Japanese Brides: The Best Choice for a Happy Marriage

There is little doubt that Japanese brides are special women. They are not only drop-dead gorgeous but have so many other qualities that make them sought-after Asian girls. There are so many American single guys searching for a Japanese wife because they tick so many boxes. Through this article, you will discover precisely why these females are world-renowned and how you can start a new life with them. So if you desire to be with Japanese girls, you need to read this article until the end. We aim to give every reader a breakdown of how a Japanese girl can change your life for the better.

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Who Are The Japanese Mail Order Brides And What Should You Know About Them? 

When you want to be with an attractive Japanese mail order bride, it is a rather simple process. But the question many men have is why these females are such great wives. They are intelligent, caring, and traditional in their values. If you are searching for a loyal, kind-hearted partner, look no further. Many of these females dream of living the American dream. America is held in high regard in Japanese culture. So there are large numbers of these ladies that enjoy signing up on dating platforms looking for dates. 

Japanese girls do not find it difficult to gain the attention of single men, especially from the United States. So through the numerous dating sites, you can make contact with some of the sexiest Japanese singles on the planet. The good news is that it is perfectly legal to meet a Japanese mail order bride. It is a lucrative industry that is enjoyed by millions worldwide. The reason so many people enjoy using a reliable dating website is because of convenience. You get to chat online while at your home, and it does not get any easier. 

Rather than heading out to a busy nightclub in the early hours of the morning, you can communicate with countless attractive girls from your desktop PC. You have to remember that Japanese brides offer something that many other birdies do not, and that is subservience. Japanese females are super respectful and like a man to lead the way in all aspects of life. 

So middle-aged men from the US who have just come out of divorce like the idea of having partners like this. So they register at several dating sites waiting to meet the perfect match. Many online dating services make the process of meeting a like-minded partner easy. Check out the table below, which illustrates what you can expect. 

Average age of marriage29 years of age
% Divorce rate16%
Do they actively move abroad?Yes
Average price$5,000 to $10,000
Key benefits to the manA woman that will take good care of you and be loyal
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So Who Are The Japanese Mail Order Brides?

When people ask this question, the simple answer is some of the most attractive ladies on earth. It is well known that Japanese ladies are some of the most respected wives. There are numerous men from many different countries that would love to take a Japanese wife. The reason is they offer something that lots of other women do not, which is care, kindness, and loyalty. When you are connected with Japanese mail order brides, you can expect to be respected like no other. These women are super caring and supportive of their men. They believe in taking care of their partner and serving him with respect in every way. 

Through the best dating sites, you can communicate with Japanese brides with ease. Another great advantage of Japanese brides is that many speak fluent English, which makes communication a breeze. Remember that these women are eager to live in a new country, so they would love to meet a foreigner. Most Japanese girls love moving overseas and starting a new life with a new man. These brides are adventurous and like trying out a new culture away from Japan. Through dating services, it is possible to chat and interact with these stunning females. You are always just a click away from meeting a fantastic wife. 

What Kind Of Men Are Suitable For Japanese Mail Order Brides

When we talk about Japanese mail order wives, most men dream of such wives. They are entirely different from most American brides, which makes them sought after by numerous US guys. So if we had to say what type of men are suitable for Japanese brides, we would have to say American and European men. This is because the females in these parts of the world differ from Japanese ladies. So in many cases, opposites attract in relationships. Japanese females are ideal for men that like to be the dominant one in a relationship. 

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Many men from the United States have lost their masculinity; this is due to the new beliefs of women in the west. So when guys from the west connect through online dating establishments, their eyes are opened. They now see a new way of living life with a woman that believes in a male and female dynamic with traditional values. Having potential partners like Japanese ladies gives western men a new lease of life and excitement. You would be suitable for a Japanese mail order bride if you are eager to have a loyal, caring wife who you can share your life with. 

It is also important to remember that Japanese women are looking for guys that can lead a relationship. They believe the man is the head of the household and should always be the leader. Being with a Japanese girl means you accept this responsibility; you assume the role of the alpha male. Many men from Europe dream of being with such females. Asian women are a perfect choice if this is your mindset. With Asian women, you get a subservient partner who enjoys taking care of her husband, and dating sites are an excellent place to find this connection. 

