Asian Melodies Review Should You Use It in 2024?

Updated on Jul 2023

The Asian Melodies website is one of the most popular dating sites for Asian women. Here, a lot of Western men are trying to find serious relationships and get incredible communication. The site has an impeccable reputation on the web and has helped create millions of happy couples over the years. We can confidently say that this dating platform is reliable and great!

Many users ask what is Asian Melodies are, and we can say with confidence that here you can meet a huge number of beautiful ladies who came here for different purposes, but each of them wants to chat with you. We decided to see how good this site is for dating and created these Asian Melodies dating review for you to read our findings and decide if you want to use this platform.

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How Do the Asian Melodies Dating Site Work, and What Kind of Girls Can You Meet Here?

We carefully studied the online dating platform and familiarize ourselves with all the features. This site has many free features that you can use at no cost, but in addition, you can see paid services here, which help in communication and require an additional fee.

Despite this, has a rather attractive and stylish interface and a simple registration process. Every user will be able to understand the use of the site without any difficulties. We conducted a study and found out that about 600,000 people come here every month, and this is an excellent indicator for international dating service, most of which are representatives of Asian countries.

Based on all the information that we have been able to find out and concluding the many Asian Melodies dating site reviews, we can say that this site is reliable to use and provides a great opportunity to meet beautiful ladies who want to communicate just like you whether it is worth using and who you can meet.

Girls on site70%
Men on site30%
Age category of usersFrom 25 to 34 years
Most popular countriesChina, Vietnam, Philippines, Japan, Thailand

We managed to find out that there are significantly more women than men on AsianMelodies and the average age of ladies is from 25 to 34 years. Most of the girls are representatives of such countries as China, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, and Japan.

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Who Should Necessarily Use Asian Melodies? 

The main users of the online dating site are men who are looking for young and beautiful girls from Asian countries for certain purposes, such as dating, simple communication, marriage, or friendship. Having studied many Asian Melodies site reviews, we concluded that most of the men who came to this platform were successfully able to find a girl who made them happy and fulfilled their desires.

But in addition to a large number of male users, here you can meet many gorgeous ladies who want to communicate and find a reliable partner. The girls on the site do not sit idle, but rather actively communicate and are the first to show sympathy. All you need to do for a perfect match is to look through a lot of profiles and show interest in the girls who are waiting for this so much.

Information About the Service

The dating site AsianMelodies has a huge number of services that you can use and, as a result, get exciting communication with beautiful Asian girls. We carefully studied each service and compiled a list of facts about this platform: 

  • The site does not have fake profiles and accounts that are not active. All activity on the platform is strictly controlled by the administration and partner agencies. Each profile is thoroughly checked and if the partner agencies or the AsianMelodies administration reveals suspicions, the account is blocked without the possibility of re-creating an account on this site.
  • The dating website has a live streaming feature. With the help of this feature, girls have the opportunity to go live from their devices and communicate with fans in video chat mode.
  • The girls who are on the AsianMelodies website are the most active. By registering on a dating site, you can be sure that the girls will not wait until you show interest in them, but will use all communication tools and send you requests for correspondence to get to know you better.
  • To select any paid feature, you need to buy credits. a minimum of 20 credits will cost you $9.99, and a maximum of 250 will cost you $99.99. AsianMelodies doesn’t have a monthly premium membership feature, so you’ll have to buy credits regularly to use the paid features.
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Examples of Women’s Profiles at Asian Melodies

Asian Melodies dating has only up-to-date profiles, which are regularly updated, moderated, and undergo many checks. Here you will not find fake profiles, but you will be able to see only informative and attractive accounts, with a lot of information and contact details of girls.

From female profiles, you can find out a huge amount of information, such as the girl’s name, age, location, marital status, and whether she has children. You can also find information about whether she smokes, what level of education she has, her zodiac sign, her level of English, and much more. In addition, most single Asian women write an intriguing introduction at the bottom of their profile, from which you can learn more about them than from the questionnaire in their profile.

5 Reasons Why Men Around the World Trust Asian Melodies Dating Site

Many western men want to try online dating experience, but don’t know which platform to choose and what they can get by registering here. There are a huge number of reasons to try using the Asian Melodies dating site. We analyzed all the possible options and chose the top 5 reasons why you should do it.

AsianMelodies users

Minimum Fake Girl Profiles

First of all, this is the fact that you will not find fake profiles on this dating site. The administration of AsianMelodies approaches this issue responsibly and does everything possible to reduce the number of untruthful accounts. Each new profile undergoes a thorough check and further activity. If the account was noticed in suspicious activity or received a lot of spam complaints, the administration immediately deletes it without the possibility of recovery.

Quality Customer Support

Asian Melodies website is the place where you will not be left without support. The platform has a 24/7 support service, whose specialists are ready to answer any of your questions and help you solve the problem, regardless of whether it is day or night. For this site, the peace and comfort of its users are very important factors, so they do everything possible to ensure that every client has an incredible stay here.

