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Updated on Jul 2023

Beautiful Albanian women might not even be on the radar of western men which is a huge disadvantage for such men. Albanian brides are extremely, exotically beautiful and sexy due to their facial features and body type. They remind you of Greek beauty, Albanian brides also have strong Mediterranean features and that’s why they look so unique as if they are goddesses.

The last decade dating online sites have become extremely popular within users since they grant the opportunity to meet people who live abroad. Such matrimonial services are especially great when it comes to meeting people to establish serious relationships. For instance, many singles around the world have managed to find brides and grooms and to create a happy family with strong bonds and respect towards each other.

Why is that happening? Why all of a sudden traditional dating doesn’t seem to be as effective as dating online? Because dating online platforms match each member with those potential brides and grooms who fit their personalities. If you meet someone at the bar, you have this man or a woman might be a cat person, while you love dogs – and that’s the simplest example. The point is that you need someone who shares your beliefs has similar or compatible goals, etc. Only that way relationships work.

Albanian Women Online

That’s why such sites are so effective. Moreover, if you like women or men of a specific nationality, you can meet them online, it’s not a problem at all. If you appreciate pretty Albanian girls for their exotic beauty and specific personality features, then create an account on an Albanian mail-order brides sites. Easy as it is.

Albania is a small country and you can’t expect that Albanian brides are everywhere in the world. If you want to marry an Albanian bride, then you have to take the initiative and start looking for her. There are at least three options to find them:

  • Via marriage agency
  • Via dating site
  • By visiting the country

The third option has disadvantages. First, you don’t know where local Albanian women hang out and whether they are single or not if you find someone. Second, you don’t know whether you share mutual goals and beliefs. The relationship is a tricky thing, both in the couple have to work so that you will be happy. But if personalities clash, it’s a disaster.


Marriage agency and dating sites for marriage have a similar approach, but usually, you have to visit a marriage agency. If you choose a dating site to find Albanian bride, then you don’t even have to leave your home, only if you need new pictures for your profile. And some dating sites for marriage where you can meet an Albanian bride are free to use.

The only thing you need to do is to register on such a dating site for marriage and start looking for Albanian brides. You can filter all Albanian brides who use the site so that you can choose the only one who can make you happy. You can chat for a while and then meet somewhere to see whether you have chemistry.

If you want to have a perfect first date, then you need to know some things about dating in Albania and Albanian customs. You should also work on your behavior so that her parents will like you. Yes, parents are very important for Albanian ladies.

albanian girl for marriage

Tips for Meeting Albanian Bride

Success depends on an effort that someone puts into completing a task. If you want your meet-up with your Albanian bride to be successful, find out more about the country, its history, traditions, norms of behavior, etc. While dating Albanian women, you have to stick to some essential rules. Below you will find an explanation and characteristics of Albanian brides.

Prefer Serious Relationships

Looking for a hookup? Look somewhere else, you won’t find it in Albania. Albanian ladies care about their reputation and what would say their relatives. Don’t get it wrong, they love having fun, flirting, hanging out with men, but their goal is to create a serious bond. That’s why Albanian women for marriage are one of the best options if you want to settle down. They are serious about family and want to fall in love, not to have a fling.

Don’t Make Her Jealous

Your Albanian bride might get jealous if they catch you checking out someone else, but that’s not because she is unconfident. It’s a special feature and it’s relatively easy to deal with it. Just don’t give her reasons to question your honesty. Don’t check out other women in her presence, don’t praise other women’s abilities (i.e. Samantha is a great cook, etc), and everything will be great.

Appearance Matter

It’s rather a trend than a tradition. When will meet for the first time, your Albanian bride will be dressed to the nines. She will have perfect make-up, will be wearing heels and she will use several drops of exquisite perfumes. And if you are wearing old jeans and your shoes are dirty, she will think that you don’t care about your relationships. If you have a serious event, like meeting her parents for the first time, dress up properly. No one expects a full suit, but look neat.


