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Updated on Jul 2023

AmourFeel is an online dating site that has gained significant popularity among people around the world in recent years! AmourFeel aims to be a place that brings people together. The developers strive to include people from different countries so that everyone can register here and enjoy communication. 

In case you love single people from Slavic countries, then this is the place for you! In this new 2023 review, our experts will tell you about every exciting and useful feature that will make you a fan of this place! 

Below you can find some brief information about the Amour Feel service.

AmourFeel dating site main facts
✅ Good forThose who are single and looking for a reliable online dating platform.
Those who are looking for international dating and serious relationships with people from Eastern Europe.
For those who are looking for an online dating experience with people from Ukraine, Poland, Slovakia, and Moldova
Dominate age of women22-35
All Profiles numbermore than 30,000
Beautiful women Profiles number10,000
What countries coversUkraine, Poland, Slovakia, Moldova, Russia  
RegistrationFree and easy
LegitimateYes, AmourFeel is legit website
AmourFeel main page

Amourfeel Dating Site: Pros And Cons

The AmourFeel dating site, like other dating sites, has both advantages and disadvantages. In the table below, you can learn more about the pros and cons of the platform that our experts found.

Decent variety in credit packagesNo audio communication
Convenient emailsNo mobile app
Simple and almost instant registrationNo video connection
Sending various gifts
Request for personal information
Simple date query
Intuitive design and interface
AmourFeel legit is
Instant messaging

Experts About Using Amourfeel

Our dating experts decided to share with you the answers to the most frequently asked questions about the platform. You can check them out in this review below.

Will Amourfeel Help Me Find A Date?

Our experts, after analyzing dozens of dating site AmourFeel reviews and having visited the site’s clients, came to the conclusion that this site greatly increases the chance of you getting a date and relationship. 

It offers you the option to create an account and gives you access to profiles of single gorgeous women from Slavic countries and the rest of the world. By the way, the average age of girls on the site is from 22 to 40 years old.

AmourFeel features

How Many Successful Marriages Are On Amourfeel?

The percentage of receiving weddings and marriages on the platform is quite high compared to other similar sites. At the same time, the percentage of getting a date, friendship, and simply starting a relationship is still higher than the percentage of successful marriages and getting marital status because successful marriages require a lot of time spent talking and spending time together. At the same time, the level of success stories here is quite high.

Are Any Faked Profiles Found On Amourfeel Site?

During testing of the site, our experts did not find fake profiles, no matter how hard they tried. Although some user reviews say that there are still fakes. At the same time, you can check any profile on the platform, and if you like a man or a perfect woman, you can send him or her a message. 

Most of the AmourFeel profiles are from real people and have not only basic information but also complete filling with various personal details. You can also build online relationships and even contact request a face-to-face meeting with your partner. If you suspect that you are a scammer, report this to support, they will help you. Also, most women on the site are women from Slavic countries.

Sign Up Process To Amourfeel

So that you don’t have to think about how to complete the registration process on the AmourFeel website. Our experts have created for you a Step-by-step guide with the steps of the signing process.

  1. Go to the main page of the dating website 
  2. Choose your gender
  3. Enter your name
  4. Select the month, day, and year of your birth from the drop-down lists
  5. Enter your email address
  6. Come up with a password and enter it in the corresponding field
  7. Click on the small green square to check it. This is necessary to confirm that you are familiar with the rules of the site.
  8. Click the Register button 

On the screenshot below, you can see what the registration form looks like.

AmourFeel create acoount

Log In Process

It is also very simple to perform the AmourFeel LogIn process if you accidentally left the profile.

  1. Go to this page 
  2. Enter your email address and password in the appropriate fields
  3. Click the Log In button
AmourFeel create acoount

Forgot Password? It’s Not A Problem

If you forgot your password, it’s okay. Follow these instructions, then.

  1. In the Log In page, click on the question Forgot your password?
  2. You will be opened for verification as an existing user
  3. There is a field for entering your email in the verification window. Enter the address in the corresponding field.
  4. Click the Send button
  5. Wait up to 5 minutes, you will receive a message with a code and a link. Copy the code and click on the link. After following the link, enter the code you received in the mail.

