Mail-Order Brides From Ukraine – Is It Worth Marrying Them?

Updated on Jul 2023

All over the world, Ukrainian women are well-known for their attractive appearance, amazing inner world, and temperament. Nowadays, these brides get much attention from foreign men who are looking for life partners. And there are plenty of reasons for such interest.


If you are looking for Ukrainian brides and want to know about them more, you are in the right place. In our article, we will tell you everything about beautiful women from Ukraine and provide a comprehensive guide for successful dating. Keep with us for many interesting facts and tips!

Incredible Ukrainian Brides: Why Do Foreigners Like Them?

What makes Ukrainian ladies so popular among single foreigners? The answer is the combination of their mindset, personality, and attitude to partner in relationships. Their cultural background, domestic traditions, and other factors that affect the formation of personality make them great girlfriend and wife material. Let’s take a closer look at each characteristic that foreign men like in women from Ukraine.

Ukrainian Brides

These Brides Are Stunningly Beautiful

No one can deny that Ukrainian women look amazing. Ukrainian beauty is well-known in the world and, speaking honestly, it is one of the reasons why men get interested in dating women from Ukraine. Despite different stereotypes, these hot women possess diverse beauty.

A popular cliche that Ukrainians like to use themselves is that the typical look of a Ukrainian lady is brown eyes and black eyebrows. And it is true for a lot of women in Ukraine. Brides of this type have dark brown hair, round or oval faces with full lips, and brown or hazel eyes with long lashes.

However, there are also a lot of women whose facial features are different from the cliche above. Women with light brown or blonde hair, gray or blue eyes, and fair skin are frequently seen in Ukraine. With such diversity of appearance, cute Ukrainian girls can charm anyone.

These Women Are Intelligent and Interesting

Ukraine women personality is as beautiful as their appearance. These brides are curious, life-loving, and ambitious. Most women in Ukraine are well-educated. It is always a pleasure to have a deep conversation with a bride from Ukraine, as these brides are smart, witty, and like to discuss interesting topics. It is another characteristic that American men like about Ukrainian brides, as communication is one of the most important things in relationships.

With them, life is never boring, these women like to share their opinion on many aspects of life, discuss controversial questions, and defend their point of view. If your perfect soul mate is similar to this description, you have good chances to find a partner in Ukraine.

ukrainian woman

These Brides Are Kind and Caring

Another reason why men choose Ukrainian beauties is that each one of these brides is a family oriented woman. As well as most Slavic women, these women like to take care of their family members and create an atmosphere of coziness and harmony at home. Mail order Ukrainian brides make amazing wives and caring mothers. Most of them love cooking and treat a man with delicious Ukrainian dishes.

Women in Ukraine don’t play a second role in a family. These brides are equal with their husbands and tend to discuss and make all important decisions together. These women stay loving and supporting partners who can give good advice.

bride from ukraine

These Women Are Confident and Faithful

The passionate and obstinate nature of Ukrainian women is also a reason for attention from foreign men. These traits distinguish them from most other Slavic women, who are more naive and reserved. Hot Ukrainian women value their independence and expect respect from men.

These brides possess energy and willpower that help them to manage difficult situations in life. With a Ukrainian mail order wife by your side, it is easy to go through problems, as a woman will be a real partner who stays with you in good times and bad. So, if you’re wondering, “Are Ukraine women faithful?”, our answer is definitely yes.

Why Do Ukrainian Girls Become Mail Order Brides?

If you’ve already visited some mail order bride websites, you might have asked yourself: “Why do Ukrainian women look for marriage online?”. There is no one and only reason for all brides who use dating websites to find a foreign partner. However, we can highlight several common reasons for such a decision.

  • Online dating gives much more opportunities to meet a perfect partner. Thanks to the Internet, meeting new people has become much easier with social networks, including dating and mail order bride sites. Women from Ukraine take this as a perfect opportunity to meet someone with whom these women want to spend the rest of their lives.
  • There are more women than men in Ukraine. According to the latest statistics, per 100 women there are approximately 86 males. Thus, once a Ukrainian woman wants to find a boyfriend, it turns out that most men are already taken. And looking for a potential partner online is a great choice in such a situation for some women.
  • Some women simply like foreigners. People that were raised in different cultural environments have different mindsets. And some Ukrainian brides can prefer men from other countries just because the brides like their attitude toward relationships or married life more than Ukrainian men’s attitude.

