Slovakian Brides Online: Characteristics & Prices & Dating Tips {2023}

Updated on Jul 2023

Due to their existence in the dating market for a long time, Slovakian brides have entered the top of the most desirable women for Western men looking for a serious relationship. Slovakian mail order brides cannot be bought illegally and have nothing to do with prostitution and similar services. In today’s dating market, the mail order bride industry has replaced traditional dating. As a matter of fact, mail order brides are Slovakian women for marriage who are also ready to share their lives with a single man from the West. In addition, worthy dating sites will help you find a future Slovakian wife.

Slovakian Brides

What Makes Hot Slovakian Brides So Attractive for Foreigners?

Slovakian brides are quite attractive in the eyes of many Western men. These ladies are famous for their beauty and temperament not only in Eastern Europe but in America. Most American men see Slovakian women for marriage as excellent candidates for family life partners. You can find an irresistible Slovakian mail order wife on trusted dating sites or international marriage agencies offering mail order brides from Slovakia. Typically, marriage agencies are aware of family law according to marriage in Slovakia. Slovakian women for marriage have their specific features.


Often you can meet a Slovakian mail order wife dreaming of a big family. As a rule, Slovakian brides make excellent mothers and caring wives. Slovakian women give themselves completely to their families and spouses. Unlike Russian brides, mail order brides from Slovakia will play into your hands if you decide on a serious relationship. Anyway, a Slovakian mail order bride is like a breath of fresh air for a single foreign man! Moreover, Slovakian women are also popular in Western Europe for their ability to be true family women and in Central Europe as well. 

Independent & Strong-Willed

Often, among the number of Slovakian women you can see ladies holding high positions. This is directly related to their strong will and independence. Unlike Russian women, strong-willed and independent Slovakian women can still lead even among the competitors of the male half of the population. Female president – that’s who a true Slovakian woman can become! Yet, Russian brides, for example, are avid careerists while Slovakian brides remain feminine and give their time mostly not to work but to family.

slovakian women

Compassionate Slovakian Brides

As the saying goes: “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” Indeed, it is a pleasure to look at a charming Slovakian bride who sincerely cares about others. As a rule, Slovakian ladies often face moments when they should sympathize and do it completely sincerely. 

Being next to a Slovakian woman, you will feel the importance of the moment. A Slovakian woman puts herself in the place of another and gets an exceptional opportunity to truly empathize. Thus, a Slovakian bride becomes more beautiful and closer. It doesn’t matter what your Slovakian woman looks like if you see that she understands you! 

Slovakian Brides are Smart

Dating Slovakian women means dealing with smart creatures. Even old George Clooney, a hardened former bachelor who married a female lawyer, claims that the mind is one of the sexiest things in a woman. A smart Slovakian woman who knows a lot knows how and even applies her skills and inclinations in life. Either way, It really impresses many American men! 

Remember at least the ancient Greek getters who attracted the attention of sages and rulers. Rational Slovakian women are given special attention for a banal reason: they are simply closer to us! While other girls with intuitive thinking make a scandal (because men didn’t notice that they feel bad and sad), typical Slovakian women are more understandable and adequate.

Cheerful Spirit of Slovak Brides Craving for Adventures 

Many people like noisy Slovakian women with a sort of prowess. If Russian women will never go swimming in the sea in what they were (because they are afraid of losing the “presentation” of their hair and makeup), then adventurous Slovakian ladies will jump into the sea because they like to swim! Makeup can be completely washed off, and the hairstyle is not important to them.

slovakian girl

Cheerful Slovakian girls have slightly different priorities. It is important for them to get more pleasure from life and to challenge their capabilities. And if a dress is torn on the way or a heel is damaged, this is not a problem for a Slovakian girl! They simply know that all these are banal things that they can buy. Slovakian women are not afraid to look silly or unkempt. They are not afraid to look not like a lady. Slovakian girls are well-aware that looking like a lady is boring and tiring! Still, this does not mean that adventurous Slovakian girls look like they crawled out of a sewer manhole. If they are faced with a choice: to get fun and positive emotions with the threat of breaking a nail or to stand aside and be bored, they will certainly choose fun! 

