Belarusian Mail Order Brides: Reasons to Choose an Ideal Slavic Woman

Updated on Jul 2023

Belarus is a beautiful Slavic country located in Eastern Europe. The most delightful Belarusian brides live in this amazing European land. Belarusian women have always been quite active and often took part in various public rallies defending their women’s rights and voices. Unlike Russian brides, mail order brides from Belarus follow Lithuanian culture more. It is worth noting that Belarusian brides are so attractive in the eyes of many Western men. 


Belarusian brides are all over the place when it comes to the cultural traditions of modern online dating. In the end, such a girl from Belarussia can become a great family partner if you look for her on a traditional dating site!

Belarusian Brides

Why Belarussian Women Are So Attractive for Western Men?

Belarusian brides are not Russian ladies who in every possible way, show themselves not in their own person. Most Western men choose charming Belarusian brides for the reason that they are quite attractive and smart with excellent personality traits. Furthermore, these Slavic women have natural beauty. Now we will tell you more about the personality traits of irresistible Belarusian brides so that you understand whether these gorgeous Slavic girls are suitable for you in terms of marriage life.

Belarusian Women are Feminine Activists

Belarusian women carry femininity in themselves and often become participants in various public events. Belarusian women draw on traditional femininity and family structures to fight the authoritarian regime. Belarusian mail order wives have taken to the streets to protest in place of husbands, sons, and other men who are more likely to face imprisonment, torture, disappearances, and police brutality. Thus, Belarusian brides would not want their future spouse to face misunderstanding and malaise on the part of the Belarusian authorities.

Belarusian Women are Fair

Belarusian brides will never let themselves be offended and always know how to stand up for themselves despite what is happening in their country. Local women want to be heard and noticed, and most women in Belarussia would not want to be in the hands of an abuser using violent tactics from the side of local Belarusian men. 

Most Belarusian women are pretty fair and expect the same from others and their future chosen ones. Belarusian women are used to defending their women’s rights. Make sure that you are ready to get in touch with a fair and independent woman!

belarusian women

Belarusian Brides Real Hard Work

If you are lucky to meet your potential Belarusian bride, then you will get an exemplary and hardworking wife! Moreover, with Belarusian brides, it will be easy to find a common language in everyday life since they are accustomed to order from early childhood. Belarusian women cannot be called avid careerists, unlike purposeful Ukrainian girls or enthusiastic Russian women obsessed with financial heights. 

Before you offer your Belarusian bride to marry abroad and help her get a job there, get acquainted with how a Belarusian woman has to find a job in her country according to women’s work and employment in Belarus. Perhaps with a foreign man Belarusian bride will feel more comfortable!

Belarusian Women are Perfect Needlewomen

Often, Belarusian women can be seen in the family circle doing their favorite pastime – needlework! Women from Belarus are very creative, and they like to soothe their souls through their favorite hobbies. This may seem a little strange for foreign men since not every woman is capable of making beauty with her own hands. This is one of the qualities that pleasantly surprises foreign suitors. An interesting fact is that Belarusian women often took embroidery and textile-inspired digital artwork as a means of protest.

Belarusian Bride Admits Her Needs

Like most Belarusian brides, such a woman knows how to conduct dialogues with herself. Such a prudent and thoughtful woman is no stranger to analyzing her feelings and desires. A Belarusian bride learns to separate the important from the unimportant and make decisions based on internal needs rather than often encountering external circumstances. 

As a rule, Belarusian women are able to learn a lesson from the current unpleasant situation, instead of sobbing and lamenting about the intrigues of an unfair life. Many Belarusian women understand that life events can be a valuable experience.

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Belarus Brides Take Care of Themselves and Others

This is not only about the physical well-being of your potential Belarus bride. The concern for the state of mind of Belarus brides who are preparing for marriage is not less important. Strong Belarus women often help others, and this has a positive effect on their psycho-emotional state. Giving strength to others, Belarus women receive new strength to move forward. 