What Kind Of Men Are Not Suitable For Japanese Mail Order Brides

This is a more difficult question to answer as Japanese girls are so suitable for most men that it’s not easy to think about which type of men do not suit them. But if you are a guy that believes women and men should do everything equally, split the bills, do all the chores in the home and earn the same amount of money, then maybe Japanese girls will not be the correct fit for you. A Japanese bride lives her life in a more traditional way, where females are the more delicate partner. They believe men should not be cooking in most cases; women are the ones who take care of most household chores. 

japanese girls

The feminist ways that gripped the world over the last decade have not hit Japanese women. So when you are with these types of women, you have to expect this mindset. This is precisely why there is such a demand by many western countries for these wives. Most Asian ladies, in general, have a much more traditional outlook on marriage and male and female dynamics. It is completely different in the US and Europe nowadays. Where things have turned the opposite way. Now, if you even ask your wife to cook and clean the home, you are a male monster with no respect for females. 

It was not too long ago when in the United States men would be the earners while their wives were waiting for them with dinner on the table. It was a more traditional family dynamic which many men miss to this day. So if you have ever wondered why there are millions of international males registered on an international dating site, this is the very reason. They are searching for that traditional relationship where the male feels like a man and the female can feel like a woman. These things are essential in life as it reinforces your identity in life. So back to the question of which type of men are not suited to a Japanese bride, I would say those that want to be more feminine. 

What Character Traits Of Japanese Wives Are Highly Valued By Western Men? 

The traits of these exotic beauties make them such a fantastic catch by western guys. Through online dating establishments, you can meet and connect with such ladies. These are five reasons why you need to be with Japanese ladies. 

women from japan

They are stunningly attractive

The first thing that hits you when you focus on these females is their beauty. Japanese girls have beautiful skin and exotic features. When you are with a Japanese woman, people will turn their heads; they are elegant and attractive.

They are loyal

In this day and age, this trait is not so common anymore. When you are connected with a Japanese bride, you should know you are in for the long haul. These females are proud to be wives and eager for it to be for a lifetime. Marriages means something in Japanese culture, so you are in safe hands.

Submissive nature

You can expect these females to be willing to do anything for their husbands. When you are dating Japanese women, the first thing you will notice is how they enjoy being submissive to their partner. It is in their culture to respect their man. 


There is little doubt that if you are with a Japanese bride, you will have fantastic conversations. These females are super clever and love to learn new things. Being with such partners will only increase your intelligence, and a Japanese woman helps create a strong partnership.

Caring nature

It is part of the culture in the country to be caring and kind to those around you. So when you are fortunate to be with a Japanese female, you can count on lots of care. This is a beautiful trait that these ladies possess in massive amounts. 

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Why Do Japanese Women Always Stand Out From Other Asian Women?

Beauty secrets of Japanese women

There is a reason Japanese brides are so beautiful, which is to do with their healthy diet and lifestyle. Japanese girls always have clear, soft skin and lovely dark black smooth hair. Many western men desire them for their beauty as they are always in great shape and never overweight because of their active lifestyle.

Who is more beautiful: Japanese women or Chinese women?

It depends on your preference, but Japanese girls have slightly different facial features; they have softer features than Chinese ladies. Many western men love the idea of Japanese females, as Chinese women can be a little overbearing compared with Japanese ladies.

Comparison of Japanese mail order bride and Filipino women: who is more attractive?

Filipino ladies are attractive females too, but with Japanese women, they are hard to beat. The reason is they have lots to offer. Japanese tick many different boxes, intelligence, hard working ethic and natural beauty. There is more of a demand for beautiful Japanese women than for Filipino females. 

Why are Japanese women more attractive than Korean women?

Japanese women versus Korean women is a mismatch as Japanese ladies are more elegant and feminine. You can find many Japanese females on a dating site compared to Koreans. So meeting a Japanese is more manageable and smoother. Also, Japanese females are easier to talk to and have excellent dress sense. 

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Where Can A Modern Man Find a Japanese Bride?

There are various options when it comes to finding a Japanese wife. Some people prefer to date offline, while others prefer the ease of online dating. We have detailed these two options below.

Offline trip to Japan 

Many men prefer to meet Japanese wives offline by visiting Japan. There are various places to search for a good woman, one being nightclubs and bars. There is some fantastic nightlife in Japan, and these are establishments that can lead to success. Chatting with these females in Japan face-to-face is an excellent way of meeting a future wife. If you are lucky and score a beautiful Japanese lady, the next step is to bring her back to the US. The process can be rather long and arduous. You will need a K1 visa which allows her to arrive in the US to get married. Once this visa is issued, you will have 90 days to get married in the United States. It can be a time-consuming experience, but eventually, it can lead to a green card. 

Online dating sites 

The more modern way of finding love is through a dating service that assists people from all over the globe. What makes dating platforms, so good is the choice you get online compared to offline dating. We have created a list of benefits from online dating below. You get to be comfortable at home while dating online. This is one of the enormous advantages when it comes to using a dating platform. You do not need to move from your comfy sofa. 

