Finnish Brides: Qualities & Dating Tips & Pricing {2023}

Updated on Jul 2023

In fact, many women have learned actually to be more than just independent. In Finland, unmarried girls are really fascinated by Western men. Finland women for marriage are pleased to welcome newly chosen Western suitors on trusted online dating platforms. Because of this, Finnish brides may seem appropriate as they are looking for a serious relationship. Mail order brides appeared in Finland, the history of which can be learned in a free way. What’s more, mail order brides in Finland carry some pretty interesting hidden facts. All in all, Finnish mail order brides make great partners for family life!


What Makes Finnish Mail Order Brides Desirable for Foreigners?

Finnish women have always been a mystery for most Western men. Every Finnish woman is quite specific and even obstinate to some extent. Still, mail order brides from Finland is a good option if you want to experience happiness in family life. There are some fascinating facts about why Finnish mail order brides are so attractive to foreigners. Most women for marriage in Finland know what they want at an early stage of their existence. Consequently, Finnish brides think about their every action in advance!

Typical Appearance of Finnish Mail Order Brides

If you have decided on dating Finnish women, then their beauty should be perfection and a pleasure for you. Many foreign men are fascinated by how attractive Finnish ladies can be. Still, amazing Finnish beauty is something sophisticated.

Outwardly, native Finnish mail order brides have the following features:

  • Light eyebrows and skin. The skin of a Finnish woman can also be slightly greyish;
  • Brown eyes are a rarity, therefore, most Finnish brides have light blue or gray eyes; 
  • The hair of Finnish mail order brides is mostly blond; 
  • The face of many Finnish ladies is usually large. A typical Finnish woman is distinguished by a dense physique (although this does not apply to all Finnish women); 
  • The forehead of the average Finnish woman is wide, and cheekbones are slightly raised.
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Body Type of Finnish Brides

Among Finnish ladies, you can meet overweight women or those whose waist is weakly expressed. The height of a typical Finnish woman is average. The torso of a Finnish girl may seem long, and her legs are slightly short. Scientists claim that this type of appearance of a Finnish woman was formed due to the cold climate. 

Fashion & Style of Finnish Women

If you are dating Finnish women, then be attentive to their peculiar and rather attractive styles. Surrounded by an attractive Finnish girl, you won’t be able to resist her femininity! Finnish women always dress with taste despite being rather modest and practical.

Finnish women do not like manicures or pedicures. They rarely even wear jewelry! In terms of clothing and footwear, Finnish women prefer practicality and comfort. Finnish women prefer skirts and dresses with high heels only for official events. In other cases, they put on comfortable pants and sneakers or moccasins. Jeans, T-shirts, shirts, and sweaters are also included in the standard outfits, which are to the taste of most Finnish women. 

Of the shades in clothes, not catchy tones prevail: gray, lilac, purple, white or black, blue, and brown. It is very rare to find a Finnish lady in colorful and very bright colors. You can fully appreciate the style of clothing in the collections of local Finnish women’s designers. 

Historians claim that such simplicity in style is because Finnish women are of rural origin. They are sure that a rural, educated Finnish bride does not need to dress up and use bright makeup. Even those Finnish women who moved to live in the city a long time ago still cannot move away from these habits. In the end, practicality and modesty is the main thing for Finland women for marriage!

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Finnish Brides Are Stronger and More Independent

Most Finnish brides are financially independent and determined in their careers and relationships. As a rule, a married Finnish woman will not require special treatment from a man. On the contrary, a local lady is ready to take care of the stronger sex despite even having a rather calm nature. Often, Finnish women may decide to be the first to tell their partners about their sexual desires, and there is nothing to be ashamed of! 

A Finnish woman can have everything that men can. Because of this fact, local men often look for a wife in other countries to make them more feminine. In addition, Finnish brides live slightly longer than men, with an average of 83 and 78 years. The Sex Ratio in Finland is 97.36 males per 100 Finnish females. 

