Meet our Dream Team

After watching Amanda Rose’s, Founder and CEO of the Dating Boutique Inc and Prestige Connections, webinars on dating, 2 young people (John and Jane) decided to start their own dating business.

They knew they were going to need help. Luckily, they had two of the best minds in the business world helping them out – John was an incredible marketer and Jane was a top sociologist. Between the three of them, they quickly came up with a plan that would help them succeed.

They started by creating a website and designing a catchy logo. They then began marketing their business online and in local newspapers. Within just a few months, they had hundreds of people signing up for their services.

Their business was a huge success! They helped singles find love all over the city, and everyone who used their service raved about it. Thanks to John and Jane’s hard work and clever marketing techniques, their dating business became one of the most popular in town!

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