TheLuckyDate Review: Should You Use It in 2024?

Updated on Jul 2023

So you are looking for a great dating site that allows you to meet hot foreign ladies? TheLuckyDate aims at that, providing a safe space for you to interact with various profiles. It’s a great site that has a great interface and a stable system for many people to utilize. So how does it fare overall? Let’s in this TheLuckyDate site review. 

What is TheLuckyDate: Short Overview

The number of users200,000 per month
Male to female ratio52% male vs 48% female
The average age of women27
Focus on regionsNone, it is meant for any international couples
TheLuckyDate main page

TheLuckyDate dating review noticed that the site has a target audience of people in their thirties and twenties, looking for serious relationships and possibly a life partner. It is a website that uses personality tests and algorithms driven to make happiness ever after an almost certain possibility. Safe, secure, and certified. It’s a departure from the usual dating system. It also offers fantastic security options as well as a facility to delete your account.

Who Should Necessarily Use TheLuckyDate Website? was created for the sake of healthy international relationships that focus on creating joy from forming a great couple between two foreigners. As for the male audience, it is mostly aimed at Westerners that speak English as this is the language that eases up the process of meeting a foreign girl. Plus, most of them are interested in this culture in particular. 

Brief Information About the Service

There is so much to tell you about TheLuckyDate dating website, but if you want quick summarized information, then those are the main points you have to consider:

  • It strives for inclusivity, adding many ethnicities and even sexual orientations
  • It’s a newcomer that aims to get the best out of older dating sites
  • It encrypts your data to prevent any leaks
  • There is a credit system that allows you to manage your spendings.
TheLuckyDate create account

TheLuckyDate Site Reviews: Types of Female Members

Lucky Date dating site aims to have different girls from various countries, creating policies that oblige users to create detailed profiles to support healthy space devoid of bots. Every profile is checked for fake photos and blank inactive profiles are deleted. Furthermore, there is even an option to report suspicious profiles, and the site’s team will check whether that statement is true. 

TheLuckyDate Dating Reviews: 5 Reasons to Give the Site a Go

There are many benefits to TheLuckyDate, which is exactly the reason it got so high over other dating sites out there. It gave a deeper focus on what users enjoy and what they mostly crave from online dating, and they created the site based on their studies.

Great User Base

TheLuckyDate dating service is known to have a minimum of 200,000 new members each month from their target audience of Westerners. This is quite amazing as many rival dating sites don’t even have this number in their full database, talking more per month. As evidenced by the new paying subscribers, it pulls in every month; it’s clear they’re doing something pretty amazing.

Good Starter Site

One of the first things it does is ask for your qualifications on the dating interface. This coupled with the firewalls and long questions that an uneducated user cannot grasp or would be irritated by. Accessibility is something that many sites tend to ignore, thinking that everyone knows everything. 

TheLuckyDate get free trial

It Is a Matchmaking Platform

TheLuckyDate has a series of algorithms that work on the basis of the knowledge of modern psychology, which is analyzed by the different facets of the personality of a user. After that, the user will be introduced to a potential partner who matches the unique bill and character traits. You have the chance to get to know people with whom you not only have a lot in common. Your differences would be similarities in a unique way never seen before.

Consideration for Users’ Needs

It has support for partner suggestions after conducting a personality test and in accordance with the user’s wishes. TheLuckyDate would proceed to introduce users to singles that match their personalities and suit them. This is a commendable achievement.

Great Customer Support

Yes, the great thing about TheLuckyDate is that customer support makes sure that the site is maintained in a good state. Are you concerned about payment options? Talk to customer support. Do you think that a user is acting suspiciously and might be a fraudster? Report them to customer support. The team is doing everything fast, maintaining its reputation in the best way possible. 

TheLuckyDate users

TheLuckyDate Reviews: Alternatives Comparison

An interesting question is whether TheLucky Date has proper competitors that can replace it on the market. To that, we will say that many good dating sites have different things to offer and have some other drawbacks in return. Ultimately, it is up to you to uncover what site matches your tastes. 