Slovakian Women are Resistant to the Blows of Fate

Psychologically strong people always make an impression. So, masculinity makes both a woman and a man quite attractive. Oddly enough, Western men like Slovakian women who can solve problems on their own. But this does not mean that a Slovakian girl should cope with all her troubles on her own. Asking for help when the situation is unbearable is normal for a Slovakian bride. The whole point is that many Slovakian women are able to cope with adversity on their own because they feel strength. 

Slovakian girls always know what they want. A typical Slovakian girl does not need a man to set the vector of development and help with everyday difficulties. In fact, a Slovakian bride needs a man for completely different things. You may help your Slovakian bride not because she is timid and defenseless, but because you just want to help her!

Why Do Slovak Girls Become Mail Order Brides?

There are many good reasons why Slovakia brides become mail order brides. The bottom line is that the mail order bride industry is really widespread now. Slovakian mail order brides have a place to be in the catalogs of marriage agencies offering services for single American men as well as bachelors from different parts of Europe. Actually, a Slovakian mail order bride is a single woman who is seeking a reliable spouse abroad to make her life better. If earlier you could find a Slovakian mail order bride through newspaper ads, then now it has become easy to do with the help of trusted dating sites. Furthermore, online dating is gaining momentum right now!

dating slovakian women

The main reasons why Slavic women become mail order brides:

  • Gender imbalance and unfavorable economic situation in the country. All this prevents a Slovakian bride from finding the only suitable man in her native country with a limited family budget. Accordingly, many Slovakian men are not so affluent to provide for a family;
  • Forced to marry young. In Eastern European countries like Slovakia, women over 30 are considered second-rate and can be doomed to irrelevance even if they look stunning. Fortunately, such stereotypical attitudes are gradually changing regarding their personal life. But every Slovakian bride is still forced to marry at a young age so that she does not fall into this category of “old maids”. 
  • The interest of a typical Slovakian bride for Western men. Some Slovakian mail order brides prefer dating Western guys as they are more physically attracted to them. Also, many Slovak brides believe that foreign men are more caring, respectful and generous. 
  • The desire of Slovakian mail order brides to gain control over their personal lives. In more traditional countries, parents can talk a lot about who their Slovakian ladies will marry which they don’t always want. To be able to choose with their hearts, single Slovakian girls register on mail order sites in the hope of meeting their soul mate from abroad. 
  • Bad dating experience of beautiful Slovakian women with locals. Sometimes the reasoning may not be so bright. And some Slavic brides prefer to look for a partner abroad having become disillusioned with local men. A Slovakian lady wishes a better future for her children. Often, a Slovakian lady simply wants a change in life and stability which the economic situation in their country cannot help with. 
  • The choice of Slovakian wives is never to limit themselves. Sometimes ex-Slovakian wives become mail-order brides just because they feel adventurous and want to have a long-distance romantic relationship. A typical Slovakian lady doesn’t want to limit herself and only wants to be with the best man for her. 
  • For a Slavic girl, family values and a cultural background are important in terms of marriage. Family life is very important for a typical Slovakian girl for marriage as many local men are indifferent to this aspect of relationships. Therefore, a Slovakian wife becomes a special woman for a man from some neighboring countries. 

The list of reasons why most Slovakian women become mail order brides go on and on. Single Slovakian women are unique and they see relationships differently. They have the most unique personality traits and this influences their motivation to seek a partner abroad. You can meet Slovakian brides through trusted marriage agencies and online dating services.

slovakian wives

International Marriage With Slavic Ladies in Slovakia: Current Statistics

Slovakian singles, among whom are mostly local women, are four times more likely to marry foreign men than local Slovakian men. Consequently, every eighth Slovakian girlfriend finds a husband from abroad. The number of divorces in Slovakia carries international litigation. According to the Statistical Office, in 2013, 2,964 Slovakian single women married foreigners. However, this number of Slovakian wives turned out to be even higher as statistics track the marriages of residents with permanent residence in Slovakian society. 

Many Slovak people have their permanent residence abroad. Slovakian men married around 757 women from other countries and became happily married. Thus, you can obtain citizenship in Slovakia if you are an American fiancé. 