Belarus Women Know Their Borders

Most often, a Belarusian wife says “yes” to any opportunities that can serve her spiritual and physical development. As a rule, typical Belarusian mail order wives refuse what can affect them extremely negatively. Before agreeing to something, a typical Belarusian wife always asks herself if she really wants this and if she has the strength and time for it. 

When someone invites your potential Belarusian wife for coffee, she always asks herself: “Do I really want to communicate with this person? Or do I want to spend my time on something else?” However, the answers to these questions make life better and help save strength for what is important for a true Belarusian woman.

Belarusian Woman is a Professional Cook

Among Belarusian mail order brides, you will find the perfect woman with exceptional cooking skills who cooks tasty and varied. A Belarusian wife knows how to feed a man with interesting and traditional dishes cooked from the heart. For each workout in the morning, you will spend about 1000 kcal in the evening. So it will be especially pleasant to return home to your beloved Belarusian wife and eat delicious homemade food prepared especially for you. Where to find that very ideal Belarus woman? Verified international dating sites will help you in your search!

belarusian wife online

Why Do They Become Belarusian Mail Order Brides?

Today you can encounter Belarusian mail order brides more and more often. Who are these women? First of all, these are single girls from Belarus who are looking for a foreign spouse. They are tired of fighting gender discrimination in their home country. More often, Belarusian mail order brides choose international dating sites to find a foreign spouse there. Belarusian mail order brides would like to get rid of the negative influence of society in Belarus and gender repression

There are several reasons why Belarus mail order brides are increasingly marrying foreigners.

Interest of Belarus Girls in Western Men

This one needs no explanation from unmarried Belarus girls. Even if foreign mail order brides from Belarus have never met a Western man in person, they know a lot about him from popular romantic films and series. Nevertheless, the majority of mail order brides from Belarus are attracted by this image. Gorgeous Belarusian brides can easily imagine being married to a Western guy and therefore decide to become mail order brides. 

Negative Relationship Experience of Belarus Girls

Unfortunately, the attitude towards mail order brides from Belarus is far from perfect. Many Belarusian girls and even older local women have had negative relationships. Often, Belarus wives encountered men who had problems with fidelity, reliability, and even violence. This is far from what mail order brides from Belarus dream of regarding their future relationships and marriage. 

Unfavorable Economic & Social Conditions in Belarus

The US and the Western world may have their own internal problems, but life in parts of Eastern Europe is not always ideal. Mail order brides from Eastern Europe live in countries with poor economies, poor health care, high unemployment, and crime. Mail order brides from Belarus are subject to gender inequality and even war. Therefore, the desire of Slavic women to escape from all this is understandable.

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International Marriage Statistics in Belarus

In total, 60,714 marriages were registered in Belarus in 2018, including international marriages with foreigners. There were 6.4 marriages and more per 1000 population in 2018. We can say that Belarusian wives marry Americans more often than local men in Belarus. Americans, in turn, do not mind getting Belarusian wives, and today about 60% of international marriages have been registered among Americans and Belarusian ladies. 

The average age of entry into the first marriage of Belarusian wives was 26 years for women and 30-35 years for foreign men who met through dating sites. About 60.8% of international marriages are registered between Belarusian ladies and Western men. All in all, many girls from Slavic countries prefer foreign husbands.

The average age of primiparous Belarusian ladies was 29.4 years. In total, starting from 2022, 94,042 children were born (taking into account both international and traditional marriages with a Belarus wife). More than 60% of births occur in the second, third, and subsequent children in the family.

How to Find a Perfect Belarusian Wife Online: Guru Advice

No wonder they say that Belarusian wives need a special approach from the male society. The bottom line is that every second Belarusian wife online uses traditional and international dating sites to find the perfect foreign man there. Such a woman purposefully uses a particular dating service to start a frank dialogue with a potential groom from abroad using convenient online communication tools. Some Belarusian wives have had negative experiences in past relationships, so follow the basic rules of online dating on a particular dating site.

