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Updated on Jul 2023

In this article, we are going to figure out the different existing strategies to flirt with single Italian ladies for marriage. We don’t claim to be the best in this field, but our techniques have already proven themselves in the past with many women. If you have no idea how to do it, then you are at the right place to find out how to seduce foreign women in Italy.

The Mentality of Women of Italy

Italy is still a very religious country, due to the presence of the Pope in Rome within the Vatican. The Catholic traditions in the country are very respected by a majority of locals. However, this does not mean that brides in Italy are closed-minded about seduction, flirting, or relationships with foreigners.

The Mentality of Women of Italy

The young girls from Italy are rather open on the question. And if they live in a city, they will have more or less the same mentality as Western youth. However, as soon as you leave the cities and talk to older women, things are different. People become quite reserved and it is difficult to date Italian women.

Brides Russian Italian also have a strong taste for foreign men. If you think that Italian is the language of love, wait till you hear locals praising your foreign accent. By speaking your language and targeting the right people, it will not be difficult to please an Italian wife.

Women in the country are also quite hot-blooded. They tend to talk a lot and very quickly. All this will be accompanied by the typical Italian gestures, which are far from a cliché.

A Bride from Italy is Stunning

They have their style. They have an innate sense of choosing clothes. Women from the Italy can easily find a stunning combination among common items. At the same time, they will always emphasize their advantages and hide their shortcomings. Shopping is a favorite pastime of beautiful Italian brides for marriage.

They like to adorn themselves. Looking in the closet of Italian single women you will always find a lot of jewelry and scarves. Also, there are many pairs of shoes, bags, and hats for all occasions. They like sunglasses, worn both in summer and winter. Daytime prefers casual style. Favorite clothes: jeans, t-shirt, sweater, jacket, boots.

For the club, parties, and holidays, Italian brides dating choose sexy clothes. That’s where you can see these passionate and exotic women in all their glory. Many dressed very provocatively.

If an Italian girl for marriage is invited to a wedding, a presentation, or any social event, she will choose an elegant style.

A Bride from Italy is Stunning

How Do Italians Dress at Home?

A robe, a tracksuit, shorts, maybe? You guessed it! Pajamas! Yes, yes, pajamas are the most comfortable thing for beautiful Italian women for marriage. They can walk in that from morning till night. And they don’t even feel embarrassed if someone they know will drop in for a cup of coffee.

Italian brides for marriage are sensitive and sentimental, jealous and dangerous, passionate and emotional. They talk a lot. They always have the last word In discussions. Her partner can bring stress to the arguments and whims.

Italian ladies for marriage are ambitious and funny. They love to tease everyone and they know their worth. They are confident in themselves, love their looks, and live for themselves.

Italian Woman on a Hunt

If a man pays her a compliment or openly examines her, they think he’s already flirting with her. Brides of Italy like gallant men. The ideal partner is a gentleman who looks at her like a god and fulfills all her whims.

Italian Women Brides Are Intelligent and Educated

If they manage to find a job, which is the number one modern issue in Italy, they move up the career ladder and open their own business. Can you even imagine?

On the other hand, they hide their diploma in the closet, have children, take care of the house and family, and become regular housewives. It all depends on her husband. Italian wives are strong women. Many devote themselves to politics. Which does not please Italian men, who prefer to see the “weaker sex” in standard shoes.

Family Values and Maternal Instincts

They love children. But to say that they are calm and balanced mothers, would be ignorant. The temperament of a woman from Italy does not allow them to scold their child by putting them in a corner. They can try to explain everything to a child calmly or they can shout and cuss so all the neighbors could hear. Although, not once have we seen an Italian mother raise her hand at a child or run after them with a belt.

Italian Woman on a Hunt

Italian Girls Are Wonderful Housewives

Their houses are always clean and orderly. And the smell of detergents everywhere. Cleaning without chemicals – it’s not for them. In the arsenal of every housewife, you will find 20-30 bottles of cleaners and detergents.

The locals have a comedian named Enrico Brignano. We enjoy his monologue “If Anyone Comes”. Enrico talks about his mother, who was washing the taps and pipes in the kitchen until one o’clock in the morning, using every cleaning product possible.

  • Mom, why are you washing all this stuff at night?
  • Son, what if someone comes over?
  • At 1:00 in the morning, Mom, who could come in?
  • Son, what if thieves come in? Everything should be clean!

That’s how clean they are, these Italian women, to the point of madness.

Italian Beauties for Marriage Like Good and Healthy Food

Everyone cooks beautifully. They prefer freshly cooked food. No one cooks minestrone or fries cutlets for a week. The cuisine is only Italian. Very rarely do they use anything foreign. You want to meet Italian ladies to try out their holy cooking, right?

How Do Italian Girls for Marriage Rest?

Vacation without the sea and the sun is not a vacation! In Summer, you can rarely meet Italian women without a good sunbathing. They are ready to spend hours in the sun to get a beautiful tan. Chocolate shade is considered to be stylish and beautiful.

