Orchid Romance Review

Updated on Jul 2023

Orchid Romance has an insanely vast number of visits per month – more than 4 million compared to 150-250 thousand on competitor sites. Our team of experts have joined this online dating platform and have been using it for several months now have an expert review ready with their thoughts on Orchid Romance, its features, pros, cons, and prices.

Orchid Romance
✅ Good forSuitable for single Americans, Canadians, and Brits
For those looking for online dating with Asian women
Singles who are interested in international online dating
Single people who have difficulty finding a potential partner in real life
Singles who want to have a choice
Dominate age of women22-35
All Profiles number250,000
Women Profiles numbermore than 125,000
What countries coverAsian countries (China, Vietnam, the Philippines, Thailand), Great Britain, the USA
Orchid Romance main page

Orchid Romance Dating Site: Pros And cons

After analyzing dozens of Orchid Romance reviews, our specialists summarized the data and described the pros and cons of this dating platform compared to other online dating platforms. Below you can get acquainted with them on this dating platform, about its online communication, search for Asian girls, and more.

A good dating platform to get an online dating experience with Asian womenUsers cannot view profile videos for free
Bonus credits for registrationNo mobile app
Live broadcastsUsers cannot read emails from Asian ladies and boys for free
Many search filtersOnly registered users can view profiles
Many verified profiles
Transparent pricing policy
Professional support team
Optimized version of the site
It’s easy to make first purchase credits and next

Experts About Using Orchid Romance 

Our experts have analyzed dozens of user reviews of this good dating website, and below have provided answers to the most frequently asked questions about this platform. Also, in order for your communication on the site to be successful, our experts have found for you an expert article on 8 experts’ Tips to Improve Your Dating App Etiquette.

Will Orchid Romance Help Me Find A Date?

Thanks to a friendly environment, a wide and active audience base, and advanced features, compared to other similar websites, it will be easier for you to find a perfect match here, after going through the registration process. You will also be helped by the phenomenal feature of contact exchange, which are premium services on the OrchidRomance website. 

Users use this function when they are absolutely sure that their interlocutor suits them perfectly and that they want to have a better understanding of their life together, and for this, they need to meet in real life.

Orchid Romance

How Many Successful Marriages On Orchid Romance?

It is difficult to name the exact number of happy stories on this dating site, as on other dating sites, because everything is confidential. But judging by the reviews of users, most of them claim that they managed to find the ideal type of relationship for them on the platform.

Are Any Faked Profiles Found On The Orchid Romance Site?

Our experts have been on this dating site for a long time and have not noticed any fake profiles. Although this does not mean that they are not there at all, since every site of this type has them, because of this, you need to remember the rules of security against fraudsters.

Also, the site team actively fights against fake profiles. And if you happen to come across such a profile, report it to support, and they will immediately block the profile for your safety and the safety of others.

Sign Up Process To Orchid Romance

The registration process, profile creation, and other processes in orchid romance are very simple. But for your convenience, below, you can read step-by-step instructions on how to register on this orchid romance dating site.

  • Go to the main page of the site
  • You will have a registration form on the left, as in the screenshot below
Orchid Romance create account
  • Start filling in the fields in this form such as your name, date of birth, your email, and password.
Orchid Romance create account
  • Choose your gender
Orchid Romance create account
  • By clicking on the green square, you confirm that you are familiar with the rules of the site
Orchid Romance create account
  • Click the Register button
Orchid Romance create account

After registering, you have essentially completed Create an account process. After that, you can fill in the details of your profile. You can spend only a few minutes of your time, from opening the main page of the site to sending your first message to a real Asian online matchmaker. 

Number Of Filters And Their Quality

In case you want to find your ideal woman or man for an international online relationship, you should try the filters available on Orchid Romance. This is a great tool that can help you narrow your search and improve the quality of your communication.

Basically, you just specify what characteristics you want your date to have. Simple filters allow you to specify the age of the date, while the advanced search offers filters such as country, city, education level, children, smoking, marital status, alcohol, religion, and member ID.