Extensive Free Features and Low-Cost Paid Services

This popular dating service has a huge number of features that you can use for free and those for which you need to pay. Lots of free features can make your visit to AsianMelodies even more comfortable and exciting. In addition, paid features have the maximum available cost, and every user will be able to use them, regardless of their financial situation.

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Large Selection of Girls From Different Countries

Asian Melodies is a site that is not limited to one country. Here you can meet beautiful ladies from different countries, such as China, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, and the Philippines. All these girls are ready to communicate with you and go on dates in the future. In addition, many women on the site do not expect the first step from you, but show sympathy themselves and send a request for correspondence.

Detailed Profiles

The Asian Melodies dating website treats users’ profiles responsibly and always checks them thoroughly, and asks them to fill out detailed information about their identity before the profile is released to the public. 

Here you will not find half-empty pages, but you will be able to see only bright and informative profiles from which you can get to know the girl better and understand what kind of person she is. Many girls write an introduction to their profile at the bottom of the girls profiles, which often includes interesting facts about themselves or their interests.

Comparison of Asian Melodies and Other Popular Online Dating Sites

At the moment, many dating sites boast many interesting features and help a large number of singles find love. But among these platforms, you can often find those that should not be trusted or that you need to carefully study all the information before creating an account. Since the Asian Melodies website is one of the best dating sites, we did our research and compared this platform with two equally popular sites that are also known in the online dating industry.

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Asian Melodies Dating Site vs Asian Dating: Which Online Dating Site is Better?

AsianDating is quite popular and stands out among other online dating services that have been bringing lonely hearts together for 10 years. This site was one of the first to open online dating in Asian countries and has become one of the most reliable and secure platforms.

If you compare it with the Asian Melodies dating website, you can immediately notice the difference in the price of services and their number. AsianDating has a limited number of free services and to use more useful and interesting services you need to pay. We compared the two platforms and found a few differences.

AsianDatingAsian Melodies
The minimum cost $10Minimum cost $9.9
Free communication services are much less expensive than paid ones.A large number of paid and free communication services
Function quality score 4.3Function quality score 4.5
Most users are from Asian countriesUsers from all over the world

Comparison of Asian Melodies and Asian Matchmate Dating Sites

AsiansMatchMate is one of the most popular dating services for Asian singles who are looking for partners. Most of the users here are not interested in a serious relationship and want simple communication and casual meetings. This platform has many similar features to Asian Melodies, such as live chat or free membership. But there are also a few differences, which you can read below.

AsianMatchMateAsian Melodies
It is possible to buy a package of services for a monthNo monthly package
The quality of services is rated 4.1Service quality 4.5
Paid memberships have high pricesThe maximum available cost of a paid membership
AsianMelodies girl profile

Stories of Western Men Who Found Their Love on Asian Melodies

Carlos, 37

“When I first came to the AsianMelodies dating site, I wanted to find a nice chat with a beautiful girl and get some random meetings. But a few months later, I met a beautiful lady named Tina and fell in love. We talked for two weeks, and I could not control myself and decided to come to her city to go on a date live, so I got tired of communicating only in live chat. It was unforgettable! 

We spent a whole month together, and after that, I called her to my country, and she agreed. Now we have been living together for 2 years, and we are planning to have a baby. I am incredibly happy that one day I decided to create a profile on the AsianMelodies site because I got more than I expected.”

Sarah, 29

“I have heard about the popular dating service Asian Melodies for a long time, but I decided to create a profile here only after I divorced my husband. I wanted to be distracted and communicate with nice men from other countries because I was completely disappointed in Filipino men. 

From the first day, the courage of attractive men began to write to me, who spoke to me many pleasant words that I had not heard before. I’m glad I signed up here because I go on dates and have a great time. With the advent of AsianMelodies in my life, I began to receive many emotions that I had never felt when communicating with local men.”

AsianMelodies do you like

Ricky, 43

“I never thought that dating sites could change my life so drastically! I created a profile on AsianMelodies a few years ago and had no online dating experience. But recently, I met an incredible girl who made me fall in love with herself with her beauty and intelligence. 

We have been talking for two weeks now, but I am sure that we will be able to create a wonderful family because we both want it. In a week, she will fly to my country, and we will live together. So many times that I went to the Asian Melodies site and met my love. Now I know for sure that online dating can help you find the love of your life, the main thing is to search very well, hehe.”

Value Tips on How to Use Asian Melodies From a Dating Coach

Leverage the Extensive User Database

Despite the huge number of similar dating sites, I have personally convinced myself that is one of the best and most reliable. In addition to the huge number of features, here I found that most users are interested in serious relationships, which I cannot say about other sites. 

My friend Sam used this international dating site a few years ago, and he managed to find a woman with whom he is happy to this day. He created a profile for casual meetings but found the girl of his dreams, with whom he built a family and prepared for the arrival of a second child.

