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How long have you been wondering: how to find a wife who will be incredibly beautiful, loyal, and loving? This question will be answered right now: look for your soulmate among Korean brides. Being a Western man, Korea women culture might be mysterious and peculiar to you. But this doesn’t mean that Asian women are not willing to connect with foreigners. On the contrary, local women are welcoming American men. So do you want to know all the secrets about brides from South and North Korea? Follow on and you will definitely find out!


What Is the Hidden Truth About Korean Women: Facts You Didn’t Know

There are a lot of myths about single Korean ladies. Indeed, the truth about women from South Korea might be shocking. But this is not something you should be afraid of. Here you will find the facts about Korea females.

Korean Brides Are Obsessed With Fair Skin

When visiting South Korea, you will notice that all local women have fair skin. But this is not genetically embedded in them. Asian brides from nature have tan skin. But these women really struggle to have fair skin. That is why all beauty products these women apply have brighteners. Not only Korean girls but local men use BB cream in their everyday routine to have a bright skin color.

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Korean Girls Follow Strict Society Beauty Rules

You might be wondering, but plastic surgery is what every Korean girlfriend is dreaming about. And this is not because these women want to look younger or correct any imperfections. In Korea brides society, it is believed that every woman should have a V-shaped face, a thin nose, and huge eyes. If you look at the average Asian woman, you will definitely recognize these features. Plastic surgery clinics are extremely popular in Korea. So it is not a shocking event for a local bride to have several plastic surgeries to look completely perfect.

Korean Mail Order Brides Study a Lot

By meaning a lot, you might think about Korean girls studying in universities or high schools. But regardless of age, Korea brides study very hard. South Korea is a developed country, and indeed its people work and study hard, so their country may be characterized in such a way. So don’t be surprised when on your first date with a Korean bride, she will talk a lot about studying.

Korean Mail Order Brides Worship Skincare

It is a well-known fact that the best cosmetics come from Korea. Local women follow strict rituals when it comes to a skincare routine. From an early age, beautiful Korean women are taught to take excellent care of their charming faces. Brides might spend hours in front of the mirror to complete their beauty procedures. They value skin health a lot. That is why Korea brides use so many products and do so many manipulations with their skin to always look fresh and young.

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Are Women from South Korea and North Korea Different?

It is not a secret that life in South and North Korea is totally different. Even though these countries have a common history, nowadays, they don’t share the same values. South Korea and North Korea women are quite different in many factors. Here you will find the distinctive features of women of both nationalities.


In North Korea, women are strictly prohibited to have certain kinds of hairstyles and do very expressive makeup. North Korean brides might have blonde hair, while women from South Korea don’t tolerate being blonde-colored. South Korean brides often use the services of plastic surgery clinics, while mail order brides from North Korea do not.


When it comes to the type of thinking in North and South Korea, women also follow different ideologies. Since North Korea is closed to the external world, women living there are more bound by rules and stereotypes. They are not free to make their own decisions: most women of North Korea are not allowed to dress as they wish, to go where they want to go or live as they dream about. On the contrary, South Korean women have freedom in everything. They can fly to other countries, build new businesses, or simply enjoy their lives.

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Social Status

In society, women of South and North Korea occupy different positions. In real life, North Korean brides have limited social status. Since this is a totalitarian state, local women don’t have the right to get well-paid jobs or develop their skills and talents. They often live by standards and don’t pretend to occupy high social ranks. Meanwhile, Korean foreign women are extremely free in their social life. They can have different positions, follow different religions, and be part of the government.

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Korea Women: Traditional Beliefs and Modern Reality

Many guys from around the globe, when it comes to describing the typical Korean woman, would imagine a housewife who does household chores and cars only about raising children. Indeed, this picture is a traditional one. But everything has changed, and nowadays, beautiful women from South Korea have extremely different roles. Here is how you can recognize traditional and modern Korean mail order brides features.

Traditional Korea society has viewed a woman as a mother and wife only. There were no other roles that Korean women could occupy. From a young age, Korean women were taught to take care of family and distant relatives.In modern Korea society, women can be caring mothers, ideal wives, and prosperous workers or businesswomen. In fact, local brides can occupy positions in the South Korean government. They are not obligated to be housewives only.
Traditionally, a South Korean wife didn’t have equal rights with her husband. The decisions were made only by men. Moreover, it was desirable that Korea women give birth only to males as males were a driving force in Korea.Nowadays, traditional culture has changed, and women have more rights. Gender equality in Korea is improving, and women are not criticized when they give birth to women or boys.
In past traditions, Korea brides didn’t have many chances to gain a proper education. Many schools and universities were accessible only to men in Korea patriarchal society. Thus, the brides of Korea were limited in their development.Since modern technological development, the need for studying among women has appeared. And in today’s society, Korea brides are well-educated, and most brides have at least one degree in modern sciences.
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Are Marriages Of Korean Women and American Men Successful?

