Brazilian Brides: How to Find and Date Charming Women From Brazil 

Women from Brazil are frequently associated with their bright culture and cheerfulness. And it is close to reality, as Brazilian women are easy-going, seductive, and fun-loving. No wonder a lot of foreign men want to date Brazilian brides.


If you want to find a Brazilian girl for a serious relationship, this Brazil women guide is for you. We will share with you many interesting facts about dating Brazilian women, statistics on their relationships with foreigners, and some practical tips that can help you to conquer brides from Brazil. Let’s get started!

Inside the Mind of a Brazilian Woman Who Wants a Foreign Husband

Having a happy family is one of the most desirable things for most Brazilian women. And while looking for a perfect partner, local women pay attention not only to local men. Many beautiful women from Brazil are searching for foreign husbands. There are many reasons for this choice, and we want to share with you some of them.

  • Brazilian women are open-minded. A lot of single local women get into the international dating scene and look for a perfect partner all over the world. Brazilian brides are ready to get to know foreign men and their view of perfect relationships.
  • Women from Brazil want to find a caring and loving partner. According to the research, in the last three years, amount of reports on domestic violence against women had raised significantly. And looking for a foreign husband is one of the best decisions for Brazilian women.
  • Women from Brazil consider foreigners good partners for marriage. Local women like how Western men treat their partners in marriage. Most men in the US and Europe are more open-minded and tend to be equal in relationships. Local women highly appreciate it.
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More American Men Are Marrying Brazilian Women

Single Brazilian women are desired by many men in the US. Brazilian brides frequently become brides to American men and build a happy family life. Do you want to know how many Brazilian mail order women find their love among American guys every year? Take a look at the statistics below:

  • In 2019, 31% of K-1 visas issued to women from South America were for Brazilian brides. This rate of obtained bride visas was the highest among all South Americans.
  • In 2020, the number of issued visas was lower due to COVID-19, but Brazilian women still obtained about 28% of all issued K-1 visas for South Americans.
  • In 2021, about 22% of bride visas were issued to women from Brazil. Brazilian girls still were one of the most popular foreign brides from South America.

Looking at these statistics, we can say that Brazilian brides are one of the most appealing to single men from Western countries. Despite the number of issued bride visas in lower last years due to the pandemic, this number is still higher than for many other countries in Latin America.

Make sure to watch this video to learn more about dating local women.

10 Things I Learned From My Brazilian Bride

There are a lot of successful relationships between Brazilian women and Western men. And people like to tell their stories of love to share experiences and tips. Here, we collected several stories from foreigners who have Brazilian wives or girlfriends. Keep reading and enjoy romantic stories!

A user on Quora who has been married to a Brazilian woman for 18 years shared his experience of marrying a foreign bride. He said that his woman is family-oriented and loyal.

quora feedback 3

Another Western man said that his Brazilian woman is loyal, strong, caring, and passionate. He told that she is the best bride for him and admitted that brides from Brazil are perfect for marriage.

quora feedback 4

The last story we want to share with you is from an American man. He married his Brazilian love in 2002. He said that his woman is loving, smart, and beautiful. He also compared her to American ladies and said she is just perfect for him.

quora feedback 5

Advice to Find a Perfect Brazilian Woman From Foreign Brides Guru

International dating can be challenging, especially if you want to start a relationship with a girl whose culture you know nothing about. That’s why we are here to guide you through dating Brazilian girls. Keep reading to find many useful tips on how to conquer any Brazilian woman, and don’t accidentally spoil everything with a wrong compliment or something else.

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Early Stages: How to Date Brazilian Women

Want to know how to make your first date with a Brazilian bride unforgettable? We have some tips for you. No matter whether you choose to meet Brazilian women online or go on a romance tour to Brazil, you can find something useful in the list below.

  • Avoid vulgar compliments. Brazil girls are hot and feminine, but Brazilian brides won’t stand any inappropriate compliments from men who local women don’t know long enough.
  • Pay attention to her body language. If you use a video chat for an online date or meet a girl in person, you can easily understand how she feels with you by looking at her gestures, emotions, or other non-verbal signs.
  • Don’t bring up your past relationships in conversation. It is definitely a bad start. No one wants to hear about ex-girlfriends on the first date.

What to Do After the First Date?

Your first date went amazing, and you want to arrange the next one? Here are our recommendations on how to continue your relationship with the perfect bride you found:

  • Get in touch within a few days. If you wait too long before calling or texting a Brazilian woman again after the first date, she can think that you aren’t interested in her anymore.
  • Display your affection in public is acceptable. Hugging, holding hands, and kissing are pretty normal in Brazil. If you date a girl in real life, don’t be afraid to show your affection with these gestures.
  • Talk with her about your intentions. If you want to start serious relationships, openness and honesty are important. Let a girl know that you have serious intentions and wait for her answer.
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Marrying a Brazilian Bride: Legal Tips

If you find a Brazilian wife and want to marry her, you should know how to register your marriage with a foreign partner in Brazil or in the US. Here you will find some legal tips on how to register your marriage with a foreign bride.