Another great benefit is that you can easily start chatting with like-minded people. Everyone on a dating site is looking for the same thing, which is a partner. You will find lease time wasters online. The safety aspect is another considerable advantage. You are not in a dark nightclub. When you date online, you are safe in your own home. So it provides a safe environment to date. 

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Marriage agency

When you find a reliable marriage agency, the process of finding a Japanese bride is smooth. You can chat with the girl you desire, and either using credits or having a premium membership, you can use various features to communicate. Once you feel a good connection, it is possible to request contact details and arrange a face-to-face meeting. 

Reliable And Trusted Dating Sites To Meet Beautiful Japanese Women

There are so many fantastic dating establishments available online, there really is no excuse not to date a sexy Japanese girl. With all the platforms we will detail below you will be able to chat and find out about each lady. The features of each website makes the dating experience a pleasure. The good news is that these establishments are affordable and will not break the bank. So let’s take a look at three top quality sites below.


If you have a fascination with asian countries and the females that come from them, this is a good starting point. Asian Melodies is a fine place to look for serious relationships and the amount of attractive ladies is extremely impressive. There are a host of free features which are all excellent. The majority of users are over 25 years of age. 

Number of usersOver 1,500,000 
Monthly cost20 credits cost $2.99
Success rate68%
Best featuresSending gifts
japanese girl


It is a top website that caters for men who love the thought of being with attractive Asian beauties. With over 300,000 active users on the platform every month, there is a high chance of success here. You can see over 90% of profiles will have photos and the sign up process is quick and free. There is a useful mobile version of the site giving clients flexibility with their dating. 

Number of usersOver 1 million
Monthly cost$9.99
Success rate65%
Best featuresChatting without interruptions


When you enter an establishment like this you will be struck at how many females are registered. There are lots of sexy Asian ladies looking for marriage from many asian countries with international men. The age distribution is from 25 up to 50 years of age. Another advantage of visiting AsianFeels is the free credits that every new user receives after signup. 

Number of users300,000
Monthly cost50 credits will cost $19.99
Success rate70%
Best featuresFaces feature
japanese mail order wives

The Whole Truth About A Japanese Mail Order Bride From A Dating Expert

Learn more interesting facts about Japanese wives from our dating expert. 

What is it like to be married to a Japanese woman? What are some risks of marrying a Japanese woman?

I have been married for the last two years to my beautiful Japanese wife. I am from the North of England and live with my wife, Kim from Tokyo. I can say It is a joy to be married to a woman from Japan. She is so caring, friendly, and accommodating. She gives me a peaceful life, something that English women never did. I would say marrying a Japanese woman is not a risk, but you have to adapt to her culture. As I met my wife through a dating site, I can say you must be careful when online as there are scammers and many fake profiles. 

Do you think Japanese mail order brides are a great choice for most Western men?

I would say absolutely, as women from Japan are the most peaceful and kind wives possible. I have been with my wife for 5 years; I could not be happier. The reason I would say western men like men find Japanese girls such perfect partners is their attitude and humbleness. They have a very little ego, so there is not much trouble with them. Western men are used to women who give them lots of trouble; a Japanese girl will not bring problems.

japanese bride

Is it easy for Japanese women to adapt to American culture? What challenges might arise in this process?

Japanese women can adapt and enjoy the change of culture in most cases. My wife loves living in the US and speaks great English; she adores TV shows and large shopping malls. There are some challenges, like getting used to eating large portions of food and the high taxes. But overall, my wife would not want to be anywhere else. 

It is a common opinion that Japanese wives are exceptionally faithful to their husbands. What can you say about this?

There is no doubt one of the reasons I married a Japanese woman was because of their loyalty. I had been cheated on several times, so I needed a change. Japanese ladies love being with one partner and are committed and devoted. 

How safe is the process of buying a Japanese bride for the average American? Can you advise proven online dating sites to find a Japanese wife-to-be?

When I bought my Japanese wife, it was such a smooth process and pretty fast too. My advice would be to find a trustworthy website and try it out first. Reading reviews can also help you find a reliable platform. There are numerous good sites out there to meet women from Japan. I would recommend AsianFeels and AsiaMelodies. 

Why Choose Japanese Brides?

How Should You Act To Impress And Be Liked By Japanese Women? 

To impress Asian women in general, there are some things you must think about. Because the cultures of the west and Asia are so different, you need to remember that when dating a Japanese single. So check out these tips below. 