Early Stages of Dating Communication With a Belarusian Girl

Already in the early stages of communication with a Belarusian girl, it is worth being delicate in a dialogue on a trusted dating site. Still, few online dating sites can guarantee one hundred percent security. But if you stumbled upon a pretty Belarus mail order bride profile, then you may start a conversation with her beautifully and correctly. One has only to enter “brides Minsk” in the search, and you will get many Belarus brides from the capital ready to chat with you.

meet belarus women

Take into account a few practical tips on how to get beautiful Belarus brides interested in the first stages of communication on international dating websites:

  • Ask more your Belarusian mail order bride. This obligatory item is closely related to the fact that in every possible way, you should be interested in the Belarusian mail order bride you like from a list. Let’s say you saw on the Internet or in an online dating app your potential Belarusian girlfriend who liked you so much that writing to her is already a matter of honor. Still, it would not hurt to be active because picking up a Belarusian girlfriend is solely in your interests.
  • Compliments for Slavic brides. Even more than the interest in their personality, Belarusian women for marriage appreciate the recognition of their advantages. From the very first correspondence with Slavic girls, it is worth paying due attention to praise and compliments addressed to them. The secret is that Belarusian women for marriage are thrilled when they are told about their natural beauty, great figures, and charming smiles.
  • Avoid mistakes when writing a message. If you meet Belarus women, show maximum literacy in online communication with them. Many Belarusian women for marriage during a conversation on the Internet, pay attention to the spelling and punctuation of their Western man. Checking how a particular word is spelled is a matter of a few seconds if you want to be among the number of ideal foreign husbands. Thus, you will prove yourself as a smart, interesting, and competent interlocutor in the eyes of charming Belarusian women for marriage. 
  • Be down to earth. Don’t take socializing with local girls as your chance to jump on the last car. To meet brides from Belarus for online correspondence, you don’t need to show your interlocutor the unearthly joy that she answered your message. Thus, you will show your complexes which can scare away beautiful girls from Belarus. It is much more useful to perceive communication with women for marriage in Belarus as an opportunity to develop your communication skills, have a good time, and visit Belarus in the end. 
  • Do not rush things. Don’t treat all online women for marriage the same. The life of a Belarusian woman means meeting among them a unique personality with their own interests and preferences and respect for family values. Communication and dating tactics that work with certain women for marriage from Belarus can be completely ineffective. Therefore, an individual approach to women from Slavic countries like Belarus is very important.

What to Do After First Date With Belarus Women For Marriage? 

If your first date with women for marriage from Belarus went well, then your potential wife online will be looking forward to a concrete hint from you to continue. Moreover, your lady from Belarus will most likely be at a loss and worry about whether she was good and whether she did everything right. You should not write unnecessary poems to your potential wife online immediately after the first date:

  • Try not to call her right away to slyly express your admiration. Let your potential wife online “suffer” for a couple of days to improve the result.
  • Be vigilant. If you do not write rave reviews after the first date, then it shows her that you are not easy prey. This is a very effective method if you decide to have a serious relationship. Otherwise, some of the Belarus girls may even leave you in reserve until a better option appears. In no case should she have the feeling that she is already the only one for you!
  • There is no cause for concern. If your date with Belarusian mail order brides was neutral, that is, on a friendly wave, you should not worry about this. Possibly, your Belarusian girlfriend will immediately put you in the category of good friends as this option is not excluded. If you wished everything is right, then she will certainly answer a call when you call her in a few days.
  • Be restrained. Writing on the same day does not make sense if your dialogue started on the dating platform. For example, in the case of American women, you should not just find out how things are going before you invite your chosen Belarus ladies on a second date. You should try to find out more information to make your next meeting more romantic.
  • Call in time. If your date with potential ideal wives from the Belarussian country went great, then call your chosen one in a couple of days. Don’t waste too much time but don’t blurt out an offer right away. Ask how your Belarusian lady is doing, what she does on a given day, or tell her about some interesting event in your life. Only then ask about her plans and therefore make an appointment!
  • Stay neutral. If your dates with Belarusian mail order brides took place on a friendly wave, then you can make sure that they do not forget you. In this case, you should not worry too much about what to write to a Belarus girl after the first date. You still have everything ahead because you did not part as lovers but did not become enemies either!
  • You tried to date women, but it went horribly, and none of them call. Only if your inadequate behavior is to blame, then you can try to call her in a week or two to find the ground. Moreover, try never to worry about what to write to a girl after a date or what to say on the phone. It’s just that we always try to make sure that the meeting ends, not neutrally. 