Finnish Women Love Travel

Most likely, you will meet a Finnish bride who loves to travel. This means that you will be able to invite your Finnish girl to your homeland. Anyway, it’s great to have a Finnish wife who is as adventurous as you are! Moreover, leading a healthy lifestyle is one more reason why they like traveling a lot.

A typical Finnish bride often goes on vacation on her own as local guys mostly prefer to spend their holidays somewhere in the country, fishing alone with nature and away from the noisy city. The fact that a Finnish wife goes on vacation abroad without her husband is not a reason for a family scandal. As well as the fact that one of the spouses goes to a restaurant to dance without his wife. If a Finnish wife does not like to dance, she stays at home without unnecessary excesses. 

Good Mistresses

Local women are never afraid of any household chores. Most of all, such women like to cook something tasty and traditional. Therefore, any Finnish wife bothers herself with cooking. They mainly prepare simple but very tasty dishes. But be prepared that your Finnish girl will pamper you if she certainly has a desire for this! Recently, the care of the kitchen and care of children are increasingly taken over by men in Finland than by Finnish girls in marriage.

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Finnish Girls Honor Equality

One has only to use an online dating service, and you will stumble upon that Finnish girl who will start pushing you with her thoughts about equality. Perhaps this will be somewhat unusual for American men, but nevertheless, Finnish girls are ready to have the same rights as their chosen ones have. Finland women for marriage are proud of their equality with men, and they are not at all attracted to the traditional role of the guardian of the hearth. 

The results of a public opinion poll among the local inhabitants indicate that matriarchy is firmly established in the country. Thus, the majority of respondents consider Finnish women to be mothers and heads of families. Finland husbands admit that their wives are more important to them than their children, but for local mail order brides children are in the first place and only then husbands. However, it makes Finland mail order brides even more attractive for most American men.

Why Do Finnish Girls Become Mail Order Brides?

The practice of seeking mail order brides is not new and dates back to Jamestown in 1614. A Finnish mail order bride is a woman who usually sought to find herself a foreign spouse to make her personal life better. At first, a Finnish mail order bride could do this thanks to advertisements. Still, in our modern world, specialized dating sites have now become accessible and take place in the international dating scene. 

For a time, the practice of meeting foreigners was widespread in the United States. Most mail order brides who grew up in America remember reading Sarah, Plain, and Tall in elementary school, about an irresistible woman who answered an ad to find a reliable man. The ad was posted by a frontier widower and his children. This ad was about buying a Finnish mail order wife. 

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Specialized dating sites gave a new impetus and founded a new approach to finding a potential spouse abroad. Yet, the premise for Finnish mail order wives has always remained the same: a chance to find a better life! Finnish girls have never been far behind on the question of a potential spouse abroad. 

Nowadays, single Finnish girls who have become mail order brides are brought not only from Finland but Eastern Europe, China, and Southeast Asia. In the US, Eastern Europe is the most popular area since most US grooms are white and often seek brides of the same race. 

Various factors in each country force unmarried Finnish girls to leave their homes and risk a virtual stranger. The main reason why Finland girls are seeking a foreign groom is the dysfunctional life that local ladies associate with native males. However, Finnish females also seek gender equality with their potential soulmates.

Who Does Want Marry More: Foreigners on Finish Brides or Finnish on Foreigners?

Statistically, let’s sum up who wants to marry more: Finish brides with foreigners or, on the contrary, foreigners with Finnish girls? The bottom line is that Finland women are not in a hurry to get married. They are selective about their future spouses. Persuading a Finland girl to create a marriage is a very difficult task for any foreigner. Furthermore, do not forget that a Finland girl knows her own worth.

From all this, it turns out that 7% of single Finnish women marry foreigners. As for foreign men who marry hot Finnish girls, the structure of nationalities is completely different. Number 1 on the list is undeniably for Western as well as Thai spouses. Last year there were more than 200 marriages between Finnish people and foreigners. Many Finnish brides have become favorites of American and Thai men. They are closely followed by the Russians, who have just over 160 marriages with Finland single ladies. Next comes the Estonians, who have just over 80 marriages with Finland brides, and then the Philippines, who have about 70 contract marriages with Finnish people.