In this way, you will change the password and complete the verification process.

AmourFeel create acoount

Free Vs. Paid Membership

Our experts understand very well that the question of price is one of the main ones when choosing a dating platform for finding the ideal type of relationship. Therefore, below in the table and in the overview, you will find the necessary information about the prices and the difference between paid and free features.

AmourFeel members

As you can see below, there are more free features on the platform than paid ones. Also, our experts believe that paid features are worth paying for.

Free Paid
Registration processSend messages 
Log In processAbility to more loading private profile pictures
Verification processSend attachments in messages
Using Quick Search FiltersReceiving and sending letters
Profile setupSending gifts and flowers
Profile ActivityDate personal information
Using advanced search filtersView private videos
People searchSending stickers and emoticons
Ability to contact and get help from customer supportReceiving messages
Uploading photosPre written messages
View profiles

Plans And Prices

The site has a credit system, so below you can read the following information: the price of credits for a specific number of credits and for whom the offer is valid.

AmourFeel CostAmount of creditsWho is the offer for?
$2.9920 creditsFor new users only after registration with 1 purchase
$9.9920 creditsFor users who already use the site
$44.99125 creditsFor other members who already use the site
$149.99750 creditsFor users who already use the site

Note: absolutely all new members who have just registered receive AmourFeel free credits in the amount of 20.

How To Start Using Amourfeel After Registration?

Immediately after registration, the first thing you will need to do as a user is to fill out your profile so that it looks great and interesting for women on the platform.

What Should Be Done When Filling Out A Profile?

A well-filled profile can do wonders, so it’s important to know what to do to get your date off to a good start. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Write facts about yourself.

Girls and boys who visit your profile page, and they can do so, should understand who you are without contacting you. Don’t be afraid to share some interesting aspects of your life. Write what you like, what you are looking for and who you are.

  • Add high-quality photos.

In addition to your profile picture, you must upload several images that can identify you as an interesting person.

  • Don’t be afraid to be funny and creative.

Do something to make your profile stand out. Don’t just write that you like sports, cars and rock and roll. Be more creative than most ordinary users, whose profiles do not draw much attention to themselves!

In addition, our experts have found a source for you with quality advice on how to create a great online dating profile. After familiarizing yourself with them, it will be easier for you to design your profile correctly.

How Do Basic Search, Extended Search And Filters Work?

AmourFeel search

There are as many girls on the site as there are not on similar such websites to search for Slavic women. After creating a profile according to this AmourFeel review, start exploring AmourFeel’s basic and extended search function. This is the main manual matchmaking tool that can be used on the platform. You can sort users by their marital status, age, habits, and more.

AmourFeel search

To get more male or female members in the results bar, follow the steps below:

  1. Click the Search tab at the top center of the screen;
  2. Select one of the “All”/”Online”/”Subscribe” buttons on the left;
  3. Click Filters on the right.
  4. In the Filters, mark all the fields that are important to you: gender and age. Choose the country of your future person for the relationship, if his origin is important;
  5. Click the View People button.
AmourFeel search

You can now manually browse the profiles offered by the AmourFeel dating platform. Below each profile when browsing there is a “Start Chat” or “Send Email” button. The first button is available when the AmourFeel user is online; there is always a friend (you can easily send a letter, and when the user is free, he will answer you).

AmourFeel online

What Should I Do To View Other Profiles?

Follow the instructions below:

  1. Click the People tab at the top of the screen;
  2. View a selection of Slavic women or men’s photos;
  3. Click “Like” or “Skip” depending on whether you like the photo or not;
  4. Contact the person you liked via email or the wink tool.
AmourFeel do you like

Mobile Version Of Amourfeel Site

The developers tried their best, so even the lack of a mobile AmourFeel app is not a problem, since everyone can use the site on a phone or tablet, in addition to a computer. This is possible thanks to the optimized version of the site.

Means Of Communication On The Platform

Reviews of AmourFeel users confirm that the site offers many ways to communicate with people in this community. Dating site reviews don’t lie, you can contact women or men and get their contact details through the following ways:

  • Group chat during video streams. 

