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Vietnam is not the most popular country in Asia, but the Vietnamese mail order wives always manage to attract the attention of foreigners. According to sociological research on Facebook and dating sites, in recent years, men all over the civilized world prefer dating Vietnamese brides more often than brides from other countries. Psychologists and ethnographers explain this phenomenon of popularity of hot Vietnamese women by the fact that most of them remain committed to patriarchal relationships. This article will find out what makes hot Vietnamese girls so special, how to win their hearts, and what to look out for. Keep reading to learn more about marrying a Vietnamese woman.


Marriage with Vietnamese Mail Order Brides: Pros and Cons

We have to agree on the fact that there are no 100% immaculate Vietnamese beauties. They can be flawed to an extent, but we personally think that the pros outweigh the cons, which you can make sure of.

Stunning Beauty. Hot Vietnamese brides are well aware of their beauty and take great care of it. No self-respecting local beauty would leave the house under the scorching sun without a headdress and wearing open clothes.They are not adventurous. Unlike Western brides who want to try new and exciting things in life, Vietnamese ladies tend to be more conservative and prefer a more traditional lifestyle. They believe in certainty and clarity rather than uncertainty and spontaneity.
Well-mannered. Local brides for marriage are very well-mannered. Their submissiveness has become the talk of the town. At dinner, a Vietnamese woman will not even touch her food until the head of the family has eaten. They are unpretentious, they don’t make a scene, and they adore their man, that’s why there are almost no divorces in Vietnam. In addition, they are very petite brides, which many foreigners like.They will expect you to be successful. Single Vietnamese women can marry you because they think you have the potential to become rich and successful. She may think about divorce if she does not see any progress in your professional life.
Hardworking. Vietnamese wives are very hardworking. Many Vietnamese brides are ambitious, so they set short- and long-term goals for themselves and their families. Most Beautiful Vietnamese women want to keep their jobs after marriage. However, they are also happy to do housework because they think it is purely a woman’s job.Financial issue. When communicating with Vietnamese brides for marriage, you have to give gifts and make pleasant surprises. Pampering is an obligatory part of Vietnamese courtship, which Europeans often mistake for mercantilism. It is a matter of mentality and attitude to life, absorbed with the milk of the mother.
Marriage with Vietnamese Mail Order Brides: Pros and Cons

Meet Vietnamese Girls for Marriage

We have several tips that would help you meet Vietnamese brides. There are certain aspects you should pay attention to

  • Don’t bore your companion with annoyance. Your task is to interest and seduce the woman, not to become her friend or a dull admirer.
  • Don’t start a conversation with “Hi. How are you? Let’s get acquainted.” Some people do without a greeting at all – it creates the illusion that you have known each other for a long time and continue the interrupted conversation.
  • Watch your speech literacy and remain polite and appropriate in any situation.
  • Be honest. When trying to impress brides, don’t try to impute nonexistent virtues to yourself. The truth will come out anyway, and everyone will be uncomfortable.

How to Find a Vietnamese Mail Order Bride

There are many resources online that make it realistic to find Vietnamese women. However, not all of them can offer quality services. It’s not just about the likelihood of coming across a fortune hunter. Unfortunately, there are a lot of scammers on these sites engaged in siphoning money from gullible users. In order not to waste your time, choose only the most popular dating websites with a good reputation. There are also several other things to take into consideration:

  • Reviews posted on independent forums
  • The number of “live” users
  • The promptness of the support service
  • The availability of a mobile app
  • Convenience of functionality
  • The cost of registration
How to Find a Vietnamese Mail Order Bride

We’d like to give you several golden rules concerning the creation of an account for Vietnam mail order bride:

  • When filling out the questionnaire, you should not write your entire biography. Information about yourself should be brief but original, interesting, and humorous;
  • Upload your photos. Choose clear, high-quality, good, and, of course, fresh photos;
  • Name. If you are not 5 years old, you shouldn’t call yourself Arthur – it’s funny and vulgar. Better call yourself by your real name, not by nicknames like Love Star or Doktor Nikto;
  • Age. Many people want to be younger, but overdoing it is not necessary. Allow a gap of 1-2 years.

How Good Are Vietnamese Women for Marriage?

Traditional Values

Local brides for marriage share a traditional approach to the relationship between a man and a woman. In other words, they like the guy to be bossy. If you ask a girl not to have a third glass of wine because it is harmful, she will look unhappy. But soon, she will express gratitude for caring about her health. Other brides will not always obey in such a situation. An American or European will be angry at the infringement of freedom of choice. This does not mean that the Chinese girl should be completely controlled: such an approach is unacceptable. But it can’t hurt to strike a reasonable balance. The Vietnamese mail order wives from Vietnam have strong family ties. They put the interests of the family before their own. This will not be to everyone’s liking: it depends on whether you are family-oriented or self-oriented.