Orchid Romance search

Free Vs. Paid Membership

This orchid romance dating site, like other online dating platforms, has both paid and free services. Also, it has a credit based system. In the table below, you can familiarize yourself with the list of types of online communication, both paid and free, which can be used to search for Asian girls.

Free servicesPaid OrchidRomance services
Communication with customer supportSending virtual gifts
Registration processPersonal details and contact request
Verification proceduresend messages
Edit information in accountFollow users
Create an accountSending real gifts
Search for a perfect match with advanced People featuresMails
Access to user’s profilesInstant messaging
View streamsView profile video
Access to public photosPhoto possible more loading
Communication in public chat in stream
View user posts in the feed

Plans And Prices

In this OrchidRomance review below, you can familiarize yourself with the pricing policy and credit packages of this dating website, that help to find Asian beauty. 

Orchid Romance CostAmount of creditsWho is the offer for?
$2.9920 creditsFor new users, only after registration with 1 purchase
$9.9920 creditsFor users who already use the site
$19.9950 creditsFor other members who already use the site
$44.99125 creditsFor users who already use the site
$69.99250 creditsFor users who already use the site
$149.99750 creditsFor users who already use the site

Note: The first payment for users, as can be seen from the table above, will have a lower price. And the second and next payments will be more expensive and at regular prices.

How To Start Using Orchid Romance After Registration?

After registering and creating a profile, you can start searching for the perfect partner or relationship on the platform. Find out how to do it below in this review.

How To Find The Perfect Type Of Relationship On The Dating Site Orchid Romance?

So, how do you find someone special on OrchidRomance, and is it a good dating site in terms of finding? Here are the two site’s main types of searches the site offers:

  1. Simple search with 3 filters – gender, country, and age
  2. People function (scroll).
  3. Orchidromance Advanced Search 

We could search for matches in one click – there is a search button in the main menu, and we could also search for members who are currently online, those we have already followed, or select all members.

While the basic search works well, one of the main things we missed on this dating site was an advanced search with additional filters. When we were looking for a match, it was quite easy to find an attractive woman, but we had to go through the profile to find out at least the basic information about her – what is her marital status, whether she works or not, whether she has children, etc.

The same goes for the People feature (the People link is also available in the main menu). It was more fun than using the regular search because you can see a large photo of the member and their location, but we still had to go through profiles to find out more.

Note from experts: In the account settings, you can also configure automatic balance top up. This is convenient so that you don’t forget to spend money and buy credits for communication.

Mobile Version Of Orchid Romance Site

It is quite convenient and modern that the site has an optimized version, that is, even without an application, you can use the site on your phones, tablets, etc. You can use the site when you have a good internet connection and a browser like Google.

How Does Communication With Members Of Orchid Romance Take Place?

Orchid Romance chat

Among the means of communication on OrchidRomance, messaging is the most important. There’s live chat, email, and streaming, but most members communicate via text.

  1. When our experts wanted to get in touch with someone, our experts did so by selecting Chat or Email directly on the profile page — as our experts noted, there’s a chat window, so you can start typing your message right away.
  2. Additionally, users can click Messages in the main menu to access their inbox of active chats and emails.
  3. There was a public chat with the streamer, which made working on the dating platform even more pleasant. The main principle of this function is as follows: the participant sees the chat after joining the stream as a viewer, and can also go to the streamer’s profile and, if desired, send a private message.

In general, our experts can start a live chat/email however you want by clicking “Start Now” on any profile in the search results, using the “People” communication tools after viewing a post and going to a profile – even beginners will have no problem getting started in a new talk about Orchid Romance. 

To make your communication on the site successful, our experts have found an expert article for you on Online Dating Etiquette Guide, Unspoken Rules & Texting Tips.

OrchidRomance Dating App

At the time of writing this review, the site’s developers have not created a dedicated mobile Orchid Romance app. This is, of course, a minus of the platform, but you can still use the site on your phones through the mobile version of the site.

