Slovenian Mail Order Brides: Characteristics of Local Women for Marriage

Updated on Jul 2023

If you have always dreamed of a big family, then be sure that pretty Slovenian mail order brides will be your adventure! Most of all, true Slovenian brides carry the femininity that most lonely American men admire. To marry Slovenian women for marriage, it is enough not only to know their cultural background but be ready to adhere to legal guidelines in a particular country.


Slovenian mail order brides are striving to legally marry reliable American men. Also, using authorized dating sites, you will find there an irresistible woman for building a family and a long-term marriage union. Slovenian women for marriage are indispensable for family life!

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Why Do American Men Prefer Slovenian Women for Marriage?

It is no wonder that hot Slovenian brides excite and impress many foreign men. Perhaps this is a portrait of your future wife, isn’t it? As they say, perfect wives are not just for fun, and not every man can get an ideal Slovenian woman. Yet, many qualities attract Western men. A typical Slovenian lady knows that the whole world does not revolve around her, unlike Russian brides, and she must be worth something in this life. In turn, compared to Russian brides, local Slavic females are much wiser because they are mature mentally at any age. 

Here are some facts and characteristics inherent in beautiful Slovenian women:

Appealing Smile of a Slovenian Bride

A charming girl who smiles and takes life lightly has a special attraction. And this is a completely natural phenomenon! After all, Slovenian girls have the ability to bestow a boundless smile that gives warmth to the male population. 

Slovenian Girls Don’t Make Dramas

Some men are increasingly starting to look at Slovenian girls because they do not like to make heavy weather turning even the smallest difficulties into endless family dramas. That is why foreign men tend to choose women for relationships with a simpler attitude to life, among which are Slovenian mail order brides! As a rule, a Slovenian bride tries to stay away from Drama Queens who want to purposefully be in the spotlight with special fanaticism. By the way, never confuse Slovenia with a Slovakia! Local ladies are against this misconception!

Honesty & Openness of Slavic Brides

A true Slovenian bride knows how to be honest with her beloved man. Therefore, American men prefer sincere Slovenian girls who are not afraid to be themselves. A worthy family man always gives preference to an honest Slovenian girl whom he can trust all his life. He is happy with the prospect of being a reliable partner all the time for a Slovenian woman who tries to guess his thoughts. One way or another, he quickly gets excited with this kind of game with a Slovenian girl.

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Independence of Slovenian Brides

Do not believe the skeptics who tell lies about Slovenian girls! The matter is that mail order brides from Slovenia have unique personality traits! Strong and independent Slovenian women are only afraid of weak and insecure men from an underdeveloped country! Yet, a true Western man will always choose a Slovenian girl who does not want to be content with a mediocre life. A man from another country will always choose exactly that Slovenian girl with sufficient strength to set specific goals. It usually concerns herself and work to achieve them with sweat and blood! Such a Slovenian bride would be chosen by a groom from a Western country. 

Verified dating sites will help you find the most suitable mail order brides. 

Desire of Slovenian Girls to Develop

Slovenia is a country filled only with beautiful Slovenian women. And it’s not all about beauty! A creative woman from Eastern Europe (Slovenia) can become a future Slovenian wife for a potential spouse from America or Western Europe. Men like a Slovenian bride who shows some degree of humility to learn something new. Slovenian bride admits her shortcomings which need to be worked on. 

Good Manners of a Slovenian Lady

Most girls should not underestimate the ability to be a true lady, for example, Russian women and women from many countries of Central Europe. Every Western man would like to see a Slovenian woman next to him being able to hold herself with dignity in any situation. A decent Slovenian woman knows how to express herself cunningly and beautifully in any situation. 

Mind & Ingenuity of Slovenian Brides

Intelligence is among the underestimated aspects. But it has been seen in Slovenian brides! Smart guys always enjoy dating Slovenian ladies who have a certain intellectual depth. Only weak men are afraid of smart Slovenian ladies! 