Foreign guys from America may doubt their chances to marry Korean wives. Indeed, American culture is different from Asian traditions and that might cause difficulties in understanding a serious relationship. But in fact, a lot of marriages are successful since Korean mail order brides are dreaming about meeting foreign men. Below, you can find the real statistics of international Korean-American marriages.

Successful RateNot Successful Rate
91% out of 100%9% out of 100%

As you can see, the romantic relationships that grow into marriage are of a high rate between Korea brides of average age and American men. Let’s see what is the percentage of successful couples among American males dating North Korean females.

Successful RateNot Successful Rate
85% out of 100%15% out of 100%

The complexity of North Korean – American relationships is due to the fact that North Korea is not widely open to the world. It is quite hard to get there and find a North Korean woman who would be interested in international relationships. But still, there are many cases of successful marriages between single men from America and single women from North Korea.

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What Are the Reasons for a Marriage with a Korean Woman to be Successful or Not Quite?

There are many factors that can influence the rate of being a perfect match with a Korean bride online. Learn some of them so you can pay attention to building your relationships with a bride from Asian countries.

  • The first factor is your serious intentions. Indeed, it is very important for Korean mail order brides to know they are dating from the perspective of becoming life partners. If you want to meet local women for fun – you had better not give them any promises as these brides are into serious relationships.
  • Another factor is whether you accept sharing your dating experience and intimate life with her parents too. This is actually the main problem that might cause misunderstanding in your marriage. In East Asia, it is a centuries-old tradition to be in close contact with relatives. Even though for American men and American women it sounds strange, this is an obvious fact in Korea.
  • A huge impact on your successful match will also be influenced by cultural differences and a language barrier. Since most Asian brides strictly follow their traditions, they would like to continue national customs in their own homes. As for the language, most Korean mail order brides operate English at a very high level. So you don’t have to worry about communication features.

What Is the Real Experience of Dating Foreign Brides from Korea?

If you want to find a potential Korean wife, you should know what to expect from Korean women. The best way to understand what your relationship will look like when marrying a bride from Korea is to look at similar international marriages. In this section, you will find real stories of Korean-American couples.

One American man named Sam has shared his experience dating an Asian bride from Korea. He describes a Korean woman as one who sacrifices herself. She gives Sam personal space, and time to be alone, and treats him very generously. Sam’s Korean woman often buys him gifts which is very surprising for women to do. His bride from Korea is also very initiative. And these relationships are real as Sam describes them.

real stories of Korean-American couples 1

Another American guy who married a Korean woman is totally obsessed with his wife’s strong family values. As soon as they decided to have children, a Korean woman became a very caring mother and even more supportive wife. She sacrifices herself to parenting, and she ​can’t help but be happy. Another aspect that a happy life partner can share is that Korean grandparents are very caring. Be sure that you won’t be alone with your wife, who will take care of children or other household chores.

real stories of Korean-American couples 2

How to Find Korean Wife: Best Advice and Tips from Foreign Brides Guru

No doubt Korea brides become the best wives. But how to find Korean brides and conquer one of them? You have to come through all stages of relationships to become family members. Luckily, we have prepared for you actionable tips that will help you to win the heart of gorgeous women from Korea.

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Early Stages of Dating Korean Mail Order Brides

When looking for a Korean future wife on dating sites, you should be the one who takes the initiative. Don’t hesitate to write first, call via video chat, or send virtual gifts. But don’t make it look like soap operas. Even if you see that the brides are not easy to communicate with, be brave enough to continue online dating, and sooner or later your soulmate will agree with you to go on a first lucky date.

First Date With Korean Woman

It is not enough to ask a Korean mail order bride out. You should impress her from your very first date. Here are some things you should take into account when meeting hot Korean women for the first time.

  1. Show your high level of education. Korean standards of schooling are very rigorous. When compared to Western countries, studying in South and North Korea is very difficult and the requirements are quite demanding. Thus, Korean mail order brides will pay special attention to that factor in Western men.
  2. Demonstrate your high ambitions. Prosperity is an important thing in the lives of women in this mountainous country. If you are a handsome foreign husband with a prestigious job and huge plans for the future – be sure that Korean women for marriage will be impressed by you.
  3. Show your respect to Asian culture. Many Western guys don’t accept all the peculiarities of the Korean Southern part. Korean national cuisine and traditions are not familiar to the Western world. But if you dream about a happy family with a Korean bride, it is obligatory to learn about local culture.