Marriage Between Foreigners and Ukrainian Women: Who Wants It More?

An interesting question we asked ourselves while writing this article is who is more interested in international marriages — Ukrainian mail order brides or American single men? We have found some statistics to show who is looking for such international relationships more and how the current situation in Ukraine influences it. Keep reading to see our insights.

Statistics on Ukrainian Brides Finders

Speaking frankly, it is hard to find reliable data about how much foreigners use Slavic or Ukrainian marriage agencies. The reason is mail order bride dating sites usually keep such data confidential and provide only approximate numbers. However, here are some facts that can help you figure out the situation:

  • Some Ukrainian dating agencies have about 1 million visitors per month, mostly from Europe and the US. And more than 60% of visitors are male.
  • In 2020, more than 5,800 foreigners got married to Ukrainian partners, according to statistics from the Ukrainian Ministry of Justice. Most of the foreigners are from Poland, Germany, and other European countries.
single ukrainian women

Statistics on Ukrainian Mail Order Brides

Now, let’s take a look at the statistics on Ukrainian women and the popularity of international marriages among them. There is also not much statistical data, but we can rely on some facts:

  • According to the statistics provided by USCIS, about 350 Ukrainian people obtained a K-1 (fiance) visa in 2021. In previous years, particularly before the COVID-19 epidemic, the number of obtained visas was higher.
  • On average, Ukrainian women got married in their late 20s. Usually, women prefer to get higher education and work first and then build a family. The mean age for women at the birth of their first child is 27.

How Does War Affect Ukrainian Dating?

On the morning of February 24, Russia invaded Ukraine, and this affected all spheres of life of the Ukrainian people. Online dating with Ukrainian women is also not the exception. Since a lot of dating services were operated by Ukrainian companies, women faced a lot of problems in the first months of the war.

However, there is another side to this situation. According to many news portals, users’ activity on Ukrainian mail order bride dating sites has recently increased. The reason is a lot of American and European single men showed a desire to meet Ukrainian women, who had to flee Ukraine due to the war and help them. Some mail order bride dating sites even open special sections where Western men can meet Ukrainian single ladies who are now in Western Ukraine or abroad.

For some people dating is a way to have a rest from stressful situations and meet new people in other countries. Thus, currently, there are still big chances for men from the US and other Western countries to find a beautiful Ukrainian bride online.

Ukrainian Women Stereotypes — Are They True?

Stereotypes are inevitable in our world. And usually, stereotypes are opposite to the truth. There are a lot of different characteristics foreigners ascribe to Ukrainian girls. We are here to dispel the myths and share with you a real picture of women from Ukraine. Down below, you can find the most popular Ukrainian women stereotypes and find out how truthful they are.

Ukrainian Women Prefer to Be Housewives

It is a popular stereotype, but far from reality. In Ukraine, you can meet Ukrainian brides with different life goals. A lot of women do want to fully dedicate themselves to the rearing of children and managing a household. But there are also many women who strive for success at work and can’t imagine their life without a job.

All Ukraine brides have strong family values and dream about a happy family. But, not all of them are ready to immediately quit their jobs after marriage and become housewives.

meet ukrainian brides

Brides From Ukraine Are Obstinate

This stereotype is definitely true. It is a trait that distinguishes Ukrainian women from many other Slavic brides, for example, Russian women. Brides from Ukraine are passionate, freedom-loving, and obstinate.

The women are self-confident, have ambitious life goals, and never let men control their lives and decisions. That’s why women are looking for a partner who will respect them. Their passionate nature is complemented by natural femininity, and this mixture makes them incredibly attractive and desirable.

Ukrainian Women Seek Foreign Husbands Because of Money

You might have heard about this stereotype and, unfortunately, a lot of foreigners still think that it is true. This stereotype appeared at the time when the Soviet Union collapsed and a lot of Eastern Europeans started seeking a better life abroad.

