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Updated on Jul 2023

Arab brides are one of the most attractive and beautiful. And all because of the outfits that they carefully select sometimes select months before the wedding. In such outfits, it is sometimes difficult for even parents or girlfriends to recognize an adult daughter or girlfriends.

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In many Arab countries, half of the marriages are still concluded at the behest of the parents. Many Europeans are sure that the opinion of the girl is not taken into account. This is not the case. If the girl does not like the groom, she has the right to reject the proposal to become his Arab wife.

A prenuptial agreement must be concluded. Unlike other countries, in the Arab world, this rule is strictly observed.

A husband can drive his Arab wife out of the country. In men, the situation is more privileged. They can marry Christians or Jews, but in this case, the wives do not receive citizenship, and the children in the event of divorce always remain in the care of their father.

When you meet your love, in most Arab countries, the minimum age for marriage of a man and a single woman is 18 years. However, in some countries, marriages, as before, are concluded at a younger age. For example, in Yemen and Saudi Arabia, more than half of beautiful Arab women for marriage marry 2-3 years before reaching the age of 18. But Tunisian citizens can marry at the age of 18, but the average age of brides is actually 25 years, and of grooms – 30.

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How Arabian Weddings Are Celebrated

In different countries, wedding customs are not the same, but according to tradition, the Arab ladies and groom celebrate the wedding day separately.

A man’s wedding is not celebrated on the same day as the bride’s wedding, and it is traditionally held: dinner, coffee, tea, and just a modest celebration that lasts no more than four hours.

The bride’s wedding is more luxurious: in a large hall with waiters and famous artists. The holiday is a good opportunity for beautiful Arab women to show their jewelry, evening dresses, and designer shoes since this beauty is usually hidden under bedspreads and hijabs, so men are not allowed to attend the wedding event. Attendants – only beautiful Arab women for marriage or and Arab mail order brides, including photographers, singers, and DJ. If a famous male singer is invited, he will not see either the bride or the guests. The artist will sing behind a curtain or in a separate room with a broadcast in the hall where the bride and her guests are.

The arrival of the groom to the ceremony is announced in advance so that all beautiful Arab women have the opportunity to change clothes and hide behind bedspreads. If the bride and groom come with their father or with their brothers, then the bride is also covered with a white festive hijab, since her male relatives should not see her beauty.

In the Arab world, it is considered bad form to give money or household items for a wedding—the bride presented with jewelry.

What Does an Arabian Wife Look Like At An Arab Wedding?

Arab brides put on dresses without a deep neckline that provokes mini and bare hands, but at the same time, they look luxurious and spectacular in wedding photos. Their image combines femininity, modesty, and at the same time, some unsurpassed charm and chic.

Religious demands say that Muslim pretty Arab girls wear only closed dresses for marriage, but this does not mean that their dresses look the same and boring. Unusual elements of the decoration of the outfit and other details of the image of the bride, for example, hijab, make every Arab girl unique.

What Is Traditionally Put on an Arabian Woman for an Arab Wedding?

The Arabian wedding is a grandiose event for both young and their families, which takes place according to tradition in the afternoon, after sunset. It is always a magnificent and large-scale celebration, where all close, distant relatives are invited, and Arab mail-order brides. The total number of guests at an Arabic wedding is several hundred and, in some cases, even a thousand.

Currently, the Arab wedding is more and more like a modern European celebration; however, the mass of ancient customs leaves its mark on the image of the bride and Arab mail order bride:

  1. Girls in Arab countries are required to wear a scarf over their heads. The same applies to marriage. Therefore, a headdress is an integral part of the image of an Arab bride.
  2. According to Muslim traditions, a girl first comes into contact with a man only after the wedding. Therefore, along with the festive attire for the wedding night, the Arabs pick up beautiful linen to please the groom.
  3. It is customary for brides to paint their hands with henna. The so-called “mehendi” drawings not only make the girl more beautiful and spectacular but also protect her from evil spirits and attract happiness and love to the newly made family.

Features of the Wedding Dress in Arabic Style Marriage Agency

Muslim-style wedding dresses differ from dresses of other cultures in a closed style since, according to Arabic traditions, the expression of sexuality on the part of the bride is unacceptable. All Muslim girls, following established customs, choose a wedding dress in long sleeves and a closed top. What should it be?

