

How Much Is a Romanian Mail Order Bride?

As well as traditional dating, meeting someone online requires some expenses. It usually includes access to advanced features on a site, translator services, virtual gifts, etc. How much do you need to spend on dating Romanian ladies online? We want to share with you our approximate estimations.

Online Dating Expenses

The most common scheme on any dating service is that users get free access to the platform and search, but have to pay for a monthly subscription to get access to advanced features or pay for each communication tool in credits (virtual currency). In the table below, you can see the approximate cost of different communication features and extra tools you will need to date beautiful Romanian women for marriage.

Chats, letters$0.5 -$1 per 5-minute chat
Video calls$1 – $3 per 5-minute call
Gifts$30 – $500 per gift( vary depending on gift type)
Monthly subscription$10-40 per month

Looking at this table, you have to spend about $150- $600 a month to meet Romanian women for marriage on the platform that doesn’t have a subscription option and about $30 on websites with paid subscriptions.

How Much Is a Romanian Mail Order Bride?

Cost of a Trip to Your Romanian Woman for Marriage

If you want to build long-term relationships or even marry Romanian girl, it is obvious that you should meet her in person at some point in the future. How much does a trip to Romania cost? Here are the most common expenses:

  • Book accommodation – an average price for a hotel room in big cities of Romania is $50-80 per night
  • Round trip flight tickets – a price may vary depending on how far from Romania you live. For example, the average cost of a round trip from New York to Bucharest is $700-800.
  • Entertainments and food – A beauty of Romania dating is in lots of delicious food and different romantic dating options. To make your Romanian girl for marriage happy, you have to spend about $300-500 for several romantic dinners and entertainment.
  • Gifts – It is an essential part of relationships with brides from Romania, and they will expect you to bring flowers or other gifts almost every time you see each other. The expenses on gifts mostly depend on your choice, but our approximate estimation is about $100-300. Keep reading to learn how to marry a Romanian woman.

What Do Romanian Women Like in Men?

Women from Romania have special expectations about the personal qualities of potential boyfriends. For those who want to get a local partner, it would be very helpful to know what traits local girls value in men the most. How good are you for beautiful Romanian ladies? Keep reading to find it out.


In local culture, a man is expected to be well-mannered and polite, especially toward girls. Every bride Romania is used to this attitude from men and can’t imagine her partner being rude to her. Local men are always kind and do these small gallant gestures like helping get out of a car or opening the doors for their Romanian girlfriends. It is one of the traits women in local women like the most in men.


Nothing will help you to win over Romanian single women better than your attention to detail. Local women really like to see a man listen to them and memorize their hobbies, favorite spots in the city, and other details. Also, Romanian brides for marriage are in love with men who remember special dates or show support in difficult situations. It is the best sign for a woman that the man likes her for sure.

Creative Mind

Alongside chivalry, local women for marriage value surprising and romantic gestures from their partners. And it is where a man should show his creativity. Unexpected gifts, date nights, and trips planned by you are the things that can conquer any bride from Romania. And don’t forget that locals are open-minded and like to meet people with different mentalities or mindsets.


Beautiful local ladies like to dress up and always take care of how they look. And there is no doubt that any pretty Romanian lady wants to date a man who is neat too. A boyfriend is expected to have some sense of style, or at least look tidy and appropriate for different types of occasions.

What Do Romanian Women Like in Men

Best Tips on Dating Girls From Romania

Those who know nothing about Romanian culture and lifestyle might meet some problems dating women of Romania. It is a common situation, as in international dating you have to always take into account the nuances of dating culture in the particular country. If you want to impress single local ladies for marriage, follow our tips below.

Take Some Time to Build Her Trust in You

Romanian girls are usually a little bit reserved when meeting someone for the first time. Try to become a friend to a girl you like first, without expecting close relationships after a few dates. Don’t bring up too personal topics on a first date, she will tell you everything once you build more trustful relationships.

Gifts and Compliments Are a Must

Every woman in Romania likes to receive compliments and gifts. Don’t be confused if she starts to refuse your gifts first, as it is just politeness. The special love of local girls is flowers, especially gifted without any reason. Also, during your video calls or real-life dates try to compliment your woman’s look or hair. But avoid fake compliments, as these ladies always see the lie.

Be Polite to Her Family and Friends

The opinion of her closest people about you is very important, as your girlfriend will want to get their acceptance of you as a good partner. That’s why if you make a good impression on her parents and friends, her feelings for you become stronger.

Be Yourself

Keep in mind that all the tips are general, and every girl has her own preferences that might be different from others. That’s why don’t forget to always be yourself and don’t pretend to be someone to win over the girl. Honesty is highly important in communication with women of Romania, as they prefer to talk about everything directly.

Best Tips on Dating Girls From Romania


Romanian women brides are worth choosing, indeed, as they are one of the most beautiful girls in Easter Europe. Their magnificent beauty is complemented by the best traits any woman can ever have. Beautiful Romanian brides for marriage are well-mannered, funny, smart, and loyal.

To impress a Russian Romanian woman to marry, you should always be honest and respect her personal space and decisions. Another good tip for successful Romanian brides dating is to show your affection in everything – gifts, compliments, attitude. Follow these tips and you will definitely find a girlfriend in Romania.


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