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Updated on Jul 2023

Slavic Brides: Gorgeous Women for Marriage
Women from Eastern Europe, like Ukrainian, Polish, Bulgarian, Belarusian, Bulgarian, Slovakian, and Czech, are always on the top of the list of the most beautiful women. These ladies mesmerize Western men with their strong character, attractive appearance, and many other amazing traits. Nowadays, it is easy to find and date Slavic women, as they like to communicate with foreigners.

If Slavic brides are just what you’re looking for, you definitely need to read our article. We will tell you in detail what are common Slavic women characteristics and how to build successful relationships with them.

Characteristics of Slavic Women: What Makes Them So Desirable?
Why are many foreign men so crazy about Slavic ladies? There are a lot of reasons for that, as women from East European countries possess amazing character. They have a different mindset from Western women and a different attitude to family, marriage, and relationships. But, there are some main characteristics that European, Asian, and American men like the most in Slavic brides.
They Look Amazing
A lot of men in the world consider Slavic girls one of the most beautiful in the world. And we can’t help but agree with it. Women from Slavic countries look lovely. They usually have delicate facial features and elegant body figures.

Every Slavic mail order bride you may meet will be good-looking in any situation. They like to dress up and wear makeup. However, they prefer to look natural instead of wearing heavy makeup. Beautiful Slavic women also take great care of their health. Skincare routines and workouts are must-do things for most of them.

They Are Smart
Hot Slavic girls are not only good-looking but also smart and well-educated. Most women in such countries as Ukraine, Poland, Czech, and Romania have higher education and work hard to achieve their life goals. They are ambitious, driven, and interesting brides.

A Slavic mail order wife can discuss any topic or give good advice. These women are pleasant conversationalists, who will captivate you with an interesting conversation on diverse topics.
They Make Amazing Wives
In marriage, Slavic women are caring, loving, and supportive. They know how to raise children and perfectly combine work with house chores. They love cooking and always treat their husbands with delicious dishes of Slavic cuisines. These girls stay loyal to their partners and always help to overcome any problems.

In comparison with Western women, Slavic wives are more traditional. They expect a man to lead in a relationship, protect a woman and be supportive. However, it doesn’t mean that Slavic women are submissive. These girls expect a respectful attitude and prefer to make all decisions together with their partners.

They Are Kind and Funny
Those who have ever met Slavic women for marriage can tell that brides are quick-witted, funny, and cheerful. The brides do not smile a lot to strangers, but with friends, family, and partners they are the kindest and sweetest brides. Their sense of humor is amazing but can seem bold for foreigners, as Slavic brides do love sarcasm and dark humor.

To those whom they love, Slavic girls for marriage will bring all their kindness, love, and attention. They know how to treat men and make them happy. Foreigners really appreciate this trait of Slavic brides, as they are full of compassion and love.
Reasons Slavic Women Become Mail Order Brides
A lot of Slavic women don’t mind looking for love online and dating foreigners. What are the reasons for it? Basically, there are dozens of different reasons, because Slavic mail order brides live in many countries, from the Czech Republic to Ukraine and the Balkans. Here are some factors of the popularity of mail order bride services among brides from Slavic countries.

There are usually more women than men in Slavic countries. And Slavic females start looking for potential partners abroad. For example, the gender ratio in Ukraine is 86 males per 100 women, and in Belarus is 87 males per 100 women.
For some single Slavic ladies, looking for a foreign partner is not a priority. These ladies just use online dating sites for both international and local dating, as no one can know where they meet a perfect soul mate.
Some Slavic brides are also more interested in foreign men and think that they are more suitable for building a strong and happy family.

Make sure to watch the video to discover the common stereotypes about Slavic women and learn the real facts about them:
Cost of Slavic Brides: Dating & Marriage
Now, let’s figure out how much dating and marrying beautiful Slavic girls cost on average. Online dating, as well as offline dating, requires different expenses, especially if you want to get married to a bride you date. Let’s take a look at what expenses dating include and what is the average cost for Slavic brides.
What Are the Aspects of the Slavic Women’s Cost
If you really want to find a Slavic woman for marriage, you should know what to expect. Here are some aspects that affect the cost of a Slavic wife:

Dating site cost (subscription or fees for using communication features like video chats and messengers)
Gifts and flowers delivery
Trip to one of the Slavic countries
Wedding expenses

As you can see, there are a lot of factors that can influence the total price of a Slavic woman. Pricing in different countries may vary, so it is impossible to find out a precise cost.

Average Cost of Marrying Slavic Brides
In the table below, you can find the average cost for different Slavic brides. Of course, the real expenses can be higher or lower, depending on your preferences and intentions. But, this table can help you to figure out what to expect.

Online Dating
Flight Tickets
Hotel Room
Gifts & Food






Online & Offline Dating Cost Comparison

We compare all dating sites costs (in $) with the costs you might pay for dating in many popular countries (main cities), then allocate average costs in %. The diagram below will help you to make a good choice for you.

Online Dating

All the services included. *It is average, as each marriage agency has its own pricing that can be a bit lower or higher than what we provide here.

Monthly subscription

$10 - $30 per month


$0.5 - $2 per 10 minutes

Video calls/ letters

$1 - $5 per 10 minutes

Additional services

$2 - $10 per service

Gift delivery

$20 - $250+ per gift

Offline Dating

All the services included. *It is average, as each countries (cities) has its own pricing that can be a bit lower or higher than what we provide here.