Sociologist Elena Gallova Kriglerova of the Center for Ethnic and Cultural Research (CVEK) explains the difference by saying that Slovakia females are more open to mixed relationships and not so prejudiced against men from a particular country. In addition, surveys regarding marriage issues show that it is easier for Slovakia girls to find a partner online using a specific dating site to build a romantic relationship and long-term relationship as well. 

Another reason may be differences in migratory behavior between both sexes. However, many confuse Slovenia brides with mail brides from Slovakia. Anyway, the number of international marriages is growing despite the language barrier since not every Slovak lady can speak English fluently. However, the best dating sites help to get rid of this problem if you communicate with a representative from another country. 

Those who come to Slovakia are mostly men as many local women migrate the whole life to neighboring countries as au pairs or nannies. Slovakia girls mostly prefer men from EU member states, while most foreign husbands come from the Czech Republic, the UK, Germany, and Hungary. It is not excluded that marriages with Americans also take place with an average Slovakian girl for marriage. 

According to statistics, even despite military issues and martial law, around 143 of foreign husbands are from African countries, while 103 of them are from Asians. 

*In order to officially marry in Slovakia, you must follow the legally established framework.

How to Find a Perfect Slovakian Woman: Guru Advice

No wonder that the ideal Slovakian wife in the modern world is most often found on a certain dating site. Still, you just need to choose an excellent online platform to meet your future wife, who will simply become an ideal woman in your family life! Online girls often use a specialized international dating site to start a dialogue with a potential spouse. In order not to frighten off your perfect wife, follow some rules and advice from dating gurus.

Early Stages of Dating Communication With a Slovakian Wife Online

Girls online from Slovakia are still unpredictable. The main thing in the early stages of communication is to show yourself from the best side so that in the future, you can agree on a second date and spend time well together.

slovakian women for marriage

How to keep in touch so that your Slovakian girl does not regret that she decided to write to you? Follow some tips from the gurus:

  • Talk more about her and less about yourself. People love to talk about themselves. Ask a lot of questions about your Slovakia girlfriend, her life, and plans even if you are not interested in reading how she chose lipstick for 2 hours. Be sure to ask where she bought it, what color, whether she is happy with the choice, etc. Ask how your beautiful stranger from Slovakia had a day, what was positive, what are her plans for the evening and so on;
  • Talk a little about yourself, in no case complain about life as you must create the image of a self-confident man, a little lonely and absolutely happy that he met such an interesting Slovakian lady;
  • Don’t touch tricky and controversial topics such as religion or politics (unless, of course, you met her on this basis);
  • Do not load your Slovakia girl with information that she is hardly interested in: about the breakdowns of your car, about fishing, hunting. Leave such topics for meetings in the male circle (of course, if the Slovakian girl herself is not a car lady herself ready to discuss the engine breakdown for hours);
  • Don’t answer in one word. It is unlikely that a Slovakia girl will want to continue the dialogue if you constantly write only “yes” and “no”;
  • Try to ask questions that will lead to a long dialogue (e.g., about holidays and hobbies). Possibly, these topics can be discussed endlessly with a Slovakian lady.

In addition, periodically change topics since the monotony quickly tires. Use emoticons to spice up the conversation as they make it less formal and help add emotions to the dialogue.

What to Do After First Date With Slovakian Brides?

The behavior of a man after the first date depends on whether there will be a second date. This single day can be the starting point of a relationship or bring disappointment. How should a man behave after the first meeting with a potential Slovakian bride? When should you call, write, and what to say to a Slovakian girl after the first date?

beautiful slovakian women
  • Right after the date. The first date has come to an end, and you are left alone with your own thoughts and … the phone. If the date turned into a real nightmare (a Slovakian girl behaved defiantly, was rude to the waiter, and did terrible things), then there will be no desire to show her signs of attention through a call or message. 

But what to do when the Slovakia girl turned out to be attractive, friendly, and aroused serious sympathy in you? Actions should be thoughtful and careful so as not to seem intrusive, and at the same time, let the girl know that she likes it. Your phone is the best friend and assistant in this case.

  • Message dosage. This fact is obvious in the responses. A Slovakia lady can answer after a long time in short phrases and even send emoticons. At such moments, you need to hold your emotions, otherwise, it can be too meddling and gloomy. 

If a Slovakian girl keeps up a correspondence with you, then everything is fine. Easy communication brings people together but ignoring says the opposite!