Loyal Attitude

An Asian wife will never allow herself to belittle her husband in public. She will not discuss intimate details of family life with her friends or, if she does, her Asian friend will never tell anyone about it. Asian wife is hardworking and persistent – she studies and works hard while not forgetting to create home comfort. Not complaining about her husband’s modest income.

Trying not to interfere in her husband’s relationship with her exes, relatives, and friends. Completely calmly accepts a different situation, when instead of the planned new trip to the concert, her husband aloof will spend the evening at the new TV. She may not like it as much as any other woman, but she will never throw a tantrum about it, will not walk around with pout lips for the last week, but calmly and with high regard will inform the next day of his sadness about what happened.

Patriarchal Family Model

It is noteworthy that local brides remain committed to patriarchal relationships in which the man plays the leading role in the family. White men in Europe are tired of feminism and the imposition of “Gender Equality. One way for them to re-establish “Normalcy” would be a bride from Vietnam, where the big man is still in charge both at home and in Vietnamese society.

But perhaps the simplest explanation for the new phenomenon of Vietnamese wives lies right up front: material prosperity. What for a white woman is ordinary domestic comforts, for a local woman is luxurious conditions. What for a white wife is an average income, for a Vietnamese woman, is a quality lifestyle for herself and possible children.

How Good Are Vietnamese Women for Marriage?

Facts You Should Know About Relationship With Beautiful Vietnamese Brides for Marriage

The traditional Asian wedding is one of the most significant events in Vietnam. Despite Westernization, many ancient traditions are still followed by the Vietnamese.

Before the 20th century, the locals married early, weddings were organized by parents and family members, while the newlyweds themselves had almost no say. In modern Vietnam, that tradition has become a thing of the past, and the Vietnamese select their partners by themselves.

The wedding ceremony varies from nation to nation in Vietnam but usually includes two ceremonies:

Lễ Ǎn Hỏi, an engagement ceremony: sometime before the wedding, the groom and his family visit the bride’s family with round lacquered boxes containing wedding gifts. Gifts are covered with a red cloth and carried by unmarried family members of both sexes. Families set a wedding date.

Lễ Cưới – Wedding: On the wedding day, the groom and his family visit the bride again to ask her relatives to give their daughter to their home. Guests are invited to the wedding celebration. The bride and groom pray at the altar, asking the ancestors for permission to marry and thanking the couple’s parents.

Facts You Should Know About Relationship With Beautiful Vietnamese Brides

Vietnamese Wives and Other Women

Growing up in a traditional society, local ladies differ from the brides from Western Europe and North America in a couple of ways. Thus, differences may be considered as advantages by some men or as flaws by others. However, knowing these particular things about Asian brides would help you build a winning dating strategy.

They wear clothes that completely cover their arms and legs. They wear gloves on their hands and thin kapron socks on their feet. If a lady rides a moped, her face is necessarily hidden behind a mask. The mask resembles the one that doctors wear – a strip of cloth and two ties behind the ears. Only these masks are usually made of multicolored fabric.Most European and American ladies often wear overly sexual clothes in an attempt to attract men. Such behavior would not be appropriate in Asian countries.
Almost 99% of them keep their innocence before marriage.European and American brides don’t mind dating casually or having no-strings-attached relationships.
In all South-East Asian countries, it is accepted: if he loves you – he gives you money if he does not want to share – what kind of feelings can we talk about? Even if you give flowers and expensive gifts every week, it does not count. You will need cash. Above all, local brides are interested in financial stability. If the guy is able to provide it, the girl is relatively happy.Most European and North American females strive to be financially independent. They often offer to split the bill to highlight their feminist position.
Vietnamese Wives and Other Women

Final Thoughts About Vietnamese Mail Order Brides

Mail order bride from Vietnam will show you not only the ideal of femininity, natural beauty but also the warmth of soul, openness, friendliness, unselfishness, and understanding. Often foreign marriages only seem to be the limit of dreams. Differences in mentality, customs, etc., are additional obstacles to mutual understanding as a couple. You should know that true, sincere feelings are not afraid of any tests. Pretty Vietnamese girls are out there waiting for you to take their hand and lead them into a future full of happiness, love, and unforgettable passion.


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