Eastern Honeys Review From Dating Experts

Updated on Jul 2023

Basic information about a platform or site say a lot, so our experts have prepared for you the main important points about Eastern Honeys in the table below. You can also find out more information about the service in the review with our dating experts’ own research below.

Eastern Honeys
✅ Good forFor men and women from Japan who are looking to meet women from Asian countries
For people looking for a great online dating experience
For those who are not against casual and other types of relationships
Dominate average age of women25-45
All Profiles number200,000
Women Profiles number95,000
What countries coverAsia’s countries (the Philippines, Thailand, China, Vietnam)
LegitimateYes, the site is Eastern Honeys legit 

EasternHoneys main page

Eastern Honeys Dating Site: Pros And Cons

Our experts on online dating applications, and the field in general, value your time, so below in the table, you have the opportunity to familiarize yourself with all the benefits and Disadvantages of Eastern Honeys platform.

The first email costs 10 creditsThere is no Eastern Honeys app for mobiles
Good and free communication tools with the customer support teamA little too many questions during profile registration
A generous and unique welcome offer for all new members
There are a large number of Asian women from Korea, China, the Philippines, Japan, and Vietnam
Translation function
Very effective search tools
No need to pay for using search filters
A very high and reliable level of security
A large number of modern messaging tools
A minimalistic site that is easy to use

Answers To Faq From Dating Experts About Using Eastern Honeys

Our experts decided to be in the role of ordinary Eastern Honeys users and test all the functions of the top mail order bride site for themselves. This was necessary for a better and more detailed description in this EasternHoneys review. They also provided answers to the most frequently asked questions about the service below.


EasternHoneys reason to choose us

Will Eastern Honeys Help Me Find A Real Life Date? 

Compared to other online dating sites and platforms that offer similar services, the Eastern Honeys site has a wider and more active audience with international members, so your chances of getting romantic relationships, serious relationships, and personal meetings with eastern women, Asian beauty women, or western men are higher than on others, so yes. 

The site will at least increase your chances of getting international dating experience.

How Many Successful Marriages On Eastern Honeys?

The percentage of happy stories on this Eastern Honeys site is high compared to other online dating sites. This is all thanks to high-quality features and an active and wide audience base. In this video, you can see how the system on this platform works and helps people find the relationships they need.

Are Any Fake Profiles Found On Eastern Honeys Site?

During the review of Eastern Honeys online dating site, our experts did not find any fake profile or bot that could prevent you from having a good time on the site. But of course, our experts still advise you to be familiar with the usual rules of behavior and how to find out whether you really have a real person in front of you or a moneylender. Advice from experts will help you with this.

Sign Up Process For Eastern Honeys

Compared to other dating sites, registering on this Eastern Honey platform is very simple and clear, but our experts have also created a step-by-step guide for you on what and how to complete the registration process.

  • Go to the main page of the Eastern Honey international dating website 
  • On the right side of the main screen, you will see a field for registration. It looks like the screenshot below
EasternHoneys create account
  • Select your gender from the drop-down list
EasternHoneys create account
  • Enter your name in the “Enter your name” field
EasternHoneys create account
  • Select your month, year, and day from the birth date in the appropriate fields from the drop-down lists 

  • Enter your current postal address
EasternHoneys create account
  • Come up with a password in your head and then write it down in the corresponding field.

The password must consist of eight characters or more. This is required for the security of your profile.

EasternHoneys create account
  • Check the green box. 

This will mean that you are familiar with the rules of the platform

EasternHoneys create account
  • Click the orange Register button
EasternHoneys create account

Congratulations! You have completed the registration process. Now our experts also advise undergoing ID verification, in this way you will confirm that you are a real person, and it will also show other users that you are verified, that is, they will trust you more. The process of ID verification is quite simple.

Stages Of Id Verification

  1. Log in to your Eastern Honeys account online dating site
  2. Click the profile picture icon and select “Verify ID” from the drop-down menu.
  3. Click on “ID Verification Form”
  4. Print and sign the form, then scan each signed page along with your ID or official document with your name, photo, and citizenship
  5. Upload scanned documents

Logged Out Of Your Profile For Some Reason? Steps For Login Process

If you accidentally log out of your account, logging back into your Eastern Honeys profile is quite simple.