EliteSingles vs TheLuckyDate

It holds the unofficial title of best dating site in the US offering similar services, terms, and conditions. It is much older than TheLuckyDate and has more robust security options. However, EliteSingles is difficult to use because it rejects app and platform usability by not updating it to modern needs. The price is great, we give it to them, but it’s lacking a bit of charm. 

OkCupid vs TheLuckyDate

Unlike TheLuckyDate and EliteSingles, this site is largely free and allows you to answer as many generated questions as possible. It also works similarly to TheLucky Date in that it uses these generated questions to form an algorithm that will be used to match potential partners. A major drawback, however, is its low quality compared to other competitors. 

TheLuckyDate girl profile

Stories of Western Men Who Found Their Love on The Lucky Date


LuckyDate has a special presence about itself. It looks simple yet feels extremely elegant and straightforward. It’s genuinely great how I can write to many ladies from different countries. The language barrier is still a thing, but many girls know the basics of English, and they put in enough effort. Last week I met this hot girl from Poland, and we had it wild together. I think that LuckyDate is a great contender to replace Tinder. 


LuckyDate brought something fresh to the international dating scene. It analyzed the market, honed down the best features out there, and gave them a fresh new look on their new site. Mind you, this isn’t just copied and pasted as there was just enough care into the overall design. Girls’ profiles are detailed, and you are happy to communicate with them, there is a good verification system to counter bots, and everything doesn’t feel as expensive. 

TheLuckyDate woman


I was skeptical about starting a profile on LuckyDate. Yes, many friends recommended it to me as one of the greater dating sites out there, but I still had a sort of premonition. I had some free encounters on LuckyDate, and leading a conversation here feels actually good. The girls don’t stay with you 24/7 as they are real people, but when they go back, you feel sort of excited. It alleviates the feeling of loneliness I tend to have. I even managed to arrange a date next month. 

Value Tips on How to Use TheLuckyDate From a Dating Coach

Hearing user opinions and small tidbits of our review is an important aspect of getting to know a particular dating site, but we’d also recommend you to hear from the dating expert that had quite enough experience online. He knows some of the niche aspects to engage with girls on TheLuckyDate, being able to help you with the most important questions concerning international dating. 

Argue why you think that TheLucky Date is a good online dating site, and men should use it to meet girls?

My answer is straightforward: TheLucky Date has everything it needs to be a great dating site. Do you want hot ladies from about any part of the world? They got it. Do you want a good chatting system that doesn’t lag? They got it. Do you feel tired of making the search yourself and need something like a matching system? They got it. TheLucky Date is all about making it easier for you to get into online dating and this is its main reason for being the best of the best. 

TheLuckyDate lady

What are some expert tips for creating a strong and compelling profile on TheLucky Date?

It is important to properly describe your online dating profile. Of course, sometimes you can do without a description. But if you want to increase your chances for success on TheLuckyDate, it is better to fill in information about yourself. In addition, it is often what you write on your profile that people ask questions about. That’s how a dialogue begins, which is clearly more interesting than a conversation that starts with just “how are you?”.

What services of TheLucky Date do you recommend men use to find and meet girls? What features and options do you think make TheLuckyDate stand out from other dating sites?

I really enjoy the matching option here. So there is a detailed questionnaire on TheLucky Date, concerning your wishes and preferences. TheLuckyDate is not as versatile to 100% pick the girl that completely matches the description, but there is still enough room for flexibility, and the matching system recommends some of the nicer girls. It’s a fine tool if you are getting lost. Also, try sending some virtual gifts to remind girls that you genuinely care about them. It gets just enough attention and helps you to go on with a conversation. 

TheLuckyDate girl

What tips can you give our readers that will help them avoid scams and avoid fake girls’ profiles?