Orchid Romance users

Quality Profiles Of Female Members On Orchid Romance

Unlike search filters, profiles conquered our experts. Apparently, the site doesn’t even allow Asian women who don’t want to provide enough details to join the community. Almost all the profiles our experts found are verified and quite detailed. Here’s what our experts were able to see after looking at a random personal page:

Brief self-description

It’s more like half the profile header, and half the About Me section. It could be more detailed and longer overall, but in most cases, other users put the most important information at the top of their profile, and this works very well for users who want to see the member’s posts for themselves first.

Public and private photos

Our experts paid for private photos, and to be honest, they are not much different from public photos. Also, most ladies add at least 5 public photos, so this is enough to get an idea of ​​what the contestant looks like.

Chat window

Our experts could get personal contacts with the member immediately if they wanted, but getting more information before spending credits on messages always seemed like a better idea.

Basic details – relationship goals, age, marital status, location, personality type, English level, profession, etc.

This is probably the most useful section – it really has a lot of basic but important details.

Contributions of participants

This was a useful feature because our experts could see all of a user’s previous posts, and 90% of the time they gave us more information than any of the profile sections mentioned earlier.

Note: Some registered users also have profile videos, but our experts didn’t watch all of them, just because it costs too much virtual money and only makes sense if you are really interested in that particular member and want to make sure they are real.

Orchid Romance Safety & Security 

The site has a modern data encryption system that protects all user data, so you don’t have to worry about your level of Safety & Security on this platform. You are completely safe. Although, of course, you should always remember the basic safety rules against moneylenders.

Orchid Romance do you like

Tips From Experts On Filling Out A Profile

If you want to get better matches and stand out from the other guys swimming in the dating pool, it’s time to update your profile. Let’s talk about how to do this.

Here are our top tips for guys to make your dating profile stand out.

Avoid group photos

Group shots as the first photo, so no one knows who you are is often an instant no-no for most people. Create your best solo photo, so people know what you look like at first glance. Nobody wants to play the “who is who?” game. 

Take the guesswork out of it and make it easier for yourself. But if you must add a group photo, at least post it as the last photo, so they probably know who you are.

Formulate your intentions

Write a short note about what you’re looking for in a relationship or a real life date, if anything. For example, follow the easy path with the phrase “Let’s go hiking and then have a beer.” want to be more serious Try something like, “I don’t like all the friend benefits. Let me take you on a real date.”

Saying “I want to get married” can turn people off. Let’s save that for the second date or when the time is right to discuss the ultimate goals of any kind of relationships, such as serious relationships.

Introduce your personality

I don’t want to say, “Be yourself!” because that’s such a general advice, but be yourself. Seriously.

Your profile is your chance to promote yourself and win dates. By sharing who you really are, including your lifestyle, music preferences, and sense of humor, you’re more likely to attract people who like you, rather than an idealized image of who you pretend to be. In your profile, you can make several photos closed if you want. You can learn more profile tips in this video.

Orchid Romance Customer Support

The customer support team on the site consists only of real professionals in their field. Yes, if you have any problem or question about using the OrchidRomance service, you can easily write to their email: [email protected]. They will give you feedback in a short time and help to solve your problem.


Orchid Romance definitely has some special features, and most of them are available to even to members who haven’t bought any of the credit packs:

  1. News feed and posts from participants. Some social networking additional features definitely make online communication more fun. Our experts have learned a lot from posts, whether it’s browsing random posts in the news feed, viewing past posts on our own profiles, following others, viewing images, and reading posts, it’s definitely a great online dating experience.
  2. Requests for a personal meeting. Our experts haven’t tested this feature because our experts won’t meet anyone in real life, but it’s a special and quite interesting feature that other dating sites don’t have.
  3. Streams. Our experts also have to admit that the streams are great for entertaining and interacting with both Asian women and men registered on the site. Our experts talked to girl streamers, and they are just foreign women looking for someone on the platform. 

They don’t often ask for donations and talk about things that people usually discuss on a dating site, and the chance of starting a relationship with one of the streamers is pretty high overall.

Of course, it’s up to you to decide whether to use this dating platform, but our experts advise you to at least give it a chance.

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