Are Taiwanese Mail-Order Brides Worth Marrying?

Taiwanese brides in their appearance combine the features of residents of diametrically opposite Japan and America, but their soul is a real storehouse of true Chinese wisdom and depth.


When choosing the time to travel to Taiwan to look for Taiwanese mail order brides, try to avoid major Taiwan holidays and festivals. Most restaurants and shops are closed at this time, and hotels are overcrowded with tourists. If you prefer a beach holiday, then in the north of Taiwan, the water is optimal for swimming from May to September, and in the south – all year round. However, summer is hot, humid, and rainy, so October and November are the “golden” times in Taiwan. In our article, we will focus on Taiwan women for marriage. We’ll tell you that going to the country is not the only option to meet Taiwanese girls. Are you intrigued already? Let’s start then.

Relationship With Taiwanese Mail Order Brides: Pros and Cons

If you are interested in the international dating scene and Taiwanese ladies, in particular, it is, of course, good to know why it is worth taking the effort. We have compiled some of the most important pros and cons and summarized them here. So, here are the benefits of a relationship with Taiwanese bride.

The Intelligence

Are you looking for a partner from Taiwan who has a high level of intelligence? Single Taiwanese women can usually meet these demands. Many families attach great importance to the fact that both boys and Taiwanese ladies get a good education.


The diligence of Taiwanese wives is legendary. Taiwan girls work hard on themselves and on their future. If a bride has set a goal, then a bride keeps it in mind and absolutely wants to achieve it. Such toughness is one of the special characteristics of Taiwanese beauties.


Reliability is an important issue in a relationship and is a priority for many Taiwanese people. It can be found among beautiful Taiwanese brides. Once a bride decide on a man, they become life partners who are always ready to support their chosen ones.

Relationship With Taiwanese Mail Order Brides: Pros and Cons


Mail order brides Taiwan not only attach great importance to their education and career. Single Taiwanese women also pay great attention to their appearance. Brides have narrow eyes and a narrow nose as well as often very pronounced lips. An average Taiwanese bride looks very young. Dark eyebrows and dark hair frame a beautiful face. The body shape is very girly. Many of the Taiwanese mail order brides pay great attention to current fashion. Among other things, such a lady is also interested in trends that are currently on the rise in Europe.

When it comes to makeup, Taiwanese mail order brides know their way around. Brides pay attention to their skincare and nicely emphasize all the advantages with the right makeup. Jewelry or other accessories are usually used rather cautiously and serve as a highlight.


An average Taiwanese bride often grows up in a very large family and lives with parents for a long time. This is due to the fact that the cost of accommodation is high, and therefore many Taiwanese brides decide to stay with their parents until they are married. Therefore, brides have a strong sense of family. Brides are considered very loving but also ambitious. Friendships and partnerships are particularly important to every Taiwanese woman.

Taiwanese mail order wives do not just set themselves goals; brides passionately want to achieve them and do everything to succeed. Here brides invest a lot of time and energy.

Understandably, there are also some disadvantages of such a relationship. Here they are.

The Need to Learn the Language

If you are not into learning languages, you will not be happy about the fact that you will have to learn Chinese. The majority of people residing in Taiwan speak Chinese, so if you want to become really close with your Taiwanese bride, you will have to show you are interested in her language and culture. The language is difficult: it is good if the native speaker can help in mastering it. But it will be difficult for foreign husbands anyway. If you are planning a long-term relationship and acquaintance with the parents of the chosen one, there is no way without Chinese.

Lack of Passion

Taiwanese wives (and many men) are not passionate about the intimate side of life. Genetically, it is due to low levels of the hormone testosterone, which is responsible for sex drive and late adulthood. Nevertheless, this does not apply to all Taiwan mail order brides.

Meet a Taiwanese Bride You Will Marry

In Taiwan, some unwritten rules can be important to you if you want to marry Taiwanese girl. We have compiled the most important of these rules here.

  1. Make gifts. Perhaps you would like to give a present to a Taiwanese woman, but you are unsure how to proceed? Do not present the lady with any weird objects or a watch. There is no need to waste money on expensive gifts at the very beginning of a relationship with a Taiwanese woman: some flowers or a cute toy will do (local girls like those a lot).
  2. Curiosity matters. Perhaps you will discover in conversations that the Taiwan brides are very curious. It has nothing to do with rudeness. In fact, it is just one of their qualities. You do not have to answer all questions and are welcome to ask questions yourself. However, they should always be cautious.
  3. Friendliness. Taiwanese people themselves love to compliment and are pleased to hear compliments. You may be a little confused by the extensive flattery at the beginning. However, these are meant to be friendly and can be accepted with a clear conscience.
  4. Respect. Respect for older people is particularly important in this area. You should definitely take this into account – especially if you meet the family of a Taiwanese mail order wife and come into contact with the parents or grandparents.
Meet a Taiwanese Bride You Will Marry

How to Find Taiwanese Mail Order Brides

Online dating is now a widespread way of finding partners or new contacts in general. We would like to tell you how to meet Taiwanese brides easily with the help of mail order brides websites.