  • Color. White dresses are the most popular in the world, but Arabian brides often choose dresses in bright colors: pink, blue, gold, etc.
  • The cloth. Muslim brides choose expensive, non-translucent fabrics for sewing dresses (satin, silk, lace). Thin fabrics (chiffon and tulle) are used only for sewing veils or as a second layer of fabric on a dress.
  • Style. It can be either a magnificent outfit or a tight-fitting mermaid dress made of dense, non-translucent fabric. The main thing is that the top is completely closed
  • Decor. Unusual and unique make the dress embroidery and a large number of precious stones, which embroider both the outfit of the bride and the wedding hijab.

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Accessories for the Arab Bride

Despite the rather closed Arabic wedding dresses, oriental brides look attractive and fabulous in them. The integrity of the bride’s image is given by additional elements inherent in Muslim culture, which bring some zest and luxury:

  • Hijab is considered to be an integral addition to wedding dresses for Muslim girls. It is a headpiece made of several layers of fabric. Modern brides bring stylish changes to this traditional headdress, complementing it with various kinds of embroidery, stones, lace, or combine a hijab with a veil.
  • Jewelry. The wedding image of the Arabian bride is distinguished by lots of jewelry: rings, bracelets, tiaras with precious stones.
  • A bouquet. This attribute is not required, but more and more Arabian brides decorate their image with a small bouquet. They usually make it from the classic colors of white, cream, or pale pink.

Arab Lady Makeup

It is impossible to imagine an Arabian bride without a bright oriental makeup. Brightly let down eyes are the main emphasis on the bride’s make-up. Makeup itself begins by creating a perfectly even tone. Oriental pretty Arab girls do not use bright blush, as they believe that only eyes should be bright. For lips used as juicy gloss and lipstick, and neutral tones.

The focus of the Arab wedding is the bride! She looks luxurious, and her furniture and accessories are magnificent and rich, which can be seen in the wedding photos, the site is sure. We hope that the story of the image of the Arabian bride inspired you to create your own individual style when choosing dresses and accessories for the wedding.


Most modern marriages are monogamous. Most Arab men do not seek polygamy. Islam allows a man to have up to four wives, but each of them, the spouse must provide his home, jewelry, and gifts, enough attention. And everything should be the same for all beautiful Arab women for marriage. Sheikhs and wealthy men enjoy the privilege of having several Arab wives online.

The most important is the first marriage. Even if a man marries 3-4 times, the first union is a “great marriage”. It is believed that the eldest wife is the “greatest” among the rest.

If a man has married more than one single woman, other Arab mail order wives’ spouses are obliged to meekly accept this decision. They must obey the will of the spouse and not show emotions. Usually, each wife lives in her house, and they rarely see each other.


If the Arab decided to divorce his Arab wife, according to an ancient custom, he should say three times, “Leave!” After that, the rejected wife is obliged to leave her house only in what she is wearing, so beautiful Arab women always wear all their jewelry. In fact, on the initiative of a man, divorce is rare.

A single Arab mail order wife can also insist on a divorce if the spouse does not care about her health. Courts pay close attention to such statements and take them as a basis for divorce.

In the Arab world, a man expresses his love not with bouquets of flowers, but with gold and jewelry. For example, he must take his Arab wife to restaurants, buy valuable gifts and expensive clothes. If a man has several wives, he should pay equal attention and equal gifts to each of them. It can also cause a divorce.

In other cases, the Arab bride for sale, and it will be very difficult for a single woman to get a divorce, because the courts decide with a predetermined idea that supports her husband.

Beautiful Arab Mail Order Brides

Despite existing stereotypes, male Arabs highly value their beautiful Arab women.

The right to own property, to marry of their own free will and to get divorced was first received by Arab singles women. This happened back in the 12th century. Muslim law considers an Arab girl for marriage between a man and a single woman as a contract that comes into force only by mutual agreement. In addition, for some time, beautiful Arab women had the right to own something, to dispose of the property of the family or what it earned.

In Arab countries, there are certain dating Arab women’s days. Once a week, all spas, beaches, resorts, etc. in the United Arab Emirates provide services only to beautiful Arab women. Men are not allowed on this day.

However, the Arab wife finder of a Muslim husband is required to do everything only with his permission. Before going somewhere, she must warn her husband and get his approval.


It is generally accepted that beautiful Arab women in Arab families have neither a voice nor rights, but as it turns out, the Arab bride, single woman, girl have quite a lot of rights.

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