We all know that the Internet is not the safest place out there. Many users out there are actually fake and try to extort money. Luckily, they give away their presence rather easily. Here are some of the most common traits that you can spot among fraudsters:

  • Asking too many questions, including very personal questions that can be used against you.
  • They try to redirect you to other messengers to communicate.
  • They ask for a photo in lingerie or to skype in a swimsuit, etc.
  • Profile photos look like a model or stock photos.

As for recommendations, don’t put a lot of information about yourself in your profile, and don’t be in a hurry to tell it to your interlocutor. 

Your top tips on how a man should start a dialogue with a girl he likes on TheLuckyDate? In your experience, what phrases work best and get the most interest from women?

The main tip I’d like to give you is to not start with a line like “hey, how are you doing?”. It’s a kind of small talk that doesn’t lead you anywhere. She is just going to respond that she’s fine, and the dialogue would come to its natural conclusion. Instead, try to talk about your feelings, and delve deeper into what she is doing for life and how she fares with the issues in her life. People like discussing struggles, and girls do tend to overshare. Don’t try to get personal gain out of it. 

TheLuckyDate girls profile

Theluckydate Dating Site Reviews: Paid vs Free Options?

The main question about using TheLuckyDate is figuring out whether it is possible to use for free and how far can you reach without paying for its services. We want to remind you that this is a paid site, so you don’t have to set your expectations high. There are some nice features you don’t have to pay for, but they are rather meant for pre-establishing online communication with the girls. 

Free Features

In our opinion, TheLuckyDate has more to offer to its free users when compared to other international dating sites. There is much room for flexibility, allowing you to set starting steps before actually communicating with hot girls. So what exactly are we talking about? Let us the list below:

  • Sending likes. The first step to communication is showing your positive emotion and liking other profiles is a great way of breaking the ice. You show a girl that you are interested in starting your dialogue, being attracted to that particular lady. 
  • Adding profiles to your special list. TheLuckyDate has many profiles available online and keeping all of them in mind is a harsh task even for those who have a genuinely good memory. TheLuckyDate fixes that issue by allowing you to create lists of profiles you’d like to communicate with later. Maybe you’d like to create a list of candidates and then start conversing with girls online. 
  • Matching with other people. Yes, interestingly enough, you can match with girls online with no stress of paying for it. You set your interests and then get to see the list of possible matches. It’s a straightforward process that is rather helpful when you don’t have enough time to browse hundreds of profiles. 
TheLuckyDate girls profile

Paid Features

Concerning paid features, there is nothing special about it. Like most international dating sites, you pay for credits or membership to get the ability to communicate with girls online. So in free version, you can set the list of women you want to talk to and then buy some credits to go further with your online dating. Overall, there are two main features you are mostly going to pay for:

  • Online chat. Yes, you can’t communicate here for free. The chat is of excellent quality here, but you have to pay the price. This is your standard chat, where you can send messages, smiles, or stickers. Unfortunately, there is no option for a paid video chat, but TheLuckyDate compensates for it by allowing you to send pictures to each other. 
  • Virtual gifts. This is a standard way of reminding girls that you care about them. Virtual gifts are a symbolic representation of how a man would care for their girl in real life. It’s a helpful way of discovering each other’s interests, helping you to re-establish a dialogue if you got lost in the process. 

Prices for Paid Features

TheLuckyDate mainly depends on a credit system that allows users to fill their virtual wallets with local currency. It is mainly used for communicating with girls, and you can’t get by without this system as it resembles your only path to getting a date with a girl. You can buy credits in packages and there are mainly two of those:

  • 5,000 credits for $25 
  • 75,000 credits for $155 

Take a look at the video to get some top-notch online dating advice:


And that is all we have on TheLuckyDate. It is a genuinely neat site focused on dating many foreign girls. It’s interesting how it doesn’t focus on one region in particular and is simply trying to connect hearts from different spots of the world. It’s not diverse with its features but it makes things work smoothly without making its users think that something is raw. The credit system here is not greedy and you get enough features from paying even for the smallest package. Overall this is a site we would highly recommend to any user online. 

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