Step 1: Find a Suitable Mail Order Bride Service

The first step into online dating should always be to spend a lot of time finding a suitable provider. The offer is diverse, so you are free to choose what you like best. We recommend reading some reviews to get to know what users think about this or that dating platform.

Step 2: Set Up Your Profile

Once you’ve decided on a portal, it’s time to set up your profile. This is extremely important, after all, the profile is your online business card. If your profile is poorly set up, the probability that you would meet Taiwanese women drops many times over. Accordingly, when setting up, you should take the time to study the following three elements:

  1. Profile name. Avoid boring standard names. Try to convey part of your personality at this point.
  2. Profile picture. Appearance is the first thing the majority of people pay attention to; remember it. When it comes to finding Taiwanese girlfriend, your photo is of great importance at first. It can make a difference whether a Taiwanese lady contacts you or not. Pay attention to authenticity; spontaneous snapshots are usually more personable than a professional photo.
  3. Profile text. Your profile name and picture are responsible for attracting attention in online dating. The profile text ensures that you arouse real interest in your future Taiwanese wife.

Step 3 – Look Around!

Before you dive into dating Taiwanese brides, you should read up on a few basic things because there are some hidden things in online dating too. So-called love fraudsters try unfairly to get your data and your money. They pretend to be normal users and establish a personal connection through chat and phone calls.

To protect yourself from such fraud, keep the following in mind:

  • Pay attention to the wording. If someone pretends to be English, German, or of any other nationality but does not write grammatically correct, you should become suspicious. Foreign fraudsters often work with translation programs, which leads to errors.
  • Never send money to anyone, and don’t just give your personal information to strangers. You shouldn’t do this until after you’ve gotten to know the person in real life.
How to Find Taiwanese Mail Order Brides

Step 4: First Contact and Chat

You have laid the basis for successful online dating with the first three steps. Whether you are using one of top Taiwan brides sites or a flirt portal, you will now receive partner suggestions or look for singles yourself.

Step 5: The Date

In step 4, you contacted a Taiwan girl for marriage, got to know her via chat, and finally arranged a date. So far, so good. Now we come to the really exciting part, getting to know each other in real life. Many are nervous and insecure about a first date.

There is no need to be too nervous about your first date: it does not mean that you are guaranteed to have a Taiwanese wedding as a result of it. You may get acquainted with many people before you marry Taiwanese girl. In any case, with the help of a Taiwanese bride agency, it is much easier to find mail order brides from Taiwan.

Step 6: After the Date

After the date, the question arises: do I want to see this Taiwanese woman again? Think about it, and then decide on your future. If you want to see the person a second time, you should communicate this clearly and not wait too long; the best thing to do is to ask for another date immediately after the first meeting.

How Good Are Single Taiwanese Women?

Those interested in dating Taiwanese girls should also be aware that an average Taiwanese mail order bride is pretty loyal and family-oriented. These pretties like children, which is definitely a huge plus. Moreover, they can easily combine a successful career with household chores. Understandably, as with any other country, ladies are pretty different. So, there is a probability that your Taiwanese bride will be eager to dedicate herself to house, husband, and children only. It is better to make everything clear at the very beginning of the relationship.

How Good Are Single Taiwanese Women?

Facts You Should Know About Marriage With Taiwanese Mail Order Bride

Dating is certainly an issue in Taiwan. However, you will notice that many mail order women are still singles over the age of 25. Compared to other Asian countries, this is certainly a special feature. This is because many mail order women invest time in their careers and thus have less room to find a partner.

Weddings are also not in the foreground. Most local women want a family. But if that doesn’t work out, then brides are not too disappointed. Dating often takes a lot of time. Before the local girl puts on a wedding dress, she wants to be sure you are the one.

Comparing Taiwanese Mail Order Bride and Other Women

Here are the main differences between local girls and ladies from other areas you will definitely notice when communicating with such a lady:

  • Freedom of self-expression.
  • Punctuality.
  • Less noise.
  • The need to communicate a lot.
Comparing Taiwanese Mail Order Bride and Other Women

Final Thoughts About Mail Order Taiwanese Brides and Dating Taiwanese Girls

As you can see, if you are interested in online dating, your options are plentiful. Taiwanese culture is different from other cultures, of course, but if you find a common language with a lady, your relationships will be maximally enjoyable. Local mail order ladies are one of the most popular on the international dating scene, so don’t lose your chance to find true love on one of Taiwan brides sites.


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