Flight tickets

$700 - $3000

Hotel (for 1 week)

$150 - $1000

Food & Entertainment

$50 - $500

Fun and Presents

$800 - $1,000


$500- $5000

Guide: How to Date Slavic Women
If you don’t have any experience in dating Slavic women, the first relationship with one of these brides can be a real challenge for you. Their dating culture is different from the American one. Of course, traditions and preferences vary from one country to another, but there are some tips and rules that will be useful for dating any Slavic bride.

First Date: How to Conquer a Slavic Woman
If you’re about to meet Slavic mail order brides for the first time, you should know about their dating culture. It will help you to understand what they expect on the first date and how to impress them. Although the preferences of Slavic brides can be different, there are some common rules on how to date them:

Show your confidence but don’t be arrogant. Slavic women like confident men, as they seem to be more reliable. However, it will make a bad impression if you start to boast about what you have.
Be a gentleman. It is important to be polite and show good manners. Help a woman to wear her coat, or hold a door for her. These small gestures will be appreciated for sure.
She can expect you to pay for everything on a date. If you meet Slavic brides in a restaurant, they will likely expect you to pay for dinner. However, some women prefer to split the bill.

Dating Culture: What Will She Expect From You?
If you find Slavic brides online and want to continue your relationships with one of them, here are some tips for you. They will help you to make a Slavic bride fall in love with you.

Honesty is the most important thing in relationships with Slavic brides. These brides don’t like men who try to hide something or are not fully sincere about their feelings and actions. Be sincere and show your real self to the woman you like.
Try to understand her culture. Slavic culture is different from American, and some traditions can be weird for you. Show your interest in her country and culture, it will help you to find more topics for conversations and better understand your bride.
When you meet Slavic mail order brides, keep in mind that they will never let men control their lives. Don’t even try to do it. They are freedom-loving, self-reliant, and know what they want in life.

Best Places to Meet Brides From Slavic Countries
Speaking honestly, you find Slavic women for marriage all over the world. A lot of them live abroad or travel frequently. However, in the cities of Ukraine, Poland, Romania, the Czech Republic, and other Slavic countries, you will have more chances to find Slavic mail order brides. We recommend you to visit capitals or the biggest cities like:


Are Slavic Brides Legitimate?
You can not worry about using dating websites, as they are legitimate in most countries in the world, including Slavic countries. There are a lot of niche mail order bride sites that are specialized in connecting foreigners with Slavic brides. On a dating site, keep in mind safety tips to avoid fake profiles and bots. If you want to feel secure dating charming single brides, choose only reliable dating services that have a good reputation and a modern security system.

Dating and Marrying Slavic Brides: Real Experience
Marriages between Western men and Slavic women are not rare nowadays. There are a lot of success stories about men who met their love in Ukraine, Poland, Romania, or any other Slavic country, and built happy relationships. Here we want to share some of such stories with you.

On the popular platform Quora, a man shared his experience with a Polish wife. He has been married to her for 25 years now and is very happy about this marriage. He said that she really enriches his life.

Another man told that it wasn’t easy for him to conquer a Romanian woman at first, but now he is married to her and they have 3 kids.

The last story is about a man who found his love in Ukraine. He tells that he is amazed by Ukrainian women and got married to one of them. In his story, he also tells why he thinks Ukrainian women are amazing.
What Slavic Brides Are the Most Popular?
As we mentioned earlier, sexy Slavic girls live in different countries, and each of them is distinguished with their unique traits. But Slavic women from what country do Western men prefer more? Let’s take a look at the statistics.

Here is the information based on statistics provided in the annual report of the US Department of State’s Bureau of Consular Affairs for 2021. In the table below you can see how many women obtain a K-1 visa (fiance visa) to enter the US in 2021.

Number of issued visas








Thus, we can see that Ukrainian women are the most popular Slavic brides for marriage among American men. Romanian and Polish women are also popular, but they obtained much fewer visas.

Review the video to find out valid reasons why you should dare Slavic brides and why Slavic women are great for relationships:
Slavic women make amazing wives and possess incredible beauty. These brides are kind and smart women, who combine traditional and modern values. If you want to meet Slavic wife, don’t hesitate and start looking for her online! It is a great way to find a charming single bride who will become the best partner for you.
[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h3″ question-0=”What Is a Slavic Wife?” answer-0=”Women of Ukrainian, Belarusian, Polish, Czech, Bulgarian, Slovakian, and Romanian nationalities are called Slavic women. They all have similar facial features and usually share some traditions. However, each nationality is unique and Slavic women have different mindsets, values, and preferences. ” image-0=”” headline-1=”h3″ question-1=”What Is It Like to Marry a Slavic Woman?” answer-1=”Slavic women make amazing wives. These ladies usually put family first and have strong family values. The brides know how to create an atmosphere of coziness at home, raise children, and stay passionate wives to their husbands. They are loyal, honest, and supportive to their beloved ones. ” image-1=”” headline-2=”h3″ question-2=”Where Do Slavic Brides Come From?” answer-2=”Slavic brides come from different countries. There are three groups of Slavic brides: West Slavs (Slovaks, Poles, Czech), East Slavs (Ukrainian, Belarusian), and South Slavs (Romanian, Bulgarian, Serbs). They all have a lot in common, but still are unique ” image-2=”” count=”3″ html=”true” css_class=””]

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