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Updated on Jul 2023

Let us tell you something, Irish girlfriends are more than a bunch of freckles and piercing blue eyes. This lengthy instruction manual will be filled with many tips for dating an Irish woman and great suggestions on how to marry a woman from Ireland.

The Most Important Traits of Irish Girls

You will most likely come across so many stereotypes of brides in Ireland of all kinds, similar to those that all Americans are fat, Germans only have blue eyes, Greeks always look tanned, and so on. Some of these statements are true, but the majority of them are meaningless prejudices and the result of some speculation. Trust us, men, there are so many, more than enough to give you a clearer idea of what girls from Ireland look like and what they are like.

Sites To Find Irish Women


Pretty Irish Ladies: Distinguishing Characteristics

It’s pretty hard to find the right words to describe these cuties. And, we don’t mean that because they don’t look presentable or because they are ugly, not at all, it’s the opposite situation. They look memorable and exceptional, to say the least.

These ladies belong to those who have to do absolutely nothing to be beautiful because nature did it for them. They are a nation of contrasts, and their appearance confirms this best. They tend to be a combination of goodies and very unusual features, most of which would be quite unexpected from an ordinary perspective.

There you have it, another perfect word to describe sexy Irish women brides – extraordinary! In terms of Irish women’s body type, the average height of an Irish wife is 165 cm (5 feet 5 inches), which is a significant increase (by 5 inches) from 100 years ago.

Pretty Irish Ladies: Distinguishing Characteristics


Like any other woman in the whole world, these Irish women looking for marriage also pay a lot of attention to their health. But we must point out that their biggest problem is preparing healthy meals. It’s no secret that food is one of the most important elements of a healthy life, and the modern pace of life makes it very difficult for them to find time to prepare healthy food.

However, as we explored a bit, there are some shocking factors. A typical Irish woman was connected with health issues on the news. The system was not paying enough attention. Those who came to the doctor and asked for advice on certain problems or conditions were considered too dramatic and they would be sent home without proper treatment.

And these were mostly delicate problems, typical conditions of women prone to many complications, if not cured in time. We should say that we deeply admire all these women who continue to fight for their rights and, more importantly, for their health.

Pretty Irish Lady: A Different Personality

Do They Like To Go Out And Have Fun? This is the area where these cuties practically excel, which is confirmed in a survey conducted by Conde Nast. A multiverse of people from all over the world described them as the friendliest girls in the world. You will enjoy their company wherever you are, as their immense charisma will spice up any moment.

Another great thing about Irish brides for marriage is that they have manners, so hearing things like “please”, “sorry”, “thank you” and the like won’t be a surprise.

Speaking of having fun, well, all girls are more or less into shopping, that’s right, Irish ladies have gone to the next level. Their patience and obsession with shopping go so far that they spend entire weekends in action, and during the workdays, they ponder various plans and strategies in the stores they have to visit next week.

If you’re a girl, you’ll have the time of your life, as you will with a like-minded companion. If you meet Irish ladies, you will end up being lobotomized after hours and hours of walking from one store to another, and another, and another…

Pretty Irish Lady: Secret Og Their Beauty

Cooling Factor

You probably know these moments. One moment we’re happily chatting with a friend, and the next he/she becomes the most annoying person in the entire universe. Irish brides dating experience those moments quite a lot. When you find an Irish bride, don’t be surprised if she freaks out like this.

Sometimes their mood swings get to the point where they seem a little paranoid. And to spice it up, they’ll follow it up with “What does that mean?” And knowing that they are masters of words, trying to explain anything will simply get you nowhere. They could certainly use some serious lessons on relaxing, unwinding, and not panicking.


A bride from Ireland is the most loyal girl we’ve ever met. We were fascinated by the huge amount of loyalty and dedication they have for their loved ones. This refers especially to family members and closest friends, but if you are lucky enough to steal her heart, you will appreciate all her love and attention, and of course, her loyalty.

Good As Mothers

Being very attached to their families, beautiful Irish women for marriage certainly have a lot of predisposition to be excellent mothers. Besides being caring and loving mothers who will do their best to give their hearts to the little ones, they will also pay attention to the financial aspect. These days, beautiful Irish ladies for marriage usually start thinking about starting a family when they feel both emotionally and financially stable to make such an important decision.

Meet And Talk To New People

The art of chatting makes them extremely communicative and therefore prone to creating friendships much easier than, say, slightly shy English women. They are full of conversation starters and they will put you at ease, eliminating any worries that there may be those moments of uncomfortable silence.

But be aware that even if you meet Irish women and enjoy yourself, don’t push your luck with compliments. She can be all happy and chatty if you stick to safe topics, but if you enter the danger zone, you’re doomed, boy.

Pretty Irish Lady: A Different Personality

Are They Romantic?

You see, no matter how gorgeous they are, and how wise and communicative they are, they just don’t have a clue how to be romantic. You find an Irish female and she acts like a confused guy. Drinking so much beer and joking around all the time, and that’s a killer for anything romantic. However, they appreciate your attention and your efforts to make them feel good.