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The proportion of international marriages involving a typical Finnish woman has been gradually increasing since the 1990s, when, according to Statistics Finland, it was about 4%, according to Finnish society estimates. As a rule, Finnish people resort to international marriages more often than they plan to connect their lives with family ties to local residents. 

Other women from abroad also become a worthy option for men from Finland. One way or another, girls for marriage from Finland do not choose frivolous people, and therefore, they resort to international acquaintances. Local girls for marriage are ready to get married based on their life situation.

After the end of hostilities in Finland with the Soviet Union, former military chaplains started to give family advice to troubled couples. Consequently, during the counseling sessions, new information emerged about the causes and experiences of family problems and divorces between local women and men. Even long-term marriages were weighed down by the stress of reunion, and wartime male infidelity increased drinking and violent behavior. In Helsinki, 35% of divorced marriages lasted less than five years. Dating a Finnish has now reached a new level since top online dating platforms have come to replace them.

How to Find a Perfect Match From Foreign Brides: Guru Advice

Before you manage to meet Finnish brides, you must prepare in advance for the development of events with your Northern lady. To find Finnish brides, it will be enough to use the online dating services available in your region. Start dating online in order to simplify the task of meeting an irresistible bride who brings northern lights. Moreover, many local girls become devoted partners.

Early Stages of Dating Communication With a Finna Mail Order Bride 

Let’s imagine that you want to find a Finnish wife. An initial stage of a relationship must either develop into something more or stop at all. If you managed to find a Finnish wife online, then first strike up a nice dialogue with her that does not imply any superfluous subtext. Usually, meeting a girl on online dating services is preceded by a long search for a suitable site. 

On the Internet, you can find a decent dating platform or a fraudulent one. Yet, even among popular dating sites and social networks, you can get on the mail order bride impersonating another person. Before revealing yourself completely to your chosen one, make sure that you are using a reliable online platform. When the appropriate pages or social networks for finding a mail order bride are identified, you can proceed to the main step of writing to your pretty Finna girl! 

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Consider some tips to avoid scaring off Finnish singles from the very first message: 

  • Don’t be too intrusive and lewd by using ridiculous formulaic messages on dating platforms; 
  • Choose an interesting and common topic for both of you; 
  • Find mutual respect; 
  • Competently form your first message (so the chances of finding a good wife will be even higher); 
  • Present your date online in advance in order to realize a real meeting in the future (especially, in foreign countries); 
  • Make your dialogue with your potential mail order wives lengthy; 
  • Show yourself incredibly smart so that your Finnish girl feels your charisma and confidence; 
  • All the pretense is to avoid and show who you really are. 

To become a great foreign husband, it is still recommended to find the right approach for an unmarried Finish girl. Therefore, your Finish girl for marriage will want to continue communicating with you in real life!

What to Do After First Date With Finnish Brides?

If you are determined to create a serious relationship with a Finnish lady, then you should consider your next date. Serious intentions in your mind will lead to a more global resolution of the issue regarding relationships with a potential Finnish wife in real life. One way or another, the ideal wife may initially seem to you not the same as she was on the first date. One has only to remember that good wives are hard to come by:

  • No sexting. Even if everything went perfectly and you managed to kiss her, control yourself anyway! It is better to keep your phone deeply in your pocket. Actually, sexting is generally a rather slippery undertaking, even after the first date with a Finn. Still, you have different cultures, and that goes for the dating culture in general.
  • Less prudency. A girl for marriage from Finland will not tolerate prudence on your part. Therefore, if after first date you managed to lure her out on the first, this does not mean that you can do whatever you want with your potential bride!
  • Don’t cry out about your true feelings. The first date builds 90% of the foundation for your further communication. But this does not mean that you should immediately confess your love to a girl. Stop stunning her with high-flown compliments even if you really liked her. At best, this will scare the hell out of her. And at worst, you will have to go on a first date again!
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Best Places to Meet Girls in Finland