If you want to get married in Brazil as a US citizen, you should first register the intention to marry. You and your Brazilian mail order bride should go to the Civil Registry Office with 2 witnesses. Keep in mind that witnesses should be citizens of Brazil. After that, you should register your marriage and wait about 30 days to get a marriage license. Once a marriage license is approved, you have three months to get married. For more detailed information, you can visit this website.

If you want to marry your future Brazilian wife in the US, the process will start with obtaining a K-1 visa for her. You should fill in all required forms, which you can find on this site, and pay a visa application fee. Once your bride obtains a visa, she should enter the US within 6 months. After this, you have 90 days to get married.

Online Brides Dating Sites to Find a Brazil Wife

Nowadays, online dating is a popular way to meet new people, start dating or even look for a potential life partner. For foreign men who are dreaming about a beautiful Brazilian girlfriend, international women dating websites are a perfect choice. Let’s talk in more detail about the best brides online dating sites and why Brazilian brides are highly demanded.

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3 Reasons Why Online Dating Is Better Than Meeting Someone Offline

Recently, more and more men are using dating services to search for a potential life partner. Why? Here are 3 of the most popular reasons:

  1. Online dating is affordable. A lot of women dating websites offer their services for a monthly subscription that won’t be a hit to your wallet, unlike a trip to Brazil. Flight tickets, food, and accommodation will cost you much more than membership on any brides dating site.
  2. It is perfect if you’re not entirely sure about your decision. If dating Brazilian girls didn’t meet your expectations, you can easily switch to another women dating app or choose another location. But if you decide to go to Brazil and meet girls in person, it can be a decision you will regret in case of unsuccessful dating.
  3. Modern brides dating sites offer a lot of features and advanced search filters for effective dating. Want to find a hot Brazilian lady in Rio de Janeiro or São Paulo? Just set the location filter and browse profiles of local women! It is easy, quick, and effective.

Brazilian Bride Online: Top Women Dating Websites

Looking for the best dating service to meet beautiful Brazilian brides? We prepared for you the list of the best sites with their monthly visits where you can find your future woman from Brazil. They are reputable, secure, and have diverse features for the best dating experience.

  • Latin Feels women dating site — 162,000 visits per month
  • AmoLatina Date women dating site — 1M visits per month
  • LatinAmericanCupid women dating site — 3.6M visits per month
  • BrazilCupid women dating site — 700,000 per month
  • Par Perfeito women dating site — 4.7M per month

Most sites from the list above offer different personality tests to better understand your personality and preferences. After carefully analyzing your answers, the dating service will show you only those local singles who fit your preferences. It makes the searching process much easier. So visit the site you like and start dating girls online!

Tips for Safe Dating

There are a lot of dating platforms that are supposed to help you find a Brazilian wife, but not all are safe. Moreover, even on reputable mail order bride websites, you can meet suspicious accounts. Thus, you should take care of your safety while looking for a perfect woman from Brazil. Here are some safety tips for you:

  • Before signing up for a dating platform, take a look at the reviews from other users.
  • Never send your personal information or money to users on mail order brides websites.
  • Preferably communicate with users who are verified by the women dating site.
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Price Comparison: Mail Order Brides Sites vs Trips to Brazil

Can’t decide what is the best way to find and meet Brazilian girls for marriage? We can help you with it! There are a lot of factors that can affect a final decision, but the dating cost is, usually one of the most significant. Let’s compare the total average cost of dating on mail-order bride websites and the cost of a one-week trip to Brazil.

Cost of Mail Order Bride Services

First, let’s figure out how much online dating costs. There are several aspects that can influence the cost of dating Brazilian brides online:

  • Premium Membership — Gives users access to all available features on the site Sometimes includes different subscription plans at different prices.
  • Cost of features on Pay-per-Use sites — Users pay only for features (text chat, video calls, etc.) they use. For using paid features, users should buy virtual currency first.
  • Additional services — Gift delivery, translating services, a search boost, “watch all photos” feature, and other services are usually paid separately.

The cost of online dating services differs from site to site and also depends on how long you will use a brides site. However, there is an average price for a month of use of dating services. You can find it in the table below.

Monthly subscription$25-50
Pay-per-use websites$50-100
Additional services$10-100

Cost of Trip to Brazil

Now, let’s find out how much a trip to Brazil will cost you. Here are some of the main expenses you should expect going on a romance tour to meet Brazilian brides:

  • Travel expenses — Including flight tickets, accommodations, translating services if you don’t know the official language of Brazil (Portuguese), and transportation.
  • Restaurant and gifts — Restaurants are common places for a real-life date. You should also take into account the cost of gifts for a woman you like.
  • Relocation — Expenses include a visa application fee, flight tickets, etc.
  • Wedding — Includes the cost of a wedding ceremony, wedding attires, rings, marriage license, and wedding reception.
brazilian girls for marriage

In the table below you can see the average cost of all aspects listed above:

Flight tickets (round-trip)$1,000-1,300
Accommodations (for a week)$70-300
Restaurants and gifts (per week)$200-600
hotels in brazil

Why Brazilian Women Are the Best Choice for Marriage

Wondering what is so attractive about Brazilian women? There are a lot of characteristics that make them stand out. Local women possess inner and outer beauty that charms men all over the world. Let’s discover what makes Brazilian girls so desirable to foreign men and what unique characteristics they have.