You don’t have to go crazy with frequent public displays of affection, but letting her know that you enjoy her company will guarantee your marriage Ireland girl. While typical brides from Ireland may not be quite the first women to come to mind when trying to imagine what real feminine women look like, deep down in their hearts they are sweet and gentle. Show them that you are aware of this!

Where to Meet Irish Women for Marriage?

Now that you have a picture of what women of Ireland are like in relationships and what Irish single women are like in bed, you are probably wondering where to meet Irish girls and have the time of your life. While struggling with all the challenges of international dating, keep in mind that there are two options – you can either give some online dating platforms a chance or try the good old-fashioned ways – pubs, cafes, restaurants, and parks to date Irish women. Let’s see what they both offer and how useful they are when trying to meet Irish brides and see how Irish girls for marriage in bed can (or can’t) be!


This platform is certainly one of the most popular for finding your Irish mail order bride and a great online place to get a glimpse of what beautiful Irish ladies are like in general. It may be modest in design, but it has those typical Irish colors – green and orange and it’s simple enough to navigate and use (is there more to ask!).

The best part of all is that you can select a city in which you believe the love of your life lives (options are Dublin, Cork, Galway, Drogheda, Cashel, Dundalk, Bray, and the list goes on). Presenting itself as a page for mature and broad-minded singles, the site is for those looking for a place to meet Irish ladies and enjoy true love and lots of passion.

The site belongs to Friends Date Network, and it’s a beauty of Ireland dating. Knowing that many people prefer portable gadgets to desktop versions, the team has optimized the page so that consumers can use it at home or on the go – in both cases, they will enjoy exceptional service. This is not an Irish brides agency but it comes close.

On top of that, they emphasize a high level of safety and security, so you won’t have to worry about privacy and sensitive data while browsing the site. With this in mind, you can focus on the most important thing, exploring the member base and meeting brides Russian Irish.

Where to Meet Irish Women for Marriage?

Single Irish Women: Pros and Cons

Dating a Russian Irish woman or any girl in the world has its good and bad sides. Whenever there are misunderstandings, they are mostly related to the Irish dating culture and its differences and similarities with any other dating culture in the world. Once you learn to overcome them, it’s all yours. Here are the pros and cons of having a gorgeous woman from Ireland by your side:


Advantage Explanation
You will have your brewing guru If there’s one thing that makes you want to marry Irish women it’s their enormous knowledge of this best beer in the world. With them by your side, you won’t have to worry anymore, because they can tell a good Guinness from a bad one.
Get ready to enjoy the most delicious dishes You probably know that saying, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. That’s so true, you can enjoy so many delicacies in Ireland. They just seem to have a cool natural talent for making mouthwatering dishes and if you ask us, that’s a huge plus. When you marry Irish girl, you can expect many tasty dishes.
How to make a perfect tea This is a good one, provided you are a tea fan. It’s something that, besides the Irish girl for marriage, only a Chinese woman could brew so uniquely, with such passion and dedication. Tea is part of their culture and that’s why they have learned to create art in a single cup of tea.
They are extremely polite The beautiful Irish brides are known for being extremely polite and full of manners. Unless you’ve made your Irish significant other angry, you’ll appreciate having the most polite human being in the universe by your side.
They love their family very much Many people describe single Irish ladies for marriage as family-oriented, and that is true. Their love and kindness towards their loved ones are enormous and they are truly connected, especially with the closest members. If you are curious to feel the true energy to meet Irish female, allow them to introduce you to their family members, spend lunch with them and you will see what we mean.

Single Irish Women: Pros and Cons


Disadvantage Explanation
They talk too much Have you ever heard of the “gift of gab”?. Brides of Ireland could talk for hours, days, months, ALL THE TIME, without ever getting tired of it. If there’s one good thing about this “gift”, it’s the fact that the conversation never dries up. But to be honest, it gets too tiring after a while. Sometimes you just want to be in silent mode for your Irish woman to marry.
Women from the Ireland are obsessed with shopping It’s not just a leisure activity that you engage in from time to time. It’s something they might do for the rest of their lives (like talk), and that can be a little nerve-wracking.
They drink too much You may be lucky to have your drinking expert, but on the other hand, it won’t take long before you realize that they drink too much. Some would say that Russians are avid drinkers, but boy, an Irish bride is capable of outdrinking you. It’s not attractive at all, is it?
Irish wives don’t have the skills to seduce They just don’t know how to be sexy and romantic. Fortunately, they are truly and uniquely beautiful, and it makes you want to find an Irish wife. That’s their wild card, of course, and that’s why you’ll forgive them this missing knowledge.
They are too family-oriented You may think we’re talking nonsense, as this one is both an advantage and a disadvantage, but trust us, we know what we’re saying. Although you want a bride Ireland, you might start to feel a bit out of this world because they will simply forget that you exist. Don’t be surprised if they don’t show up on the date, as they may forget because they were busy chatting and drinking coffee with their mom.


We sincerely hope you had a great time reading our international dating guide, finding out all about beautiful Irish brides for marriage, and learning all these dating tips for fantastic Irish beauties for marriage. Share your thoughts on who you liked the most and who you liked the most for dating Irish ladies. There’s more to meeting and liking a girl, let my ultimate guide to dating a woman help you through the remaining steps.


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