Brides in Albania are very patriotic and love their country. Don’t ever make inappropriate jokes about being an Albanian. The rule works while you are communicating via dating sites for marriage and then in life. Don’t try to convince her in something connected to Albania that she will not like.


Brides in Albania love to have fun. After you meet for the first time, chat for a while and verify that you fit each other, you can visit clubs and fun events. Albanian brides love parties, dancing, having fun and spending time actively. It’s great since that way you can introduce her to your friends and she can introduce you to her friends. You won’t get bored and you won’t feel uncomfortable – Albanian brides are easy-going.

Albanian Dating Websites to Find Mail Order Brides

As it was mentioned above, the best way to meet an Albanian bride who fits your preferences is by using dating websites for marriage. Albanian mail order bride sites grant you the opportunity to meet an Albanian bride who matches your personality and has similar views on life. You can start using Tinder, but there will be too many unsuccessful attempts. You need to find a website for marriages, not for hookups, and Tinder (and other similar sites) have the reputation of finding the latter.

Some users argue that specific sites (niche platforms) have disadvantages to mainstream sites. These people bring up the fact that databases of users on niche sites are way too small. But think about it, mainstream sites have members all around the world, while Albanian sites have only brides from Albania. That’s why it’s easier to find a bride since you only have to filter females due to your expectations and preferences, not by location.

If you are unfamiliar with Albanian sites for dating and marriage, below you will find the most trustworthy platforms. These sites are legit, owners try to ban scammers and fake accounts.

The platform stands out since the developers created a quality product that pays attention to people’s personalities. You will be impressed by the detailed profiles of Albanian brides who you will find on the platform. They have a great searching tool with numerous filters including age, person’s body type, height, personality traits, hobbies, habits, etc.

The matchmaking system rarely surprises you with bad results. Every day you will receive some recommendations based on your profile. All those recommended Albanian brides fit your expectations and preferences. People are friendly, the atmosphere is cozy and the customer support is decent and available anytime you have some questions.

This platform is a great Albanian wife finder for foreigners. First, the site has an English interface so you don’t need a translator. Second, Albanian brides who are members of this site know English and you won’t even feel the language barrier. And third, the pool of potential brides is big, especially considering that this is a niche site.

If you want to see the profiles of brides, you need to register an account. That’s a must and that way developers protect members, especially women, form trolls and scammers. After you complete a short registration process, you will have to face a challenge that everyone  who is using dating sites faces – completing the questionnaire. It’s long, but it’s for the best. Be honest and don’t pretend to be another person, indicate clearly your purpose and preferences.

The site has a nice matchmaking mechanism that uses information from the profiles of members. It analyzes profiles of members and connects those who have compatible personality traits. That way the site creates matches, and it’s up to you who you want to contact. Making contact with Albanian brides  is easy, you have different icebreakers that aid in starting conversations. The site is decent and preferred by stunning Albanian brides.

Mingle2 offers its users a great variety of options based on their location. It has a huge database of users and they are categorized by countries. You can google a request “Mingle2 Albania” and register an account on this niche website. Or you can open the home page of Mingle2 and find an option “search by location”. But the first option is better since the list of locations is not made in alphabetical order and it will take ages to find Albania.

The site is respectable and decent, owners are regularly implementing safety measures that prevent hackers and scammers to affect users. The registration process is free, but there are even better news – the platform is free to use as well. It has a great pool of potential Albanian wives and you can pick the best brides due to your preferences.

The site is not entirely dedicated to western men willing to meet Albanian brides. You can meet Albanian girls for marriage, but you can also find profiles of brides from Eastern Europe. As you might already know, Albania is a Southern European country, that’s why brides from Albania are using this site.

The website is paid but it grants you safety of using this site. It has a protected connection, you don’t need to worry about your data being stolen. The quality of profiles is amazing and the staff of the platform are verifying whether those women are real. You won’t have to deal with fake accounts, instead, you will find a user-friendly interface, friendly potential Albanian brides, and lots of useful features.


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