Beauty of Brazilian Girls

Brazilian women for marriage will fascinate you with their natural beauty. Local women have stunning bodies with seductive curves that attract men from the first sight. They usually have tanned or dark skin, dark hair, and soft facial features, but there are also blonde girls with light eyes. Their genuine smile and gorgeous eyes make Brazilian girls for marriage one of the most beautiful among Latina women.

Most Brazilian girls are self-confident and know their worth. Local brides don’t try to fit into any beauty standards. Every girl in Brazil loves her unique appearance and doesn’t want to change it in order to be similar to others. However, plastic surgeries are popular in Brazil, but girls do them only to enhance their natural beauty, not to fit into Western beauty standards.


The passionate and cheerful nature of Brazilian beauties is another reason for their popularity among foreign men. Local brides possess amazing personalities, local women are kind, easy-going, emotional, and honest. It is easy to start a conversation with Brazilian women, as local women like to meet new people. From the first date, you will feel how easy and relaxing it is to communicate with them.

Brazilian mail order brides are perfect for relationships. Brazilian girls are family-oriented and always take care of their significant others. Also, local brides are loyal and sincere partners who know how important it is to be fully honest in relationships.

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What It Is Like to Have a Brazilian Wife?

It is undeniable that Brazilian brides are amazing ladies with a cheerful personality and exotic beauty. But how good are they for marriage? Due to their cultural background and a view of perfect family life, they can make perfect brides to foreign men. Here are some things you can expect in marriage with a Brazilian mail order bride:

  • They like to manage household chores. Marrying a girl from Brazil, you can expect that she will take care of the coziness and harmony at your home. Although the help from a husband is highly appreciated, a Brazilian woman doesn’t mind taking care of the home, cleaning, and cooking.
  • A Brazilian mail order wife will be a good mother. Local brides love children and dream about a happy family with one or two children. Your Brazilian bride will be a caring mother who knows how to raise children in an atmosphere of love.
  • Brazilian women are passionate. They are emotional and open with their partners. You can be sure that after marriage your Brazilian wife will still show you her passion and love. Family life will be full of emotions, romantic feelings, and mutual care.

Cultural Differences You’ll Face With Brazil Girls

Culture has a big impact on how a person sees ideal relationships, married life, and many other things. When you’re not aware of some traditions of your foreign bride, there may be a lot of surprising and sometimes shocking things in your life together. Let’s take a look at how different Brazil girls are from Western women in their views of a perfect wedding and married life.

Brazilian Mail Order Bride Wedding Traditions

A traditional Brazilian wedding starts with a Catholic wedding ceremony, as most Brazilians are Catholic. The main difference from Western wedding ceremonies is Brazilians have a grand entrance not only for the bride but the groom too. The ceremony lasts about one hour. After that, newlyweds and all wedding guests move to the wedding reception. Most couples prefer to choose a wedding venue on a beach.

An interesting tradition is to write all names of unmarried friends on the inside hem of a bride’s wedding dress to attract good luck to them. Also, all male friends of the groom should wear the same colored ties as a groom’s tie.

single brazilian women

From a Brazilian Point of View: Role of Women in Marriage

Most modern brides from Brazil are uniting traditions with modern values. Local brides still tend to have traditional gender roles, but with more equality with a male partner.

Brazilian women always put their families first. Almost all Brazilians remain close with their parents and prefer to visit them as much as possible. In marriage, Brazilian women will put all their effort into building a strong and happy family. A great idea for you and your Brazilian bride is to attend marriage classes to prepare yourself for future family life.

If you are serious about dating Brazilian brides, here are some tips that will help you.


Mail order brides from Brazil are charming, loving, and loyal women who are perfect for marriage. They know how to be a good bride and mother, and take care of family happiness. If you want to meet a beautiful Brazilian woman for marriage, you can go to Brazil or use brides dating websites. Brazilian women are easy-going and friendly, so you won’t have problems dating them.


[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h3″ question-0=”How Can I Find a Brazilian Bride?” answer-0=”You can easily find single local women for marriage on brides online dating sites. There are a lot of different services, like AmoLatina or BrazilCupid that are easy to use and have a lot of communication features. ” image-0=”” headline-1=”h3″ question-1=”What Are Brazilian Women Like?” answer-1=”Local women are extremely beautiful and have nice personalities. Brazil women are kind, emotional, honest, and fun-loving. Also, Brazilian mail order brides are loyal partners and know how to build a strong family. ” image-1=”” headline-2=”h3″ question-2=”Do Brazilian Women Date Foreigners?” answer-2=”Yes, a lot of local women date foreign men. Brazilian girls are open-minded and don’t want to limit themselves to only local single men. You can find a lot of single local brides ready for marriage to a foreign man on Brazilian brides dating sites. ” image-2=”” count=”3″ html=”true” css_class=””]

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