There are a couple of worthy options for you where you can find a potential bride right in the capital of Finland, Helsinki. Among the best places, you will find decent restaurants and nightlife establishments: 

  • Kamppi Center;
  • Itis Shopping Complex;
  • Vinkkeli at Pieni Roobertinkatu;
  • Liberty or Death at Erottajankatu 5; 
  • Nokka at Kanavaranta 7; 
  • Villi Wäinö at Kalevankat. 

These are just a few of the places you can visit. Remember, to become a good husband for your potential local wife, choose decent establishments already on your first romantic date!

Why Dating Site Is Better Than Meeting Finnas Offline?

The main reason is that online dating is a more simplified form of meeting potential lovers and suitors. In the modern world, online dating often replaces live communication and real-life meetings. Still, you should know in advance what to do after you have registered on one of the platforms. 

Also, a huge benefit of dating online platforms is that they are not as expensive as dating in real life. However, you don’t have to worry about where to stay and what the cost of a decent hotel is. Instead, you simply optionally buy a premium subscription that you pay monthly. What’s more, some dating sites offer a three-day trial to see if a particular platform is right for you or not.

Is It Legal to Buy a Finnish Bride?

It is literally against the law to buy a mail order bride! Moreover, it is inhumane on the part of society as a whole. They say that you can still “buy” a bride and do it easily online. They meant that you can buy a mail order wife through a paid subscription that a particular dating site offers. That is, you choose a Finna girl’s profile and pay for a subscription so that your communication is continuous and reaches a new level.

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Real Experience of International Marriage With Finna Girls

There are those foreign people who have serious relationships with native Finns and shared their experiences. Based on this, here’s what we have:

What should a person expect when dating a Finnish lady?

Experience Marriage With Finna Girls

What is dating like in Finland?

Experience Marriage With Finna Girls
Experience Marriage With Finna Girls

How Much Does It Cost to Get Finna Brides?

To get a good local wife, you need to have a budget of about 15 thousand dollars to be sure of yourself and the future. This may seem expensive to the average man, but you’d better not skimp on buying a wife. When you think about getting a Finish wife, it does not mean that you go to online stores that sell brides. It would be wrong to think so. Yet, when you think about the cost of Finish mail order brides, you consider the costs that start with the website you choose and end with a personal meeting in real life.

The True Price on Mail Order Women Sites

General Feefrom $30 to $80 (depends on the duration)
Virtual Giftsfrom $10 and more
Memberships (Silver, Gold, Platinum Premium, Plus, etc.)from $9.99 to $50 and more

Finna Mail Order Women Cost: Offline Expenses

Accommodations | Helsinki, Finland

Finna Mail Order Women Cost

1. Inn Tourist Hotel

2. Scandic Hakaniemi

3. Hilton Helsinki Strand

4. Klaus K Hotel

Travel expenses$1,000-$2,350
Relocation expenses$1,700-$2,500 (two-week stay)
Wedding expensesaround $28,000 
Giftsfrom $50 to 1,000 and more
Restaurants$50-$80 per meal
Interpreterfrom $50 per an hour
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How Much is a Mail-Order Spouse in Finland Big Cities?

CityPlane TicketsHotelFoodGifts & FunWedding
Helsinkifrom $611from $64 per nightfrom $10,8 for a lunchfrom $24 and higheraround $10,000 to 20,000
Rovaniemifrom $41from $32from $65from $42.18$4,000 on average
Oulu$74 for one-way flights and $147 for a round-tripfrom $33 per nightfrom $83$923 on averagefrom $10,000 and higher


Now you can safely choose Finnish brides as your potential wives! Nevertheless, local women are rather reserved by nature and have a certain magnetism. Finish women make excellent housewives and caring mothers. You have already learned more about the costs of a Finna mail-order bride in our detailed guide.

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