Thai Brides: The Best Choice for a Happy Marriage

No matter where you go in the world, Thai brides are some of the most sought-after women. There is a good reason for this; they make men feel good. Western men have been turning to women from the east for decades because they get something they do not get from western women. Thai ladies offer something unique that has been lost across America, traditional values. When you are with a beautiful Thai bride, you will be treated with care and kindness like never before. They respect men and make men feel like real men in a relationship. Dating Thai women will change the way you look at females forever. Through this article, we will learn about these ladies and how they can change your life. 

Thai mail order bride

Who Are The Thai Mail Order Brides, And What Should You Know About Them? 

When we talk about a Thai mail order bride, we are talking about a woman who searches online for a husband. These ladies are usually in their mid-twenties and eager to be with a foreign man. They often speak perfect English, and living overseas is their dream. In Thai culture, women want to be with a man that can take care of them financially more than anything else; looks are not so important. If you are a man from America or Europe looking for a Thai mail order bride online, there are plenty of opportunities to find them. Countless websites offer Thai brides for sale. This is perfectly legal, and many men around the globe are interested in brides. 

You just need to chat online with a single girl you admire and see how you get on. Through the online dating platform you are using, you can make a video call, send likes and use instant messenger to communicate. If there is a good connection, you can talk about meeting each other after some time. This is how a Thai bride can be yours. With the number of top-class websites out there focused on Thai marriages, you will always be able to find a beautiful partner from Thailand. The good news is that it will not break the bank either. When you find a reliable platform, the cost of these attractive brides is very reasonable. 

Average age of marriage25 years of age
% Divorce rate20%
Do they actively move abroad?Yes
Average price$10,000 – $30,000
Key benefits to the manLoyalty, respect, and care
Thai women

So Who Are The Thai Mail Order Brides?

These are women that will care and stand by their man through good and bad times. It is in their blood to serve their partner. A Thai wife is respected by men all over the world as they have traditional values on marriage in Southeast Asia. Many of these females come from small villages in Thailand and are looking for a better life in a new country. When you visit an excellent dating platform, you will have fantastic access to numerous girls. The reason men from America are so keen on meeting them is their great attitude to life. Unlike many western females, women from Thailand have an optimistic outlook on life, which makes them fun to be around. 

Through an international dating site, you can interact and start a friendship with these girls very easily. If you are a man that likes to feel like a man, having a Thai partner is ideal. In Thailand, it is expected that women take care of the home and look after their husbands. Thai ladies love this way of life and would not have it any other way. Thai brides are sought after for this very reason. Many guys from the US are not treated in the same way by western women, hence the reason they search through dating establishments online. 

What Kind Of Men Are Suitable For Thai Mail Order Brides?

We have found that males that are more likely to enjoy the company of a Thai mail order bride are those from the western world. So many men from Europe and the US are very eager to meet these ladies. Men that like to have a woman treat them well, serve them and take care of them. These are the types of men suitable for Thai brides. It is because these men are not used to this dynamic in their relationships. When you come from the west, this traditional outlook has disappeared. Whereas a Thai bride always has this outlook on life. In her culture, the female has to cook, clean, and look after her husband. So as you can see, Thai brides are the choice of many men from America for this reason alone. 

Thai girls

Let’s take a look at some other reasons why American men are ideal for Thai brides. These women want to have a man that can financially support them. Many men from the western world have money and can offer this to Thai girls. Unfortunately, local Thai men do not treat Asian women very well. They have little respect and often treat them as second-class citizens. So being with a foreign man who has manners and respects a Thai woman is what they prefer. Many men from Europe and the States are gentlemen, and Thai ladies dream of this type of man in their life. So there is little doubt that men from this area of the globe are perfect potential partners. 

What Kind Of Men Are Not Suitable For Thai Mail Order Brides?

This is a more difficult question, as Thai brides are perfect for everyone. But some men may find it more challenging to be with these beautiful ladies. If you are a man that wants to do everything yourself and be independent, then maybe you should think again about a Thai mail order bride. These females love to serve their partners by cooking, caring, and doing all kinds of things for them. If you are a man that does not like this, then forget about being with a Thai woman. These women are well known for all the care they love to share with the man they are with.

What Character Traits Of Thai Wives Are Highly Valued By Western Men? 

Check the main character traits that attract western men and make them fall in love with Thailand brides.