  1. Go to this page on the Eastern Honeys website.
  2. You will have a form as shown in the screenshot below.
  3. Enter the data with which you registered your profile in this form.
  4. Click the login button.
EasternHoneys log in

That’s all you need to do to complete the login process.

Free Vs. Paid Membership

Our experts understand that you may be used to membership rates on popular online dating sites. The credit based system works here, in the table below you can find out the list of paid and free functions.

Free servicesPaid services
Editing profileView closed videos in profiles
Communicate with the streamer and other viewers in public chat during live streamsLive chat with users on the EasternHoneys website
Registration and verification processAdding photos and videos in emails and chats
Change usernameSending real and virtual gifts with delivery included in the price
Viewing live broadcastsMail
View someone’s profile and public photosView closed photos in profiles
Using all search feature typesSending a request for a personal meeting, in reality, contact request for contact details
Sending winksChat with streamers

Plans And Prices

There are no regular premium, monthly subscription or other membership plans on the site, there is a system where you buy credits with your money, and then use these credits to buy services on the dating platform. Below, you can familiarize yourself with the prices for different amounts of loans.

Amount of creditsCost 
$2.99 20 credits (for new members when making the 1st purchase)
$9.9920 credits (for other male and female members)
$19.9950 credits (for other users)
$44.99125 credits (for other members)
$69.99250 credits (for other male and female members)
$149.99750 credits (for other members)

How To Start Using Eastern Honeys After Registration?

After registration, you should fill in the details of your profile on the platform, because it will be your face on the site. It is he who will also attract women or men (depending on who you are looking for). 

  1. Firstly, you should have a clear photo of yourself in your profile, where you are not wearing dark glasses and where your face is visible. 
  2. Second, there should be a description of why you came to this site and what type of relationship you are looking for. 

Our experts have also found dating expert tips about creating a profile, they can make this process easier for you. After filling out your profile, you can start looking for the ideal relationship for you, and all the features of the dating platform will help you with this. Below you can find their description and list.


How Do Users Search For Matches On Eastern Honeys?

The “Search” button is located at the top of the site and is called “Search”. Our experts used filters to create this EasternHoneys review:

  1. Country
  2. Sex
  3. Age

Our specialists also preferred to search for women who were online. After applying the filters, since they did not select a specific country, he was presented with a gallery of single women from all Asian countries available on the platform.

EasternHoneys search

Under each photo of women was the following information:

  1. A set of photos and videos that the girl added to her profile
  2. Status whether it is online or offline
  3. Start Now or Send Email Button
EasternHoneys users

Methods For First Contact And Communication With Users

All features, or to be precise, almost all features that actually allow you to contact another member, are premium tools and cost a certain amount of credits. Such a system allows you to maintain the quality of service at a high level.

So here are the options for contacting anyone on the Eastern Honeys website.

Search Functions

There are as many as three types of search on the platform: normal, People, and extended search (you can search for a future partner by marital status, age range, experience in online relationships and general dating experience, verified members or not verified, etc.). They all exist to facilitate the process of finding Eastern women and men that you find attractive.


Watching broadcasts, everyone has the opportunity to find someone special for themselves. You can call this feature video chat.

Sending A Wink

It’s ideal for informing the user that they are interested in him

Attitude Of Likes

It’s ideal for letting the user know that you are interested in them.

Add To Favorites

In this way, you will make a list of users that you liked the most. And among them, you will be able to choose those with whom you want to communicate the most.

Sending Emails

It’s essentially the same private chat, but there is a difference. You can send long letters with long descriptions of something, wishes and so on.


The usual function for communication, similar to social networks.

Sending Gifts

When you know for sure that you have met someone who is right for you, you can pleasantly surprise this person by sending them a gift.

Sending A Request To Exchange Contact Information

In the event that you have already communicated a lot with a certain user and want to stop paying money on the platform, you can send a request to meet and exchange contact details when you want further communication to continue and to meet in person in reality. 

Mobile Version Of Eastern Honeys Site

The developers of the site EasternHoneys tried their best and developed a mobile version of the site. That is, even without a mobile application on your smartphone, you can safely use the site somewhere on the road through your phone and the browser in it.