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Big Thighs of Typical Slavic Brides

Western men really like Slovenian brides with big thighs! Science explains this by the fact that men subconsciously evaluate potential chosen ones, including Slovenian brides in terms of their ability to endure and give birth to a healthy baby. This feature is very beneficial if you have serious plans for a gorgeous Slovenian mail order bride. In matters of expediency and equality in relationships, there were always some factors that should be taken into account after marrying a Slovenian mail order bride.

Why Do Beautiful Slovenian Women Become Mail Order Brides?

Many might already know what mail order brides are and the history of their origin. You could already understand that a Slovenian mail order bride is a single woman who is looking for love and happiness with a foreign man. If earlier Slovenia was a country where the development of the mail order bride industry was not so widespread, yet now, Slovenia boasts of this kind of marriage service provision. This implies that Slovenian brides can be selected by foreign men through online catalogs of marriage agencies or dating sites. In turn, there are many reasons why most Slovenian women become mail order brides in the modern world:

Absence of Normal Slovenian Men

One of the reasons that make Slovenian brides look for foreign husbands abroad is the inability of Slovenian women to find worthy partners in their home country. Most mail order brides are from countries where a high unemployment rate occurred. Local men die early due to hard work and health problems. In addition, wars and conflicts also lead to an increase in the ratio of Slovenian women to men, and the competition for good men is also very high. It encourages Slovenian women to seek a spouse in other countries and register on the best dating sites. 

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Desire of Slovenian Women to Escape From Unbearable Life

Slovenian women often face poverty, lack of work, and abuse in their daily lives. Nevertheless, most Slovenian women dream of building a happy personal life that they are ready to go to faraway places. Moreover, Slovenian society often condemns Slovenia brides who go abroad to radically change their personal lives. Slovenian women are often disappointed in the inability to change anything. This forces many of them to look for a way out. That’s why mail-order bride dating sites come to the rescue. Every second Slovenian lady hopes to leave her home and experience a better life in another country with a worthy caring man! 

Family Pressure on Slovenian Women

Very often, Slavic ladies become a burden for some families because they do not earn enough money. Even if Slovenian women work and try to build their careers, they still have to live with their parents, unable to buy a separate home. Moreover, when a Slovenian girl for marriage reaches a critical age and has not built a family by this time, she may experience pressure from loved ones and society. Therefore, a typical Slovenian girl for marriage starts looking for foreign husbands at a fairly early age to avoid stress and change her life. 

Higher Status of Men Living Abroad

There is a big difference between marrying a person of the same nationality and a foreigner. The former is unlikely to ever be able to become successful Slovenian mail order brides in their countries. Even if they succeed, they will be targeted by hundreds of other mail order brides. 

Many local men are rude and aggressive and are not averse to drinking, taking drugs, or playing casino games. Some of them are lazy and won’t even lift a finger to start doing anything for their Slovenian wives. Western men are usually different: they build a career and buy a house before they decide to start a family. Therefore, Slovenian women feel confident next to them. True Slovenian women value family and comfort. However, this is what local women expect from their potential spouses.

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Dating Slovenian Women: Marriage Statistics Between Foreigners & Slovenian Mail Order Brides

Before starting to seek a Slovenian wife, take a look at the facts and statistics of international marriages. Marriage statistics between foreigners and Slovenian wives will give you an idea of who exactly you can meet in a particular country:

  • In Slovenia, more than 1/4 of marriage ties lead to divorce, as the overall divorce rate in 2014 was around 0.30; happily married couples have been estimated to ⅕ between foreigners and local Slovenia brides:
  • In 2020, the age difference between a Slovenian wife and a foreign fiancé occurred: 34% of Slovenian ladies were aged 24-30, 31% of Slavic brides from the Slavic country were aged 20-24 with, 43% of foreign grooms aged 24 -30 years, and 30% of foreign suitors aged 30-40 are ready to marry single Slovenian girls.
  • In 2019 about 514 (7.7%) single Slovenian women married suitors with foreign citizenship. 

First, apply for citizenship in the country of Slovenia and then, refer to the basic rules for legalizing marriage.

The portrait of a Slovenian wife looks to be 25-30 years old. Perhaps your future wife was divorced or has been never married, and now she is ready to make a family and give birth to children. In addition, foreign marriages are becoming more common in the country of Slovenia on both sides.