The turbine of emotions, hot temperament, high self-esteem, exotic beauty-all this suggests that you are going to meet a local female.

How to Conquer the Heart of a Girl from Italy?

To seduce an Italian mail order bride, you will first have to choose women who will be willing to be hit on. Do not waste your time with women who are too religious or too traditional.

If you want to have fun with a pretty Italian lady, you should go to places where girls go to relax. Avoid street dating, as the girl will have already been approached by other people than you before. You will then look like another idiot and you will get denied without any mercy.

So where can you find an Italian wife? Choose bars or nightclubs instead. If possible, pick places where there are not too many tourists, so that you can be a bit of a gem. If you have the opportunity, try to participate in foreign-speaking events. Many Italian women go to such events to get to know a foreign person.

Finally, remember to dress appropriately. If you are in Northern Italy, in Milan or Turin for example, you will notice that everyone has a certain style of dress. If you look out of place next to them, you might as well say that you’re going to look like a slob that no girl will want to meet.

If you are going to the South of Sicily, things will be different. Most locals don’t dress well. There, the norm is to be a slob rather than to be elegant. If you go out of your way to dress simply with a shirt, you will already look much more attractive than them. That is the beauty of Italy dating.

How to Conquer the Heart of a Girl from Italy?

Activities Enjoyed by Ladies from Italy

Fashion is a hobby for beautiful Italian ladies. And this does not escape most women. For them, it is important to always dress well, as it is part of their culture. Therefore, they will especially love fashion shows or exhibitions related to this theme.

Italian gastronomy is also world-famous. And this is naturally reflected in the eating habits of women. It will be difficult for you to impress a girl by trying to take her to an exceptional restaurant. Also, Russian Italian woman enjoy simple things like other western women. We can mention restaurants with friends, going to the movies, having drinks with friends, etc.

Things to Avoid in Italy

How to marry a woman from Italy? If you want to hit on a woman in Italy, it is important not to mention and not to do certain things. Here is a non-exhaustive list of things to avoid:

Sensitive Topics Explanation
Don’t talk to her while gesticulating with your hands to make fun of the locals In the country, it is normal for most people to express themselves in this way
The pasta comes from Italy However, it is not the country in Europe where people eat the most pasta. So avoid clichés about all locals eating pasta all the time;
Pizza with pineapple For an Italian person, putting pineapples on a pizza is sacrilege. So never eat a pizza with pineapples if you are with a bride Italy you want to seduce
Mafia Even though Italy is a very mafia-like country, it is not something that people in the country accept. For them, the mafia simply doesn’t exist, so it’s not worth talking about

Marry an Italy Girl

Do you love beautiful Italian brides so much that you want to marry them? Or are you just looking for a girl from Italy to marry? In any case, you should not take things lightly if you desire marriage Italy girl.

The institution of marriage is still something very sacred in the country. And if you want to marry Italian women who live abroad, they will probably still be reluctant to get married too quickly. Even if she seems rather open-minded, her parents or grandparents have probably instilled in her that marriage is something sacred.

Also, if things go wrong after marriage, the problems associated with divorce can be significant, especially if your Italian woman to marry is from a remote area of Italy. A marriage is supposed to last a lifetime in the country. Do not get married too quickly. Think carefully before marrying a local girl, as the country is still very attached to its Catholic traditions.

Where to Find an Italian Bride?

In the last 100 years, locals have spread to all European countries, North America, Brazil, and Argentina. Therefore, you can find a local female to seduce very easily in these different countries, even if some of them only have Italian origins and not nationality.

If you want to meet “real” locals, you should go to Italy. This will allow you to be among many people of this nationality. Once in the country, you are free to choose how to meet Italian women for marriage. Just avoid street dating, as it will not work in the country. Instead, choose bars and nightclubs.

However, you may not have the possibility or the desire to go to Italy. This is a pity because you will not be able to fully enjoy the food or the local culture, but if this is not possible for you, you will have to make do.

In this case, you will be left with one convenient option for dating Italian ladies: the internet.

Where to Find an Italian Bride?

Meet Italian Girls on a Dating Website

You probably know many websites that allow you to meet people online. But do you know the sites that allow single Italian women to meet foreign men? Sites where pretty Italian ladies are there for the sole purpose of meeting non-Italian men?

There are a few, which we have tested. Some were not conclusive and for others, the experience was quite average. They all have the impression of getting called “Italy Women com.” This impression is mostly positive, as the marketing strategy is great. On any of those sites, you will have the opportunity to meet Italian brides. And if you don’t like Italian women anymore, you can even explore other regions of the world!


So here is our list of tips to help you with Italian women looking for marriage. We hope that these will be useful to you and that they will help you succeed in dating girls from Italy. The indications you are given should only be used when you do not have much information about the Italian bride you are trying to seduce.

Foreign culture is generally well appreciated by Italian girlfriends. However, some Italian guys may be jealous of you. Therefore, always try to be friendly with Italian men as well. This can save you unnecessary trouble in some situations.


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