EasternHoneys do you like

Eastern Honeys Dating App

The presence of a mobile application is an important aspect when choosing a platform for finding any relationship, because we are all too often not at the computer but somewhere on the road, waiting or admissible in a café with only a phone.

While creating a review of this site, our specialists discovered that this platform, unfortunately, does not have its own mobile application at the time of writing the review, that is, you will not be able to download the site on either Android or iPhone. Undoubtedly, this is quite a big minus, but as an alternative, there is a mobile version of the site.

Facts To Find Out Before You Start Dating Asians

Below, you can read some facts that will help you understand Asian beautiful women in real life, and international dating a little more.

  1. Their parents will immediately reject you as a suitor. In fact, they will probably continue to try to bring the hot Asian woman to the sons of their friends. “You’re still not married to that so-called friend of yours – what’s the matter?”
  2. You must eat what your Asian parents cooked for you. They may not think you’re a good match for a man yet, but they’ll like you more if you eat. Just be prepared to eat anything when you’re around an Asian bride. Please don’t ever turn your nose up at an Asian bride’s food, or you’ll have to say goodbye.
  3. If an Asian bride wants you to drink tea, it’s not for fun. Professional tip: Fill other people’s cups before your own, from oldest to youngest. If you pour your tea before the bride’s tea, you will be judged accordingly.
  4. Asian women have dark hair. Prepare to find knots of long black hair in the shower drain, in the vacuum cleaner, on the carpet, everywhere, and constantly throughout your real life.
  5. Rough things fascinate beautiful Asian women in a strange way. Like your earwax. She may want to remove your earwax.

These facts are taken from this reliable source, and you can learn more from it.

EasternHoneys girl profile

EasternHoneys Profiles: Personalization, Quality, And Features

Not all of your test answers during registration and member’s profile creation will be displayed in your personal profile.


  1. A detailed unique description makes a profile stand out
  2. You can edit your own account and make some of your photos (or all of them private).
  3. During registration, users can skip most of the questions in the questionnaires on the platform.
  4. There are several main sections that must be filled out: Biography, Interests, and hobbies, Who exactly are you looking for, and according to what criteria
Tips For Improving Your Profile

Here are some other tips to help get more attention for EasternHoneys:

  1. The more photos the better.

Both men and women become much more popular after adding quality photos and ideally a video profile. EasternHoneys male profiles are less detailed, so any man with a lot of photos gets an edge over the “competitors”.

  1. Think about the really important things.
  2. What should your partner know about you

Who do you want to meet on the site? Think about it and write a useful, meaningful self-description – this will also help narrow your search and let others know what to really expect from Eastern Honeys.

  1. The more movies and music genres you can remember, the easier it will be for others to start a conversation with you. 

Also, you can find more tips on creating a profile by reading the information in this resource.

Eastern Honeys Safety & Security 

The protection of user data, both banking and personal, is an important factor when choosing and questioning trust in a platform when looking for any type of relationship. 

Yes, this site has a modern and reliable encryption and data protection system, so you can safely use the site without fear that your data will end up somewhere. But in addition, to be calmer, you can read these tips that will help protect you from any mistakes.

Eastern Honeys Customer Support

The support team on the site is of high quality and helps the users on the site to quickly solve their questions or problem that they encountered on the platform. You can contact their support by writing to their Customer support easternhoneys.com by email: [email protected].

In the letter, describe your problem in detail. You can also attach some materials, such as screenshots or videos from your screen. Such materials will help support to solve your question faster, but if you don’t have them, it’s okay. They will definitely provide you with a quick response and solution to the problem in any case.


What is the conclusion of our experts after creating a review of EasternHones and analyzing dozens of Eastern Honeys reviews about the platform? In general, the site has everything that an international dating site should have in the online dating world. And it’s really easy to find an Asian girlfriend on it. 

EasternHoneys about site

Judging by the reviews, users like the features like streams, news feed and the ability to follow others, good live chat, and many other communication tools the most. More importantly, despite the site being one of the best in its niche, male and female members do not need to pay money immediately after joining EasternHoneys. 

That is, absolutely every new member on the platform, when searching for Asian girls, receives free credits. To get the best experience, you will definitely have to spend money. Our experts believe that the site is worth at least 1 chance, but of course, only you decide, and the review is intended to help you with a decision. 

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