If you are on a face-to-face date, be respectful

In Asia, respect is super essential, so you must remember this and treat your date with care and kind words. If you use manners and treat her like a gentleman, you will soften her heart, and she will melt. 

Being generous will always leave an Asian woman in the palm of your hand

Generosity is a trait that all females like to see on their date, so buying her gifts, and taking her out for dinner, is always a winning move. 

You must look and smell good

Japanese ladies are well known for looking at a million dollars at all times. So making an effort to dress smart and add some nice aftershave is a nice thought. She will certainly appreciate your efforts if you try your best. 

When online dating, ensure you never rush her and allow her to move at her own pace

This is very important as Japanese women dating need to feel comfortable. So give her time to warm up to you before making a big step. 

Do Japanese Brides Seek Relationships With Foreign Men? 

There is a reason why these females love to have relationships with western men. The list below illustrates some reasons why they enjoy it.

They love the way American men treat them

Many Japanese men are heavy drinkers and abuse their wives. So the thought of being with a gentleman from the US is appalling to most Japanese girls. So you will find countless women from Asian countries looking for foreign men.

Where To Meet A Japanese Mail Order Bride?

Real stories of Happy foreigners married Japanese brides

Success Story #1 Image
Mark 💍 Kenzo AsianMelodies logo
When Mark saw Kenzo on Asian Melodies, he knew he had to meet him. They started talking online and soon decided to buy a new house together. They were so in love and excited to start their new life together. But then tragedy struck. Kenzo was in a car accident and died instantly. Mark was left heartbroken and alone. He could never forget the love of his life, Kenzo.

The American dream is very appealing to women

Everyone around the globe has heard of living the American dream, so Japanese women would also like to try this lifestyle out. These women are very adventurous and eager to live overseas, so America is the number one destination for millions. 

They want supportive partners

Japanese females, like many other women, want to feel supported and protected, and men from the US can give that to them. Many women head to a dating site to connect with US guys so they can live a better life. These women dream of a man they can rely on and trust. They will be devoted to such a man. 

So as you can see, these are good reasons why so many millions of Japanese ladies search online for US dates. Japanese girls want a man they can trust and be protected by; US guys are looking for a faithful and committed woman; it is a match made in heaven. 

Stories Of Happy Relationships Between Westerners And Japanese Mail Order Brides

Yin and Barry

We have been married for over 3 years and are blessed to have met online. We used AsianFeels online dating platform, and am so glad we did. It only took us 1 month before we managed to connect and get married in Las Vegas. We sorted out a K1 visa, and Yin now has her green card. For any other man from the United States looking for a Japanese partner online, I say do it. You will never regret it.

How To Charm Beautiful Japanese Brides?

David and Lin

We have been dating for over 6 months online through AsianMelodies and will soon meet up in Japan. It was so easy to connect through the website, I had only been registered a few days, and we got matched together. Luckily Lin speaks excellent English, so chatting through live chat was easy. The features have allowed us to spend lots of time online together. Without this popular dating service, we would never have met.

Larry and Mag

So glad that we found online dating to get together. We have been married for just over 1 year and are more in love now than ever before. We were always chatting online through the Asian dating platform and, after some time, decided to meet. Meg is the kindest person I have ever met, and I am madly in love. I decided to move to Tokyo to live with Meg and am learning the language. So thankful we found each other through the platform. 

The Secrets Of A Strong And Long-Lasting Marriage With A Japanese Wife

When you want a strong, healthy relationship and desire to marry a Japanese women, you should read these helpful tips below. 

Dating Japanese Women Online: Safety Tips

Put yourself in her position

Always compromise, as this is a crucial ingredient to a long-lasting romance. You may not always get things your way, so the best way is to learn how to make compromises. Japanese women are very accommodating, so in return, it is vital you show that you can also be accommodating to her needs. 

Ask if she needs your help

Let your wife know that you love her and care for her. It should never get old telling her these things. Women adore hearing these types of beautiful words, so say them as often as you possibly can. In Japan, these worlds are not spoken about too much; everything is kept inside so that you will impress a woman with this attribute. 

Support and admire her

Women from Asian countries appreciate a supportive partner. They like to feel supported and protected at all times. So being a strong shoulder for them to lean on is important. Make sure they feel protected, and in return, they will adore you, and you are sure to have a loving relationship that is long-lasting. 


So after reading through this article, you now have all the best ideas for finding a loving Japanese partner. Once you experience a Japanese bride, you will never need to look at another female again. These women are some of the most humble, respectful, and kindest people you will ever meet. There are lots of advantages to being with a bride from this region of the world. 


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