Natural beauty

One of the reasons many western guys look through online dating platforms for them is that they are super attractive. They always seem to have amazing bodies, are never overweight, and have a natural elegance about them. They are different from western girls; they have a more natural beauty. A Thai bride wears little to no makeup because she is attractive without it. 

women from Thailand


This is a trait that all relationships rely on and is not so common in the US. But in Thailand, it is commonplace. Expect a Thai bride to be devoted and committed 100%. When they are in a relationship, there is no interest from them anywhere else. A Thai woman respects her partner, so she will not disrespect him by having an affair. 


Unlike women from America and Europe, you will find women from Thailand are humble and want to please. So they have no issues being submissive to their husband. Thai girls love to give love, care and treat their lover to everything they have. Thai wives believe a man leads relationships, and they have no problem with that. This is why many American men adore Thai wives. 


Being around these ladies makes you feel good about yourself because they are so positive. The glass is always half full rather than half empty. A Thai girl has great energy and is eager to live life with no regrets. When you are connected to such a woman, you feel alive and well. When you have a Thai bride, you will start looking at life with a smile more. 

Traditional values

These are the things that make millions of US and European men sign up for online dating services. They are looking for women with the same mindset as them. Thai brides have precisely that. They believe that men should do what men do and women should do what women do. It has been that way from the dawn of time. Thai girls believe males and females are different, so they have different roles to play in a relationship.

Thai ladies

Why Does A Thai Bride Always Stand Out From Other Asian Women? 

Please review the reasons why local females draw the attention of western men and why they stand out from other Asian girls.

Beauty secrets of Thai women

The secrets of attractive Thai girls are relatively simple. Less is more. Whereas many women, especially those in the western world, love to add layers of makeup to their faces. In Thailand, females believe nature is king. So local women are proud of how they look and do not have the need to change anything. You will find ladies wearing little or no makeup; they have amazing dark silky hair with incredibly smooth skin. This is all because they have a healthy diet and are active. 

Who is more beautiful: Thai women or Chinese women?

These two women are different, so it depends on what you like. Chinese women are more aggressive, so they have a more serious look about them than Thai brides. Many Chinese women like to use makeup to make their skin lighter, whereas Thai ladies prefer the natural brown skin they have. Chinese women are usually shorter than Thai girls and a little heavier. So if you like a slimmer partner, you would be better off going for a Thai girl. 

Comparison of Thai and Filipino women: who is more attractive?

This is the most difficult comparison as both females are extremely attractive. Most Asian women are beautiful, so you can not go wrong with any of them. When we talk about Filipino and Thai, the differences will be skin color. Filipinos have lighter skin than Thai brides. Both are slim and attractive women. Comparing the two, we would say Filipino girls have softer features than Thai, whereas Thai women have longer legs and are naturally sexier. It all depends on what attributes you admire in a female. 

Why are Thai women more attractive than Japanese women?

Thai brides do not wear makeup like Japanese girls. You will find that Japanese females love to wear lots of makeup to make themselves look younger. Thai women spend more time in the sun and have a healthier diet. Their life is less stressful, so they look younger than their peers from other Asian countries. 

beautiful Thai women

Where Can A Modern Man Find A Bride From Thailand?

Offline trip to Thailand

Some single US men prefer to head to Thailand to search for a Thai wife. This can be more of an adventure but also more problematic too. You have to factor in the expense of such a trip and the difficulties. Searching for a girlfriend in a bar or nightclub is common. It is certainly not as convenient as online dating, but many people opt for it. You have to remember that there may be a language barrier also. If you manage to find a woman you would like to marry in Thailand, the next step is to arrange a K1 visa. This can take up to 6 months to arrive and costs over $2,000. Then you can take the next step and take your new Thai girl to America. 

Online dating sites

There is no doubt that using a trustworthy online dating platform is an ideal way to locate a sexy Thai bride. You get to do it from the comfort of your own home whenever it suits you. You have a wide choice of attractive Thai girls all at your fingertips. It also gives males and females a safe environment to date each other online. Many millions of singles prefer to date through a dating service because of all the advantages. It is the easiest way to meet like-minded people in one place, it is convenient, you can date from wherever you may be in the world, and everyone on a dating site is there for one reason, no time wasters.