However, it has nothing in common with the current situation. Single Ukrainian ladies don’t look for foreign husbands because of their financial status. Most women from Ukraine are self-sufficient and successful at work. These women seek only true love, and we have already described earlier in this article the main reasons why these brides date foreigners.

If you want to know what’s dating a Ukrainian woman like, make sure to review the video:

Complete Guide From Foreign Brides Guru: How to Find a Perfect Ukrainian Bride

Now, let’s talk more about dating beautiful Ukrainian women. It is always not easy to date someone of different nationality, as people from different countries have different dating customs and pictures of perfect relationships. Here, you will find a comprehensive guide with many useful tips for different stages of dating.

Tips for the Perfect First Date

The first date is always exciting. But, on the other hand, people frequently feel nervous before meeting someone for the first time. If you want to make a good impression on hot Ukrainian brides, you should know more about their dating culture. Here are some tips on how to get the interest of any Ukrainian girl on the first date:

  • Be friendly and start a conversation with some common topics. You can ask about her day or life and then tell her a little about yours. It is a perfect start that let you both feel relaxed and slowly get to know each other.
  • Don’t be arrogant. Ukrainian brides appreciate modesty and don’t like men who are talking much about themselves, and their wealth, and think that only their opinion is right. You should be confident, but don’t drag yourself. Otherwise, your first date will be the last one.
  • Make appropriate compliments and show your interest. Women all over the world like compliments, and Ukrainian are not an exception. However, you better not say something vulgar or too unrealistic. Be friendly and polite, and show your interest in the conversation.
meet ukrainian women

How to Develop Relationships With a Ukrainian Woman

Your first date went well, and you feel like it is the right girl? In this case, you should know how to develop your relationships. Here is our guide on how to date Ukrainian girls and make them fall in love with you.

  • Ask your Ukrainian mail order bride on the second date. Women from Ukraine appreciate straightforwardness, And if a woman is interested in you, a woman will be happy to meet you again.
  • Make your dates more romantic. Talking about online dating, there are still a lot of ways to make your date special, not just a regular video call. For example, you can watch the same movie and share your comment in a video call. Also, almost any mail order bride dating site offers gift delivery. You can order something and make a surprise for your date.
  • Tell your Ukrainian women about your feelings. If you’re sure of your feelings, it is the right time to tell your date about it and ask her to be your girlfriend. Be honest, and don’t push your potential partner to a quick decision. If a woman needs time, respect it and wait for the answer.
  • Always be honest, loyal, respectful, and supportive. It is what all single Ukrainian women expect from their partners. This attitude will make your relationships successful and happy.

Why Do Men Want to Meet Ukrainian Brides Online?

More and more people try online dating, and there are plenty of reasons for that. Especially, if you’re dreaming about dating someone from another country. Why do foreign men prefer to date Ukrainian brides online? Here is the explanation:

  • Dating online a bride is a much cheaper option than traveling abroad seeking love
  • Bride online dating sites offer a lot of convenient tools for communication like instant messenger, video chat, and calls.
  • On a bride online dating sites, you don’t need to wonder whether a woman is single or not.

Thus, bride online dating is perfect for men who want to find Ukrainian mail order brides and start romantic relationships.

beautiful ukrainian brides

Is It Legal to Buy Ukrainian Mail Order Brides?

There are no reasons for you to doubt the legality of Ukrainian mail order brides. Such services are fully legitimate in Ukraine. Moreover, a lot of services are operated by Ukrainian companies.

However, sometimes it is hard to find a legitimate Ukrainian dating site if you don’t know what to pay attention to. In this case, you can easily choose the wrong website full of fake profiles and bots. So, here is our advice:

  • Check some reviews before signing up for any mail order bride dating website
  • Always try a free trial first to figure out how good a mail order bride site is
  • Check the license and protection certificates of a mail order bride site.

Offline Dating Guide: Where to Go to Ukrainian Women?

If you want to meet Ukrainian women in person, there are a lot of places where you can meet them. Beautiful Ukrainian brides are living all around the world, but, obviously, there are better chances to meet them in Ukraine. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest cities in Ukraine and the best places there for meeting beautiful single brides.