To conclude, both foreign men and Slovenian singles among the female population of Slovenia country marry annually, which actually gives rise to foreign marriage relationships despite even some military issues. Either way, you can meet Slovenian brides on trusted dating sites or international marriage agencies that offer potential mail order brides. In the end, a perfect Slovenian woman is worth your choice!

How to Find a Perfect Slovenian Mail Order Wife: Advice From Guru 

There are some practical tips yet on how to find the perfect Slovenian mail order wife and thereby do it through the tricky approaches of modern online dating.

Early Stages of Online Dating Communication With a Slovenian Girlfriend

A good-level dating site allows you to beautifully organize online dating from the very beginning of communication with the ideal woman from Slovenia:

  • Learn her language. Despite your language barrier, you should still learn the language of your potential bride from the Slovenia country well. Nevertheless, your attempts to speak English fluently will be crowned with success. 
  • Don’t be so certain with your Slovenian mail order bride. Your potential perfect wife expects you to not be surly enough in correspondence at first. Yet, most girls online from the Slovenia country are craving a romantic relationship, and this is one of their goals of using the best dating sites. When communicating with girls online, try to ask questions as delicately as possible and thus do not touch on too intimate topics. 
slovenian wife

*Note that a certain country has its principles and framework for communication already in the first stages of your interaction with single girls online. 

It is not worth comparing a Slovenian lady with a Russian woman, for example, who is quite open in terms of sex and is ready to start an intimate conversation from the very first lines. First of all, Slovenia girls on a good dating site honor their family values and behave quite reservedly.

What to Do After First Date With Slavic Brides?

If you have been looking for just such a Slavic woman your whole life, then a woman from Slovenia is your best find, like a breath of fresh air! After chatting on a certain dating site, you can move on to the next stage of building relationships with girls from Slovenia! This does not mean that you need to bring your new sweetheart expensive gifts, but you can spend time well together after the first date. 

The most important thing is to be able to interest your Slovenian bride in such a way that she agrees to a second date. Therefore, you should behave with Slovenian girls like this:

  • Listen to your intuition. Intuition is a powerful thing, and you should not neglect it if you are dealing with a Slovenian mail order bride! Moreover, alarm bells can sound throughout the meeting with a Slavic lady. For a more objective assessment, you need to pay attention to the behavior of your Slovenian girlfriend in a fleeting situation. Only then it will immediately become clear that your potential lover from Europe is not ice. However, there simply cannot be a second chance to date her further!
  • Social networks and dating sites. These are really great ways to keep in touch with Slovenian ladies. They help to forget about some awkwardness that arose already on the first date. You can place a post on your wall with a hint that will be reflected in the person’s feed. This will be an excellent confirmation that a romantic evening caused pleasant emotions. 

If there is no more person in “friends”, then it is no longer necessary to start knocking “accept me as a friend” once again. It’s too intrusive. In addition, this is confirmation that the person does not want to continue.

  • Be sensible. You need to be able to accept a negative answer correctly and reasonably. All of us are living beings that cannot be liked by everyone. Therefore, being offended or reacting inadequately to what is happening around us is very ridiculous. 

In the end, the fact that your potential bride refused you right away is worthy of respect!

Best Places to Meet Single Girls From Slovenia

You have a chance to meet your Slovenian lady in neighboring countries like Croatia and Italy. But still, it is better to visit the capital city of Ljubljana. There you will find not only the most attractive Slavic girls for marriage but many attractive places to visit and arrange romantic dates.


  1. Menza Pri Koritu at 1000, Metelkova ulica 8;
  2. Cutty Sark Pub at Knafljev prehod;
  3. Parlament Pub at Šubičeva Ul 1;
  4. ČinČin at Tržaška c. 2;
  5. Jazz Paradise at Slovenska Cesta 58.

Ljubljana Capital City 

  1. BTC City Ljubljana;
  2. Shopping Mall Aleja.

Restaurants & Cocktail Bars

Why Dating Site Is Better Than Meeting Slovenia Girls Offline?