Create Stunning Profile

To find successful dating, first of all, you need to create a strong and attractive profile on AsianMelodies, which will be of interest to many Asian women. I, as one of the experts on international dating sites, can say that first of all, you need to fill out a questionnaire and indicate as much information about yourself as possible. Also important is the profile photo, try to choose a photo in which you are alone, and your face is visible.

AsianMelodies do you like

Use Search Tool

Asian Melodies has many services that help men find the perfect girl to meet, but the best of them is the search service, where you can specify all the necessary parameters for which you want to search for a lady, or online broadcast, through which you can chat with a girl via video call and get to know her better. 

Benefit from the Free Features

In my opinion, the international dating service Asian Melodies differs from the rest in that it has a large number of free features, including video chat, which not every platform can boast of.

Use Common Sense to Stay Safe

Although the management of the AsianMelodies site carefully monitors the presence of scammers on the platform, there is a small percentage of profiles that still bypass the rules and create fakes. In order not to run into a fake profile and not waste your time, I recommend paying attention to profile pictures and the amount of information in them.

An excessively large profile description can arouse suspicion from the first seconds, and perfect photos can tell that a person is sitting on the other side of the screen who is pretending to be someone else. Also, pay attention to intrusiveness, such communication features are always suspicious. Although the girls on Asian Melodies may show interest in you themselves, too much activity on the part of the lady’s profile is also an indicator that they want to deceive you.

AsianMelodies do you like

Come Up With Interesting Conversation Starter

You should not start communication with the banal words “Hello, how are you?”, believe me, girls on AsianMelodies receive hundreds of such messages a day, and you will not surprise them with this. To interest beautiful women, a great option would be to start a conversation with an intriguing question or an original compliment. 

Avoid messages like “You are so beautiful, let’s get acquainted”, etc., most likely, you will only push them away. The best way to start a conversation can be the phrases “Good afternoon/evening, I recently planned a trip to your city, what are the most interesting places you could advise me to visit?” or “I saw hundreds of girls today, but you are the only one who aroused my real interest, let’s chat?”

What Paid and Free Services Are Offered at Asian Melodies?

While creating this Asian Melodies site review, we found out that it has many interesting features that help men find beautiful ladies to chat with and get to know them better. Among a large number of options, you can choose paid ones, for which you need to buy credits and free features that each participant can use without spending their money. We have carefully studied each function and suggest that you familiarize yourself with the lists to re-evaluate the situation and know what you can meet by registering on this site. 

Free Features

After reading many Asian Melodies site reviews, we concluded that this site is one of the few where you do not need to pay a membership fee to start using the site. Each member of the site has equal rights and access to the same number of functions, regardless of whether he is paid or not. We have studied the free options of this site, which you can find below:

  • View profiles;
  • View photos of other participants;
  • Search function;
  • Viewing the news feed;
  • Like other profiles;
  • Winks;
  • Follow other users.

As you may have noticed, the list of free features of the AsianMelodies site is quite large, and this includes banal ways of communicating and showing sympathy, which may not always be of interest to Asian women. For more effective options, you need to pay a fee, namely, to buy credits.

AsianMelodies virtual gifts

Paid Features

To access the paid features of Asian Melodies, you need to purchase a certain amount of credits. Having credits in your account, you can spend them on any paid site option, depending on its cost. The main paid features on AsianMelodies are:

  • Communication with ladies;
  • Sending messages;
  • Sending virtual gifts;
  • Photo exchange;
  • Video sharing;
  • Sending real gifts;
  • Appointment of a date;
  • Request contact details of a participant.

This list contains the most relevant features, without which communication on the AsianMelodies site cannot be successful. With the help of paid features, you will be able to send a letter to the girl you like or exchange photos with her. In addition, you can show her sympathy in a new way by sending her a virtual or physical gift, which will immediately show your serious attitude and interest in Asian ladies.

AsianMelodies pricing information

Prices for Paid Features

Having studied many Asian Melodies reviews, we managed to find out that you can see the cost of all the paid options of the site in the credits section. Each new user of the platform is given 20 credits, which he can spend on getting to know Asian women. After the end of bonus credits, you need to go to the credit section and choose one of the following credit packages:

20 credits$9.99
50 credits$19.99
125 credits$44.99
250 credits$69.99
750 credits$149.99

The prices on the AsianMelodies site are the most affordable, so when you come here you can’t help but worry that you will spend a lot of money on chatting with beautiful girls. In addition, this platform cares about your comfort and provides several payment options, such as a credit card or PayPal.

Watch the video to learn top 3 tips on how to date online:


Since there are a huge number of dating sites in the modern world, each new one needs to try to become better and stand out from the rest. While creating these Asian Melodies dating review, we conducted a study and got acquainted with all the advantages of the site and concluded that this platform is one of the best and most reliable of its kind. Therefore, if you are looking for a site where you can find a serious relationship or an incredible Asian girl for simple communication, we can say with confidence that AsianMelodies is the best choice for everyone!

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