One of the cities located in Western Ukraine, Lviv, is a great place to visit. The bride population here is about 380,000, and most women are in their 20s – 30s. It is easy to find someone here for a date, as many single Ukrainian women use dating apps. Also, there are a lot of spots like bars, clubs, museums, and festivals where you can meet brides. A date in this wonderful city with stunning architecture will definitely be romantic!


Another great place to find a future Ukrainian wife is Odesa, located in the Southern part of Ukraine, near the Black Sea coast. This city has a vibrant nightlife, great beaches, and a lot of cultural sights. People here are cheerful, easy-going, and hospitable. This city is worth visiting, for sure, if you want to have a good time. There are a lot of opportunities to meet a beautiful Ukrainian bride.

hot ukrainian brides


The capital of Ukraine, Kyiv, is one of the best places for Ukrainian wives finders. This city is full of beautiful, ambitious, interesting women. Most of them are self-sufficient, good at English, — as well as a lot of women in other big cities, by the way — and friendly. With them, your time in Kyiv will be amazing! These women will show you all the best places like bars and cafes hidden on the narrow streets of downtown.


Dnipro is a city located in the Eastern part of Ukraine. This city is one of the biggest by population and also an important political, financial, and cultural center. Foreign men can find a lot of interesting and friendly women here. There are a lot of beautiful spots for dating: the longest in Europe embankment, museums, historical palaces, and beautiful streets with historic buildings. It is a great place if you are looking for open-minded and educated women.

Marriage With a Ukrainian Girl: Real Stories

There are a lot of successful stories of Ukrainian and American men who found each other and built happy relationships. But how to believe in it without proof? We are happy to share with you some success stories of such couples. Keep reading to see how online dating can help you find a charming wife.

On Reddit, a user from New Zealand told his story of how he used mail order bride dating sites to meet Ukrainian mail order brides. He said that he found an amazing girl there, but it takes some time to find her.

feedback 6
Mail order bride sites experience #1

Another user from Quora says in his post that he is happy to find a Ukrainian wife, as a woman taught him to see things differently. He also admits that international marriage with a Ukrainian bride is challenging but in a good way.

feedback 7
User experience of international marriage service #2#1

Another foreign man who married a Ukrainian woman says that a woman is a loyal and amazing wife. He also mentions that Ukrainian women are great for building the family of your dreams.

feedback 8
Dating sites experience #3

So, if you are still wondering, “Are Ukrainian wives loyal?” or “How good are these women for marriage?”, just browse some stories from men who have Ukrainian wives. It will help you to figure out the real situation.

Cost of Dating With Ukrainian Brides

Now, it’s time to talk more about the cost of Ukrainian dating. Meeting someone online or offline requires some expenses, and it can be difficult to understand what cost exactly to expect. We did research to provide you with some average prices for both online dating and meeting in person. Here you will find what aspects dating expenses include and how much dating Ukrainian women costs on average.

How Much Does It Cost to Meet Ukrainian Wives Online?

Every dating agency usually offers a free trial membership with limited features and paid membership with the full package of available features. If you have serious intentions to meet gorgeous women from Ukraine and make one of them your wife, a paid membership to a dating service is necessary. Here is the list of aspects that affects the cost of dating Ukrainian mail order wives:

  • Subscription — a lot of mail order bride dating websites offer users to pay for a monthly subscription to gain access to all features.
  • Pay-per-Use System — another popular type of paid membership, when users pay in a virtual currency called credits for each feature (chat, video calls, letters, etc.) only when they use it.
  • Additional services — Translator services, or search boosters usually don’t include in the subscription plan and are provided for an additional fee.
  • Gift Delivery — the price depends on the country where your bride lives and the type of gift you want to send her.
ukrainian women for marriage

In the table below you can find the real cost of online dating on Ukrainian mail order bride dating sites.

Monthly subscription$10 – $30 per month
Chats$0.5 – $2 per 10 minutes
Video calls/ letters$1 – $5 per 10 minutes
Additional services$2 – $10 per service
Gift delivery$20 – $250+ per gift
Total$40 – $310 per month

Offline Expenses: Traveling, Relocation, and Wedding Cost

If you and your Ukrainian bride have already moved to the next stage of relationships, you might have thought about visiting her and get married. International marriage requires a long preparation and a lot of expenses too. Let’s take a look at the main aspects you should pay attention to.