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Where to Meet Korean Mail Order Wives?

No doubt, the best and the easiest place to find Korean ladies is to visit international dating sites. Such reputable dating sites as Eastern Honeys or Asian Melodies score are the perfect platforms to start your online dating with a Korean bride online. However, you can also consider flying to South Korea and looking for potential partners. This decision is totally up to you since every way has its pros and cons.

Why Are Korean Women Dating Experiences Better Online?

Dating on the best Asian dating sites is much more convenient because of multiple factors. You don’t have to spend time and money on travel expenses and accommodations. Moreover, there is no guarantee that you will meet your Korean wife at once.
Here you can see how trips to South Korea will be beneficial or not quite.

Trips to South Korea will be beneficial for:Trips to South Korea will not likely work for:
Those who are deeply interested in Korean culture and want to be part of their pop cultureThose who only try themselves in dating Korean women
Single men who visited all international marriage agencies and still didn’t find their matchesMen who don’t plan on spending so much money on traveling to Korea
Western guys who are especially obsessed with charming order brides from KoreaGuys who feel themselves better on mail order bride sites
korean women for marriage

Is It Legal to Buy a Bride in Korea?

The practice of “buying” Korean brides dates back to ancient history. But even nowadays, it is supported by society and the government to popularize marriages between Korean mail order brides and Western men. International marriages are quite beneficial for Korea. That is why the legality of buying a mail order bride from Korea should not be doubted.

What Is the Average Price to Buy Korean Brides?

When you seriously decide to marry a Korean woman, the question about financial expenses will immediately pop up in your head. How does it cost to fly to Korea? Is the wedding ceremony expensive? Are dating dedicated websites charging a lot? Put your worries behind as we will cover all these questions below.

Prices for Online Services

The rates of online services vary depending on the dating site. As every online platform has its rules and special offers, in the following table, you will find the average prices for dating Korean brides online.

FeesCredits: $9.99-$200
Virtual Gifts$8.99-$50
Membership Plans$15-$100 per month
First PriceAlways with bonuses
Average Prices$2,500-$3,000

Prices for Offline Expenses

Online communication differs extremely from offline communication. But the costs for meeting women in real life, not only looking at their private photos, are quite high. Here you will find the approximate travel expenses for visiting South Korea and meeting Korea brides offline.

Tickets to South Korea$700-$1,500 (one-way tickets price)
Staying in Hotel$500 per week
Buying Gifts$100-$10,000
Going to Restaurants$100-$250 per luxury dinner
Wedding Expenses$3,000-$15,000
Average Costs$5,000-$20,000

The prices for getting mail order brides differ a lot. If you are still doubting which bride to sign a marriage certificate with, look at the table below.

 Plane Tickets4* Hotel Price per WeekFoodGiftsWedding Costs
Korean Brides$700-$1,500$500$400$1,000$2,000
Chinese Brides$800-$1,700$700$600$1,200$5,000
Ukrainian Brides$700-$1,000$500$500$800$3,000
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Why Do Korean Women Become Mail Order Brides?

There are multiple reasons why you can spot a Korean bride on a dating service. Here they are:

  • Korean women are looking for better life conditions
  • Korean girls want to marry intelligent Western men
  • Brides from Korea dream about getting better jobs and education
  • Local females are interested in discovering the world
  • Korean mail order brides find foreigners very attractive in appearance and from within

What Wives Do Korean Women Become?

Marrying a Korean woman will be your best decision in life. These women are perfect in everything. Especially when it comes to being wives, Korean brides beat most of their competitors from other states. Your future Korean wife will be honest with you, she will never break with you if you lose a job or face some difficulties, and she will be the mom to your children.


Are you still hesitating whether you should meet a Korean woman or not? Don’t lose your chances as many men are already looking for Korean wives at the best dating sites. Don’t hesitate to meet your love among gorgeous Korea women!


[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h3″ question-0=”Do Koreans Become Good Wives?” answer-0=”Korean wives are the best! These women worship their men and sacrifice their interests in favor of the family. You will always have delicious dishes and live in a perfectly clean house if you marry a local woman. ” image-0=”” headline-1=”h3″ question-1=”What Will Change When You Marry a Korean?” answer-1=”You will be extremely happy to marry a Korean bride. Your life will be full of joy and love. What is more important, you will always be sure to rely on your loyal Korean wife. ” image-1=”” headline-2=”h3″ question-2=”Can Korea Women Marry Men from Foreign Countries?” answer-2=”Surely! These women are seeking foreign men to be their husbands. Be sure that if you want to marry a Korean woman, she can easily move to your country and live happily together with you. ” image-2=”” count=”3″ html=”true” css_class=””]


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