Who Are Mexican Brides and Are They Worth Marrying?

Want to meet a beautiful Latin woman for marriage? Mexican brides are just what you are looking for! A lot of men abroad choose Mexican women for serious relationships, as these brides are hot and loving and have strong family values.


If you want everything about dating charming brides from Mexico, our article is for you. Keep reading to find a complete guide for dating and marrying Mexican women, interesting statistics, and the cost of dating.

Why Mexican Women Seek Foreign Men for Marriage

There are a lot of single Mexican women who want to find foreign men and get married to them. But why do they prefer foreigners more than local men? Well, every girl can have her own specific reasons for that, but we can highlight some of the most popular.

  • These women want a man who will be a caring and loving husband. Unfortunately, many Mexican men aren’t that good in the role of a spouse or father. In Mexican girls’ opinion, men from the Western world are more family-oriented and can be great life partners.
  • Western men show a lot of interest in Mexican brides. Local women know and appreciate it. These women don’t see a problem in meeting someone outside of their culture if there are mutual feelings.
  • There are more women in Mexico than men. According to recent statistics, there are 95 males for every 100 brides in Mexico. The gap is not big, but some women still can’t find a perfect partner in their country. Thus, these brides start looking for a potential husband abroad.
Carmen 24 y.o.
Lula 27 y.o.
Liliana 25 y.o.
Social worker

American Men and Mexican Wives: Marriage Statistics

Mexican ladies are popular among American men, and every year a lot of single men find their life partners in Mexico. We collected some statistics on how many Mexican brides come to the US in recent years to get married to foreign men. Let’s take a look at the real numbers:

  • About 26,3% of North Americans who obtained a fiance visa in 2019 were Mexican brides.
  • In 2020, the percentage of Mexicans among North Americans who applied for a K-1 visa was 29,5%. Mexican girls remained to be the leaders by the amount of obtained visas.
  • In 2021, about 30% of North American women who wanted to marry foreign guys were Mexican brides.

As you can see, every year the percentage of Mexican women among other North Americans who have boyfriends in the US is becoming higher. It is a fact that proves the popularity of Mexican mail order brides among Western men.

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How Marriage to a Mexican Changed My Life

Do you want to see some beautiful romantic stories of Mexican brides finders? We found some amazing stories about foreign men who found beautiful mail order brides and built family life with them. Keep reading to find inspiration for your future adventures on the international dating scene!

The first touching story we want to tell you about is from an American man who has a Mexican wife. He said that his wife had helped him to go through tough times in his life. Such a woman is a loving and caring partner. He also mentioned that her family has been good to him too, and always supports him.

Quora feedback 6

Another story is about a man from Switzerland who found his wife in Mexico. He said in his post that Mexican wives are the sweetest, most loving, and strong women. He has three daughters with his wife and is incredibly happy about his family life.

Quora feedback 7

On Quora, we found another beautiful story from a foreign man who has been married to his Mexican lady for more than 30 years already. He told that she is the most caring woman, and after 30 years of marriage her love is still the same.

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Professional Tips to Find Mexican Mail Order Bride From Foreign Brides Guru

You have finally found a perfect match and asked a Mexican woman for a date. Now, it is time to get to know Mexican dating culture closer to make sure your date will go perfect. If you know nothing about Hispanic mail order brides and how to impress them, keep reading. We will guide you through the first date with a Latin woman from Mexico and tell you how to make her fall in love with you.

First Date: How to Impress a Mexican Girl

What should you do to impress a beautiful Mexican woman on a first date? Follow our tips below and you will succeed.

  • Show your confidence. Brides from Mexico want to see strong, confident, and protective men by their side. Being romantic is good, but to impress a Mexican girl, you should show your masculinity. In a good way, of course.
  • Compliment her appearance. Once you meet each other it is great to start with a compliment about how a woman looks. It will definitely put her in a good mood, and your date will go much better.
  • Be easy-going and make her laugh. Start talking on common topics to get to know her better. Keep it easy and don’t ask too personal questions. Also, most Mexican brides are fun-loving women, so you can win her heart by making her laugh.