  • Trip to Ukraine — Includes flight tickets, visa (if needed), accommodations, and domestic transportation.
  • Food, gifts, and entertainment — Here everything depends on your choice and on the city where your future bride lives.
  • Relocation — If you want to bring your fiance to your country, you should take into account the cost of a visa for her, flight tickets, and other additional expenses.
  • Wedding — Marriage license, wedding venue, ceremony, wedding dress, rings, and many other things are included in wedding expenses.
  • Translation service — It is possible that you will need a help of an interpreter to translate documents or communicate with your Ukrainian girl if she is not fluent in English.

Ukrainian women for marriage can live in different cities and the cost of flight tickets, hotel rooms, restaurants, and entertainment is not the same in different regions. For example, the cost of dinner for two in a fancy restaurant in Lviv and Odesa is cheaper than in Kyiv. The same situation is with accommodations. In Lviv, a room at a good hotel will cost $30-40 a night, while in Kyiv it will cost you $40-60 a night on average.

In the table below, you will find the total average cost for some Ukrainian cities: Kyiv, Odesa, and Lviv.

 Flight tickets
(for 1 week)
Food & EntertainmentWeddingRelocation
Kyiv$700 – $1000$300 – $400$50 – $100$2000+$500- $600
Lviv$700 – $900$200 – $300$40 – $80$1800+$500 – $600
Odesa$700 – $900$150 – $250$40 – $80$1500+$500 – $600
Online & Offline Dating Cost Comparison

We compare all dating sites costs (in $) with the costs you might pay for dating in many popular countries (main cities), then allocate average costs in %. The diagram below will help you to make a good choice for you.

Online Dating

All the services included. *It is average, as each marriage agency has its own pricing that can be a bit lower or higher than what we provide here.

Monthly subscription

$10 - $30 per month


$0.5 - $2 per 10 minutes

Video calls/ letters

$1 - $5 per 10 minutes

Additional services

$2 - $10 per service

Gift delivery

$20 - $250+ per gift

Offline Dating

All the services included. *It is average, as each countries (cities) has its own pricing that can be a bit lower or higher than what we provide here.

Flight tickets

$700 - $3000

Hotel (for 1 week)

$150 - $1000

Food & Entertainment

$50 - $500

Fun and Presents

$800 - $1,000


$500- $5000

Make sure to watch the video if you want to discover more tips on attracting Ukrainian women:


Ukrainian women are beautiful, smart, interesting, and don’t mind marrying foreigners. If you want to find a Ukrainian bride, it is easy with online dating platforms and marriage agencies. There are a lot of women who are ready for serious relationships. These women are honest, caring, and loving women who are perfect for marriage.

We hope that you found the information in our article useful and that it will help you to find a charming Ukrainian girlfriend or wife. Use our tips on how to date Ukrainian women and build happy relationships with one of these amazing brides.


Where Can I Find a Ukrainian Bride to Marry?

The most convenient way to find a Ukrainian wife is to meet her online. There are a lot of mail order bride dating agencies and mail order bride websites that offer multiple easy-in-use communication tools and a great user base with many single women who are ready for serious relationships with a foreign man. However, there are also great chances to meet Ukrainian brides offline, but it will take much more time.

Can You Buy a Bride from Ukraine?

Buying a bride means paying for all online and offline dating expenses while you’re looking for your perfect woman on a mail order bride dating site. Thus, yes, it is possible to buy a bride from Ukraine. There are niche dating sites that focus on matchmaking foreigners with single Ukrainian women.

Where Can I Date a Ukrainian Woman?

Basically, Ukrainian brides use a lot of worldwide known mail order bride dating apps and mail order bride websites like Tinder or InternationalCupid. However, it is much harder to find them on such mail order bride sites, as there are also a lot of women of other nationalities. If you’re looking for Ukrainian women, it is better to use niche Ukrainian or Slavic dating services.

Is It Worth Dating a Ukrainian Woman?

If you want to find a loyal, interesting, and loving woman for serious relationships, dating Ukrainian women is definitely worth it. These brides make amazing girlfriends and wives, due to their cultural background, mindset, and attitude to marriage. Among all Eastern Europeans, these women are one of the best for relationships.


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