Marriage Agency

Some prefer to contact a trustworthy marriage agency to locate an attractive Thai bride. Through an agency, you can negotiate a price that suits both parties. Also, when you go through an agency, they handle many of the significant issues that are involved. They will take care of the visas required to get married in another country. When you want to marry a Thai women, there can be lots of paperwork that needs to be completed; a marriage agency will assist with all of that. 

Thai wives

Reliable And Trusted Dating Sites To Meet Beautiful Thai Women

If you choose to use a dating site to find a beautiful Thai woman, we have the perfect three websites that will meet your goals. Through these establishments, you will find lots of sexy, attractive, smart girls all looking for a new life in the west. The Thai girls you can chat with online will make your day and could possibly be your soulmate. Let’s take a closer look at these platforms.

It aims to bring western men into the arms of beautiful Thai ladies. With 2000 active ladies online every day, so a big chance of finding a partner. Video chat is excellent through the site, so many men from America enjoy using them to chat online.

With almost 1 million users, this is one of the best dating sites to meet Asian ladies. There are many cool free features that can be used here, and a premium membership will give you full access. ThaiFriendly acts similarly to a social media platform, so there are plenty of opportunities to find love. 


More than 1000 new users are joining every day, as this is a quality platform for searching for Thai dates online. The majority of users are aged between 24- 35 years of age. You will find over 90% of profiles have a quality photo. You also get to read valuable blogs when you visit this dating site. 

number of users450,000850,000500,000
featuresvideo chatsending winksblogs to read
cost1 month $35.991 month $24.9550 credits $19.99
Thai girl

The Whole Truth About Thai Brides From A Dating Expert

Want to learn more about local females? Learn about dating and marrying Thai ladies from our dating expert.

What is it like to be married to a Thai woman? What are some risks of marrying a Thai woman?

What can I say, I have been lucky enough to be with my Thai wife for a number of years. And I have to say it is a joy. She treats me better than any other woman I have ever been in a relationship with. They are such caring, kind-hearted people. You will not believe it. They smile more than any other woman I have been with. They also love to take care of their partners; it is a pleasure for them to shower you with love. Thai girls are special. The only risk I can say would be a communication problem. If your Thai bride does not understand English too well, that could cause a slight issue; other than that, it is all good. 

Do you think Thai brides are a great choice for most Western men?

Absolute statistics show that Thai brides create an amazing living environment for a man. They are thoughtful, soft, subservient, and eager to please their husband. Their loyalty is second to none also, making them perfect partners. 

Is it easy for Thai women to adapt to American culture? What challenges might arise in this process?

It is easy for most Thai mail order wives to adapt. The reason is that Thai ladies are intelligent, patient, and learn fast. So they learn to adapt to the situation very well. The challenges are language and meeting new people with different mindsets. 

Beautiful Thai Women For Marriage

It is a common opinion that Thai wives are exceptionally submissive to their husbands. What can you say about this?

This is all true. Thai women love to be submissive; it is their nature, and they enjoy that position in a relationship. Thai culture believes the man takes all the responsibility, so it is perfectly normal for females to allow the husband to lead. 

How safe is the process of buying a Thai mail order bride for the average American? Can you advise proven online dating sites to find a Thai wife-to-be?

The best way to get connected and find beautiful Thai women is through dating platforms. These websites offer a safe environment to search for the ideal partner of your choice. Buying a beautiful bride from Thailand could not be easier nowadays. The best advice is to check out as many different sites as possible. Once you feel comfortable with one particular site, stick with it. Picking the right dating services will allow you to meet the best women online and not deal with too many time-wasters. 

How Should You Act To Impress And Be Liked By Thai Women? 

When you want to impress Thai brides, you need to remember these simple tips. These will ensure you melt their heart. 

Statistics About Foreign Marriages With Thai Women

Always use manners and be polite

It may seem pretty obvious, but you will be surprised at how often men are rude and arrogant on dates. All Asian girls give respect to whomever they are spending time with, so in return, they expect the same. This will undoubtedly make them respect you, and this is half the battle won. 

Be generous

All females love to spend time with a man that is not only generous with his money but also with his time. When you are on a date, presenting them with some nice gifts, flowers, chocolates, or even some perfume will impress them. Women in Asian countries will adore this. 

Look your best

Whether you are on a face-to-face date or online dating, make sure to look good. First impressions count, so you always want to look presentable, and this way, women will want to see you again. Thai ladies continually make a massive effort when they are dating, especially if it is a foreigner. So do the same in return. 