How to Build Relationships After the First Date

Once the first date went well, you need to put your effort into developing your relationship with the Mexican woman. What to do to make a bride from Mexico completely fall in love with you? Here is our advice:

  • Talk to her about your feelings. If you’re sure that she is a perfect woman for you, tell her about it. Any Mexican girlfriend appreciates honesty more than anything else. It is a good start for serious relationships.
  • Pay attention to details. Mexican beauties like attentive men who remember small details about a girl’s preferences, habits, and hobbies. So always listen to everything your Mexican bride tells you. It will show her how much you value her.
  • Learn how to understand women’s hints. Mexican mail order brides frequently implicitly tell you about something and expect men to understand it. Especially when they’re upset. Carefully analyzing their words will help you to make them happy.
  • Start learning Spanish. According to a survey, most local women in Mexico don’t speak English fluently. It can be a problem if you want to continue your relationship with a Mexican mail order bride. Learning some phrases in Spanish will not only make communication easier but also will show that you have serious intentions of dating her.

How to Officially Marry a Mexican Bride

Did you finally find a perfect Mexican wife online and want to marry her? The international marriage registration process is not easy, and the procedure depends on the country where you want to get married. Here we will tell you how to register your marriage officially in Mexico and in the US.

To get married in Mexico you should go to the Civil Registry Office in any city in Mexico with your fiance and submit all required documents. All your documents should be translated and have the apostille from the State Secretary of the State where you originated. The fees and requirements vary from district to district, so if you want to know more detailed information, visit the official website of the US embassy in Mexico.

To get married in the US you should help your future wife obtain a visa first. To apply for this visa you have to file different forms and pay a visa application fee — about $265. Once your Mexican bride goes through the interview and obtains the visa, she has 6 months to enter the US. After that, you have 90 days to get married. The procedure of marriage registration depends on the state where you want to get married. For more information, you can visit this website.

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Mexican Women Dating Sites to Meet a Perfect Woman

In the modern world, online dating is one of the most popular ways to meet someone perfect for romantic relationships. There are plenty of online dating services for international dating, including specific mail order bride websites for Latin women finders. Want to know where to meet Mexican women for marriage? We are here to tell you everything about Mexican dating services.

Why Are Women Dating Sites Really Worth It?

First, let’s figure out why women dating sites are so popular and why most guys choose online communication with mail order wives. If you want to date hot Mexican brides, here are some benefits of online dating:

5 Steps to Win the Heart of a Mexican Woman


  • It is much cheaper than a romance tour. A subscription on any women dating platform will cost you much less than a trip to Mexico. It is a great option if you only start looking for a foreign wife and don’t want to waste all your money on it.
  • There are a lot of Latin brides ready for marriage. On international women dating websites, you can find a pretty Mexican girl in a matter of minutes. Also, you can be sure that all of them are single and want to find a partner.
  • It is convenient. You can meet women online sitting at home or wherever you want. No need to plan a trip and spend long hours browsing information on the best places to find Mexican women.

What about a trip to Mexico? In fact, it is a much more time and money-consuming idea. And there are not that many chances that you will meet a perfect woman for marriage quickly. Also, a language barrier can become a huge problem. On international women dating sites, most mail order brides from Mexico know English enough to communicate with foreigners, while in Mexico, you need to know Spanish to communicate with most of the local women.

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Best Sites for Dating Mexican Brides

There are a lot of women dating sites where you can meet Mexican girls online, but not all of them are worth choosing. Before going into dating, you should check whether a particular site is reliable, secure, and good for meeting Latin beauties. We advise you to read about other users’ online dating experience on different platforms and then make a decision.

If you don’t want to spend your time browsing reviews, take a look at our list of the best women dating sites. We collected the most reputable and popular women dating sites that are perfect for meeting Mexican girls for marriage.