During a stream, you can send messages simultaneously with other users who are watching the same live video. This will be a video communication.

  • Emails tool. 

Use this feature if you want to communicate in longer letters and attach images.

AmourFeel profile
  • Live chat 

Communication in AmourFeel is similar to any messenger you already use: instant messages, stickers, etc.

AmourFeel stikers

AmourFeel Dating App

At the time of creating the site review, the site does not have its own mobile application for either iPhone or Android. But don’t worry, you can still have the best online dating experience thanks to the site in your mobile browser.

What Do Users Of The Platform Say About Its Services, Quality And Reliability?

Most AmourFeel users really like the platform’s services. So what they single out the most as big pluses of the platform are points like:

  1. Good dating site with large and active audience base
  2. The number of free features is quite large
  3. Amour Feel compared to alternative dating sites, this one has modern and reliable data protection
  4. Amour Feel is one of the top Slavic dating sites
  5. Amourfeel legitimate is
  6. Online communication tools are interesting and easy to use

And most importantly, users can easily find international dating here. Our experts, having visited the Amour Feel dating site in the role of ordinary users, can confirm all these advantages of the platform. Also, in the screenshots below, you can read a couple of reviews of real users about their experience on the platform.

AmourFeel testimonials
AmourFeel testimonials
AmourFeel testimonials

How To Find The Love Of Your Life Or The Perfect Relationship? Advice From Experts

Below, you’ll find expert advice to improve your AmourFeel search for the perfect relationship. You can also find out in this reliable source of information with the facts about 20 different ways to find a happy relationship in 2023. Or just continue reading this Amour Feel review.

Free Your Mind From Unrealistic Fantasies

Many single people unknowingly sabotage their own chances of meeting someone great because they are mentally attached to someone. It could be an ex they can’t let go of, or someone they only know from afar but are convinced they’ll have a happily ever after. 

True, lasting love and good relationships aren’t created in your head, and it can be all too easy to get caught up in the fantasy. These fantasies can hold you back – for example, if you’re still obsessed with getting back together with your last partner, you might miss out on that amazing person standing right in front of you at a party, work meeting, wedding, or other event.

Get rid of the “one that got away” and you’ll have a much easier time recognizing someone great when you see them. You can find more effective advice from professionals in this article. Or you can watch a short video on how to stop being single in 2023.

AmourFeel Safety & Security

The AmourFeel platform actively cares about all its users. This means that your personal and banking information is 110 percent safe. In addition, Amour Feel has advanced and high-quality security practices that work to protect your credit card information, conversations, and the data you store on your profile page.

And finally, the AmourFeel system provides a guarantee with the implementation of sophisticated modern systems that guarantee that each profile is genuine. You can also read more about site security in their Anti-Scam Policy section.

AmourFeel Safety

How Will People In The World Meet Online In 2023?

More and more people are looking for and finding a partner or different types of relationships through dating apps and platforms such as AmourFeel platform. According to Statista Digital Market Outlook, online dating services are expected to reach 413 million active users worldwide by the end of 2023.

This segment is expected to generate approximately $3.7 billion in paid subscription revenue worldwide. This all shows that the online dating sphere is growing and gaining popularity more and more with each new day. The AmourFeel site also does not stand out and acquires more users and an increasing user base every month.

Also, our experts have found a source of information for you with as many as 66 Key Millennial and Gen Z Dating Statistics in 2023. These statistics can also help you in finding your ideal partner or partners this year and in the years to come.

AmourFeel Customer Support Department

Judging by the reviews of users, they like the way Customer Support team works. By the way, everyone can easily contact the support team by writing to their email address: [email protected]. The team works well, and gladly and quickly helps to solve any question or problem faced by users.


Now you know all the necessary information about this AmourFeel site and therefore how on this site you can seek girls. Our experts have tried to make this review as concise and informative as possible, because this is their main goal. 

This site is user friendly, perfect for men with no online dating experience, and great for those who understand something about dating and want to find a perfect match. The quality of profiles and tools for communicating with girls and guys is great, and Amourfeel customer support works great. In case you value the ease of Amour Feel online communication, this platform is worth to spend money, and trying at least once!

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