Best Places to Meet Slavic Girls From Slovakia

Bratislava capital city is a wonderful place to find and meet local Slovak women. These ladies are big party girls and love to party hard. Moreover, there are a couple of decent establishments in Bratislava where you can have a romantic date with one of the perfect wives in Slovakia!

  1. Masquerade Lounge Bar & Club at Ventúrska 277/16;
  2. Icebar at Panská 14;
  3. Cocoloco at Námestie SNP 1;
  4. Great Club at Suché Mýto 4808;
  5. Radosť Music Club at 48, Obchodná 528;
  6. Nu Spirit Bar at Medená 96/16;
  7. Lemontree & Sky Bar Restaurant at Hviezdoslavovo námestie 7;
  8. Michalska Cocktail Room at Michalská 370.

These fantastic places in Bratislava will help you relax and spend a romantic evening with Slovakian women who are seeking foreign suitors.

meet slovakian brides

Why Dating Site Is Better Than Meeting Slovakia Beauties Offline?

When it comes to virtual dating with Slovakia girls, everything seems much easier than in reality. The bottom line is that you do not have to worry about expensive gifts and spend a lot of money on a trip to Slovakia. Also, top dating sites will help you find a match according to established criteria. An advanced search engine will help you find exactly the mail order bride whose image you have drawn. 

Trustworthy online platforms have a number of advantages over real dates:

  • The choice of girls online is wider than singles in real life;
  • Saves your time and money;
  • Simplifies communication with Slavic girls online through real-time chat;
  • It is more convenient to prepare for the upcoming real date with Slavic girls online;
  • Get attached faster and get to know the person.

Despite some pitfalls, proven dating websites with Slovakia ladies still surpass offline dating.

Is It Legal to Buy a Slovakian Bride?

Mail-order bride industry is legal. However, it doesn’t mean that all Slovakia brides you meet through mail-order bride agencies are privileged. That is, you cannot literally buy a Slovakia bride. The mail-order marriage industry has a lot of nuances that you should be aware of in advance. One of the most important criteria for legality is where to seek potential partners so as not to expose yourself to the risk of receiving a mail-order spouse illegally.

Real Experience of International Marriage With Slovakian Mail Brides

What are Slovaks like?

Experience Marriage With Slovakian girl
Experience Marriage With Slovakian girl

How Much Does It Cost to Get Slovak Mail Order Brides?

The average cost of a mail bride from Slovakia will cost you about $10,090, which is significantly more expensive than using online dating platforms. Still, this is only half of what you will pay for your Slovakian lady since such expenses as, for example, weddings or an expensive two-week trip to Slovakia are not taken into account.

True Price on Mail Order Women Sites With Slovak Ladies

Feefrom $13.75 to $1,000 (depending on the membership plan)
Giftsfrom $25 and higher
Membershipsfrom $12.45 per month (Premium) to $13 (Gold)

Slovak Mail Order Women Cost: Offline Expenses

Slovak Mail Order Women Cost
  1. Wellness Hotel Patria;
  2. Wellness Hotel Chopok;
  3. Vila Daja;
  4. Farma Javor.
Travel Expenses$450 (round trip)
Relocation Expensesfrom $40 (per night) to $150 and higher 
Wedding Expensesfrom $5,000 to $10,000 and higher
Gifts from $200 to $700 and higher
Restaurantsfrom $450 
Interpreterfrom $10 per hour/$80 per day
Totalaround $11,230
single slovakian girls

How Much is a Mail Order Bride From Big Slovak Cities?

CityPlane TicketsHotelFoodGifts & FunWedding
Bratislava$842 (round trip)from $21 to $78 (per night)from $5.04from $35 from $3,000 to $30,000
Košicefrom $554 (round trip)from $49 to $149around $28from $19.54from $2,800 to $15,000
Ružomberok$93 (one-way) $156 (round trip)from $54 to $102from 25$ to $75from $5.40 and higherfrom $2,000 to $10,000


Pretty Slovakian brides can be decent and loyal wives. Among irresistible Slavic women, you will find a loving and understanding life partner. It is quite possible to find your ideal wife in the capital city of Bratislava as well as other big cities in Slovakia. Online dating is gaining more and more popularity due to well-designed dating sites available in your country.


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