  • Latin Feels
  • LatamDate
  • LoveFort
  • eHarmony Hispanic Dating
  • MexicanCupid

All these services are great for those who want to find and marry brides from Mexico. Choose the site you like the most and start searching for a perfect woman for marriage!

Success love story of Mexican woman and American man

Success Story #1 Image
Mathew and Linda LoveFort logo
It all started with a simple swipe to the right. Linda had been divorced for several years and was not interested in dating anyone seriously. She was just looking for some fun and found Mathew on a dating site. They met for drinks a few days later and hit it off immediately. They started dating and quickly fell in love. Linda was amazed that she had found her soulmate on a dating site, but Mathew just knew that it was meant to be. They got married a year later and are still together today, happier than ever. Thanks to their success story, Linda is now a firm believer in online dating and has even helped her friends find love on the same site.
Success Story #2 Image
Mike and Rebecka LatinWomenLove logo
After being single for many years, Mike decided to give online dating a try. He had low expectations, but he was surprised to find that he actually enjoyed the process of getting to know new people. One day, he came across Rebecka's profile and was immediately struck by her beauty and intelligence. They began chatting and quickly realized that they had a lot in common. They went on their first date a week later and knew from the start that they were meant to be together. They got married a year later and are now celebrating their fifth anniversary. They often tell their friends and family that they are truly grateful to have found each other online.

Trip to Mexico vs Mail Order Brides: Which Is Cheaper?

To meet Mexican brides, you can either use dating sites or go to Mexico for traditional dating. But how much will it cost you? If you want to know the average price of dating beautiful Mexican women, keep reading. We will tell you about what expenses you should expect and what option is cheaper.

Online Dating Expenses

Online dating services usually provide all features only to paid members. There are two main ways online women dating sites can charge you for their services: monthly subscription or credit system when you pay per each feature you use. Thus, depending on a women dating site you choose to meet Mexican women, you should take into account these expenses:

  • Cost of monthly membership
  • Cost of every available feature (messaging, mail, calls, video chats, etc.)
  • Gifts and flowers and their delivery
  • Additional services like translating

In the table below we provide the average monthly cost for Mexican mail order bride websites. Usually, dating online is much cheaper than traveling. However, everything depends on how much you will spend on additional services.

Premium membership$10-30
Communication features$30-100
Gifts and flowers delivery$30-500
Additional services$10-20
date mexican women

Cost of a Trip to Mexico

Planning a trip to Mexico, you should know what expenses it includes. Here, we want to show you how much a one-week trip costs on average and also provide the cost of a wedding with a Mexico wife.

Basically, there are several aspects that affect the total cost of your trip:

  • Cost of flight tickets, hotel rooms, transportation
  • Cost of food, restaurants, and entertainment
  • Cost of translation services
  • Cost of relocation
  • Cost of a wedding

So, how much does dating and marrying a Mexican bride cost? Of course, the final cost of a trip will depend on your preferences and expenses. However, here is a table with the average price of a one-week trip to Mexico.

Round trip tickets to Mexico City$250-500
Hotel rooms$200-500
Food and Entertainment$300-500
Translation services (per hour)$15-30
hotel in Mexico

Mexican Brides Map

What Makes Mexican Women So Special?

Wondering why so many men want to date Mexican women? Well, there are a lot of reasons for it. These ladies are one of the most beautiful in Latin America and attract men with their natural charm, beauty, and passionate temperament. Let’s take a look at some unique characteristics of Mexican brides that make them so desirable.

Mesmerizing Beauty

Everyone who has ever seen real Mexican women will tell you that they’re incredibly beautiful. Their beauty is diverse and unique because of their genetic diversity and Spanish blood. Most women in Mexico have dark hair, tanned or dark skin, big eyes, and seductive full lips. However, you can also find Mexican brides with light skin and eyes.