Still, with a real rapprochement, that is, the first kiss, you should not put it off until the very end of the date, as many do!

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Best Places to Meet Belarusian Girls

Whatever one may say, the capital of the Belarusian Republic, Minsk, is the most famous place for real dates with potential ideal wives. There are several decent establishments where you can meet local women at a dinner time:

  1. Grand Cafe;
  2. Cafe de Fleur;
  3. Kuhmistr;
  4. Gambrinus;
  5. SVOI;
  6. Zalkind Kitchen.

Visit also some of the best local nightclubs to pick up pretty local girls:

  1. The Dozari Club;
  2. Next Club;
  3. Max Show Club.

Why Dating Site Is Better Than Meeting Belarusian Singles Offline?

There are several solid reasons why dating sites are much more effective in the modern approach to dating with potential Belarusian wives:

  • Save your time;
  • Easier to find an interlocutor with the same outlook on life, including various types of family values;
  • Easier to find someone who is ready for family life (after all, this is indicated in the questionnaire);
  • Even serious relationships begin with banal correspondence;
  • You should not spend money on trips and expensive gifts;
  • By correspondence, you can learn more about a person and prepare for a real date in advance.

This is only half of the reasons why dating sites serve as an excellent substitute for real acquaintances with single Belarusian ladies.

Is It Legal to Buy a Belarusian Bride?

It is not legal to buy a Belarusian mail order bride, but you can order your bride through a marriage agency. It is illegal to literally “buy” a mail bride from Eastern Europe and other countries.

date a belarusian woman

Real Experience of International Marriage With a Belarusian Girl

Is it normal among Belarusian women to date foreigners?

Experience Marriage With a Belarusian Girl
Experience Marriage With a Belarusian Girl

How Much Does It Cost to Get Brides From the Belarussian Democratic Republic?

On average, you will pay between $8,700 and $28,000 for your Belarusian mail order bride. It all depends on what type of services you choose offline. If you take into account online services, then you can spend from $100 to $500 depending on the type and cost of the subscription.

True Price on Belarussian Mail Order Women Sites

Feefrom $50 to $1,000 and more (depending on the duration)
Giftsfrom $25 to $50 and more 
Membershipsfrom $100 to $250 and more per month (depending on the subscription type)

Belarussia Mail Order Women Cost: Offline Expenses

Belarussia Mail Order Women Cost
  1. Andrew Loft Guest House;
  2. Hostel Stary Minsk;
  3. Sputnik Hotel;
  4. Hotel Belarus.
Travel Expenses$176 for one-way flights$368 for round trip
Relocation Expensesfrom $13 to $27 per night
Wedding Expensesfrom $2,000
Gifts from $50 to $500 and higher
Restaurantsaround $1,000 
Interpreterfrom $37 per hour
beautiful belarus brides

How Much is a Mail Order Bride From Big Belarusian Cities?

CityPlane TicketsHotelFoodGifts & FunWedding
Minskfrom $579 – $760 (round trip)from $83.92 from $25from $6 to $250 and morefrom $5,000 to $30,000
Gomelfrom $46from $25from $7from $25 and morefrom $2,500 to $25,000 and more
Mogilevfrom $74from $76from $4.60 for onefrom $10 to $20from $3,800 to 28,000 and more


Based on today’s detailed review, we state that Belarusian brides deserve great attention from foreign grooms. These are quite independent, active, and fair women who lack a reliable male shoulder. By entering into marriage with perfect wives from Belarus, you will become a more confident and happy man!


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