Still, there are many advantages why online dating with mail order brides from Slovenia has surpassed dates with potential singles live. This is primarily due to the ease and convenience of using dating platforms. Moreover, dating sites with mail order brides from Slovenia are more profitable than arranging a real date.

There are many arguments in favor of virtual dating with Slovenian girls, and the main ones are:

  • Save time and money for both parties;
  • Ability to set search criteria yourself and select a candidate solely at your discretion;
  • Preliminary preparation for a date in reality;
  • Getting rid of the fear of being rejected prematurely.
hot slovenian brides

A traditional dating site usually provides access to a large number of profiles of Slovenian mail order brides who want to find a soul mate and get married as soon as possible. The chances of making a romantic acquaintance that develops into marriage with the right person on the Internet are much higher than in everyday life. Online dating allows users to communicate with a large number of people without spending money on travel.

On a typical dating site, you can chat with several interlocutors from Slovenia at the same time, which significantly speeds up the search and saves time. With the help of correspondence with irresistible Slovenian women for marriage, you can determine which woman is right for you. Such an innovative approach will prevent you from dating unsuitable candidates in vain.

By setting advanced search criteria, you can count on a positive result. It is enough to indicate the age, place of residence, and purpose of dating. Therefore, the system will give several suitable options automatically. Then, you will safely start your constructive dialogue with a charming Slovenian bride! In the end, marriage without a wedding is also a simplified version of contemporary dating culture in Slovenia.

Is It Legal to Buy a Slovenian Bride?

According to the law, you are not allowed to buy and sell a mail order bride from Slovenia. The bottom line is that it is punishable by law if the sale of the bride was carried out. Moreover, it is considered inappropriate and humane to carry out such illegitimate actions. You can only register on a certain dating site or directly apply to an international marriage agency to get a mail bride. If you want to create family relationships and marry Slovenian mail order brides, then you need to apply at the place of residence with the approval of the international embassy.

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Real Experience of International Marriage With Slovenia Mail Order Brides

What do Scottish men think about Slovenian women?

Experience Marriage With Slovenia Brides

What makes foreign men want Slavic women so much?

Experience Marriage With Slovenia Brides

How Much Does It Cost to Get Slovenian Mail-Order Brides?

The average mail order price for a Slovenian bride is from $3,000 to $4,000 if you take into account the smallest details of live dating. Once you meet a Slovenian bride in real life, you will need to pay her to fully meet your and her needs. Once you have decided to pay for the mail ordered-bride, you will need 2-3 weeks spending time with her. A bride from Slovenia will be satisfied if you make her a marriage proposal sincerely!

True Price on Mail Order Women Sites

Membershipfrom $50 to $150 per month
Virtual Giftsfrom $20 to $50 and higher
Feefrom $10 to 150 and higher
Total$350- 400

Mail Order Women Cost: Offline Expenses

Mail Order Women Cost
  1. Hostel LUKN’A;
  2. Apartments Maria;
  3. Kamp Natura;
  4. The Fuzzy Log.
Travel Expenses$800
Relocation Expenses$900 (for a person)
Wedding Expenses$7,000-$8,000 (on average)
Gifts from $50 to 100 and higher
Restaurantsfrom $400 for two
Interpreterfrom $100 per hour
Total$10, 200
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How Much is a Mail Order Bride of Slovenian Country in Different Cities?

CityPlane TicketsHotelFoodGifts & FunWedding
Ljubljanafrom $311from $122 per nightfrom $15 to $38 per mealfrom $70 and higher$10,000 on average
Mariborfrom $480 – $556from $32 and higherfrom $6.50 to $13from $92.99 for flowersfrom $1,600 per hour of event to $5,000 and higher
Koper$110 (round trip)from $63 per nightfrom $9.60 per meal for a person$47.73 for flowersfrom $5,000 to $30,000


Having better familiarized yourself with the prices and characteristics of Slovenian brides, you will become more knowledgeable about what to expect from real and virtual dating. Slovenian females are irresistible ladies who can boast of their hotness and femininity. Most of the local Slavic women held high positions in Slovenian society. Among local Slavic women, a female president often turned out to be a good public figure. Most Slovenia wives become exemplary mistresses correctly allocating their family budget.


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