All Mexican brides have stunning bodies, but it doesn’t mean that they all look the same. In Mexico, you can find charming brides with curved figures, fit women with long legs, and petite women with graceful figures. All of them are different but equally beautiful and sexy. The reason is that Mexican girls have a natural charm and self-confidence that make them beautiful in the eyes of other people.

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Hot Temperament

You must have heard about the passionate nature of hot Mexican women. These women are strong and emotional brides with hot temperament. They are passionate lovers, and marriage with them will never be boring. But, despite that, Mexican brides are a little calmer than women from other Latin American countries. These women are not that possessive and hot-heated. That’s why such a woman is perfect for long-term relationships and marriage.

Also, these women are cheerful and kind. It is easy to communicate with them, as they are ready to talk on any interesting topic. When Mexican women are with a person they like, they become sweet, flirty, and attentive. If you get lucky to find a Mexican mail order wife, a woman will become the most caring and supportive partner to you.

Why do you think Mexican women are so strongly attracted to foreign men?

There are a number of reasons why Mexican women are so attractive to American men and so popular among them. Here are the most common ones we would like to tell you about.

They are incredibly passionate.

Mexican women are very passionate about everything they do – from their culture and heritage to their families and relationships. This passion is evident in the way they dress, dance, and interact with others. It is also reflected in their fiery personalities and sense of adventure.

They are strong and independent.

Mexican women are not afraid to be assertive and take charge. They are also fiercely independent, which is a trait that many foreign men find appealing.

They are family-oriented.

Family is extremely important to Mexican women. They are devoted to their husbands and children, and they take great pride in their roles as wives and mothers.

They are fun-loving and outgoing.

Mexican women are known for being fun-loving and outgoing. They enjoy spending time with friends and family, and they often have a great sense of humor. Foreign men who are looking for a relaxed and fun-loving partner will often find that a Mexican woman is the perfect match.

Mexican Customs to Know Before Dating Mexican Mail Order Brides

Mexican culture is rich in different ancient traditions that are still popular among Mexicans. A lot of customs are related to marriage, so you should expect your Mexican bride to have strong family values. Keep reading if you want to know more about Mexican mail order brides and their culture and how they are different from Western women.

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Mexican Wedding Traditions

Those who want to marry Mexican women should know their local wedding traditions. All Mexican weddings are usually big affairs, a bride and groom invite all family members, friends, and everyone the brides know. As most Mexicans are Catholic, a wedding starts with a Catholic wedding ceremony that usually takes place in a church.

One of the traditions is when a groom presents to his bride 13 gold coins, which symbolize his serious commitment to the bride. Another tradition is called Wedding Lasso. After a wedding ceremony, the groom’s and bride’s godparents (los padrinos y madrinas) join a couple with a lasso as a symbol of their new status as spouses.

A wedding reception in Mexico is always a huge party with music, delicious food, and an incredible atmosphere. Sometimes, on the next day after a wedding reception, a couple also has an after-party with only the closest friends and parents.

Watch the video to learn more about Mexican women wedding traditions:

Role of Mexican Wife in Marriage

If you find a Mexican wife, you are definitely a lucky man. These women are amazing partners, as they have strong family values and always put their families first. Also, Mexican women prefer their husbands to lead. These women like to feel a little weaker than men, but will never let you fully control their lives. The brides value a respectful, supportive, and caring attitude in marriage.

A lot of brides can become housewives after marriage to take care of children, cooking, and create a calm and cozy atmosphere at home. However, there are also career-oriented women, who perfectly combine work and household chores.

If you are serious about dating Mexican brides, make sure to watch this video with top secrets:


Mexican women are charming brides who will fascinate you with their charisma, strong personality, and natural beauty. These women make amazing wives and girlfriends, as the brides are caring, honest, and supportive to their beloved ones.

There are a lot of Mexican women seeking marriage to a foreign man, so you can try your luck and find a beautiful Latin bride online. Choose one of the best women dating sites, date single Mexican girls, and enjoy an amazing dating experience.

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