How Much Will It Cost You to Date Thai Women

Do Thai Girls Seek Relationships With Foreign Men?

There are a host of reasons why a Thai bride desires foreign men. We have made a list below of some of them. 

They want a new life overseas

Many Thai ladies dream of living the American dream, so they want to meet US guys. America is looked at in high regard in Thailand. So searching on a dating site is common practice amongst Thai ladies. In Thailand, America is looked at as a paradise to live with plenty of beautiful places to live, so this is one reason. 

Foreign men are gentlemen compared with local Thai men

Lots of Thai women want to be treated better than local men treat them, so looking for international guys online is the ideal situation. Through a popular dating service, a Thai lady can change her life in an instant and get treated like a princess if she meets a foreigner. 

Thai girls are looking for financial security

Women from Thailand dream of having money to buy the basic things in life, and they know that western men can give that to them. So many beautiful Thai women are looking to meet international men to feel more financially secure. 

Stories Of Happy Relationships Between Westerners And Thai Mail Order Brides

The Attitude of Thai Women Towards International Marriages

Kim and Barry

I was lucky enough to meet Kim online two years ago; we started chatting and got on well. I was 42 at the time and divorced, living in Las Vegas. Kim was from Bangkok. Thankfully through a Thai women dating site, we connected. It only took us two months of chatting before we knew we had to be together. So I flew to Thailand and spent a month with Kim. We are now living in Vegas together, married, and waiting on Kim’s green card. 

Qira and Eric

I had been single for 4 years and had no luck through dating sites until I met Qira. We instantly connected and video called for hours. Qira was brilliant with English, so it was easy to communicate. We had so much in common we could not believe it. I visited Qira in Pattaya several times before we decided to marry and live in Thailand together. We have now been together 3 years, and I am super happy. 

Zelle and Bob

After my second marriage collapsed, I did not know what to do with my life. I was 56 but did not want to be alone, so I signed up for an Asian dating site. To my surprise, within 1 week, I was matched with Zella. She was gorgeous, she was 42, and we spent the next 2 months talking online every day. I decided to visit her in Thailand for 3 weeks, and it was love. We are now waiting for a K1 visa so Zelle can become my Thai wife and we can marry in the US.

The Secrets Of A Strong And Long-Lasting Marriage With A Thai Wife

This is the million-dollar question, how to have a long-lasting relationship with an attractive Asian woman? We have some ideas below in the list.

What Are The Best Ways to Meet Thai Brides

Keep the romance alive with thoughtful gestures now and again

To keep women happy, you must surprise them now and again, so taking them to a nice restaurant or telling them how good they look will melt their hearts. Little romantic gestures will go a long way. Thai women like to feel attractive, so make them feel that way. 

Communication is the key

To live in a long committed relationship, you must have good communication with each other. If you are feeling disappointed with something your partner did or did not do, tell them. They need to know if they are to improve on this in the future. So always express your thoughts, even if it will hurt the other person. 

Honesty is the foundation a relationship has to be built on

If you want a long loving, committed romance, make sure you are both honest with each other. Most women from Asian countries tell you what they think, which is great. Many people in the western world will tell you what they think you want to hear. Honesty is the only way to have a good relationship.


So as you can see through this article, Thai women are amazing females. They are not only beautiful souls but also fantastic wives. There are so many single men from America dreaming of marrying a Thai woman. Luckily nowadays, there are countless excellent dating website opportunities out there. It is easy to sign up and search for a perfect partner. 


What is the average price of a Thai mail order bride?

It all depends on several factors but on average, we can say a Thai mail order wife will cost between $9,000 to $28,000. Every situation is different, but anywhere around this figure, you can gain a Thai bride. 

Can I buy a wife from Thailand?

Head over to Thailand and take a trip to the beautiful country or, more conveniently, search online. There are so many quality dating platforms where you can chat with women online at any time. It is very easy to start a romance and change your life online with a Thai partner.

Are Thai mail order brides real?

These women are eager to meet foreign men to live a more stable life. You can find them online through numerous dating establishments. They are waiting to chat and date international men. 

Do Thai brides speak English?

In most cases, they do. The majority of Thai ladies who are keen on being with American guys learn English because of their desire to live overseas. English is widely spoken in Thailand because of the number of tourists who visit the country every year.


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