Filipino Brides: The Best Choice for a Happy Marriage

Over the years, a large majority of US divorced men have found their most suitable partner in the form of Filipino brides. They are the rock that many men from Europe and America are looking for in their life. There is something very unique about having a Filipino woman by your side, and it is becoming more and more common nowadays. Thankfully it is easier than ever to find a wonderful Filipino girl thanks to all the excellent dating services which can be found online. Through this article, we will discover the benefits of these platforms and why Filipina mail order brides could be the woman for you. You will get everything you need to know about these females right here. 

women from Philippines

Who Are The Filipino Mail Order Brides And What Should You Know About Them? 

When we talk about Filipino brides, we are talking about some of the sexiest women on earth. These ladies are drop-dead gorgeous, and not only that, they are beautiful human beings too. This is why so many foreign men are drawn to these ladies. So many US single guys are in search of a traditional wife. A Filipino mail order bride gives that to them. These females are intelligent, caring, and keen on having an American partner in their life. Filipina brides live a simple life in the Philippines. 

Generally, they have a positive outlook on life and always seem to be laughing or smiling. These girls would love to live overseas, and America is their favorite destination. Filipino girls are hardworking with a great sense of humor. They never seem to get stressed or down, this is why they are so sought after through online dating services. 

When you desire to be with these Asian women, you need to hit dating sites. There you can chat with countless girls online daily. You can do this from the comfort of your own home whenever you desire. Once you find a suitable Philippines girl, you can video call, send messages and arrange a date. It is perfectly legal to date online with Philippines mail order brides. It has been done thousands of times, and many single men from across the world have found their happiness with Filipino mail order wives. It is a pleasure to date these females online and start a new life with them. The table below gives you an idea of what benefits Filipino girls give you.

Average age of marriage23 years of age 
% Divorce rate19%
Do they actively move abroad?Yes
Average price$10,000- $30,000
Key benefits to the manTraditional values, taking care of their husband
Filipino mail order bride

So Who Are The Filipino Mail Order Brides?

When it comes to having a partner you can be proud of, Filipino brides are right at the top of that list. There is a reason over 7,000 Filipino women came to the US in 2019 to marry their US man. These ladies are excellent partners and great people to spend your life with. They do not only have incredible beauty, but it is their attitude to life and the people they love that drive men to them. When you are in the presence of a Filipino bride, you will instantly be in a better mood. They are always looking at life in a fun, amusing way; they make you feel good being around them. 

The main reason European and American men want to share their life with Filipino girls is the care they have. When these ladies are in love with someone they love. The divorce rate in the Philippines is meager; these females are loyal, committed partners. They take pride in being the best possible wife to their husband. Philippine women are looking for a reliable, respectful partner who will love them. They are also looking for financial security. The Philippines is not a rich country; these women would like to live overseas and start a new life with a partner. So searching on a dating site is the best way for them to make this dream a reality.

What Kind Of Men Are Suitable For Filipino Mail Order Brides?

There are lots of men suitable to be with beautiful Filipino women; this is because these ladies are easy to spend time with. But ideally, the most appropriate men to be with Filipino brides have to be those that want a traditional wife. Men that love being looked after and cared for. The majority of men that are with women from the Philippines are middle-aged, divorced US guys. Western men want a loyal woman by their side. With Philippine brides, you are guaranteed a devoted woman. 

Filipino brides

They will serve their husband and be by their side through the good and rough times. This is precisely what middle-aged men from America want. This is why they look through international dating sites searching for sexy women from the Philippines. You get the whole package when you get a Filipino woman as a wife. You get the attractive looks plus the beautiful soul who wants to serve her man. Men from the US found this out decades ago; this is why there has been such a massive demand for Filipino wives. 

Many men from the US want alternatives to American women. They see that in America, things have changed dramatically over the last decade. Traditional values have been lost, with more females working longer hours than men. In Asian countries, this does not happen. They believe in traditional female and male lifestyles. So a Filipino mail order bride expects to stay home looking after the household chores while the man earns money. This is the way many men like to look at life, but in the west, this dynamic has changed dramatically. So you can see why Filipino brides are a wise choice. 

What Kind Of Men Are Not Suitable For Filipino Mail Order Brides?

We would say men that would like their wives to work as much as they would not be suited to a Filipino bride. If you are someone that likes to be independent and not have an Asian woman take care of you, forget being with a Filipino bride. These ladies are generous with their time and adore sharing the love they have with their man. So an independent man who does not enjoy this will not be suited to a Filipino bride. 

It may be the case that young men in their 20s may not be suited to a Filipino bride either. This is because, at that age, young men would probably not fully appreciate a Filipina wife. These women are more suited to middle-aged men who have experience in life and may have gone through a divorce already. These men fully appreciate the attributes of Philippines ladies. 

Filipino girls

What Character Traits Of Filipino Wives Are Highly Valued By Western Men? 

What makes these females so sought after is their attitude to life. Many western men desire Filipino girls; for these reasons, we have listed them below. 

Values and traditions

Traditional wives are a great benefit to men from across the world. This means a Filipino woman is more than happy to take care of her husband with cooking and cleaning. She will shower him with love and care every day, making him feel like a million dollars. This is the reason why many US guys want to be with Filipino girl. 


Being hardworking at home is a quality that the majority of Filipino brides have. They love to do all the household chores, making sure their husband is free to earn money for the family. These attributes make Asian ladies sought-after and desired wives. You will never find yourself doing anything around the home again if you have a partner from the Philippines. 

Joyful and positive

A positive attitude to life makes them so much fun to be around. American men want some excitement and laughter, and that is what Filipino women for marriage bring. They have an optimistic outlook on life which is a breath of fresh air. There is no doom and gloom; they are always looking at the positives in life. Everyone enjoys being around people like this. 

Filipino wife

Great cooks

If you like eating good food, you are in luck, as Filipino wives are fantastic cooks. They learn all their cooking skills from their mothers from a young age, so expect some amazing meals when you are with Asian girls like this. This is a trait that many single men desire in their partner, as food is the way to a man’s heart. 


Loyalty is something that is missing in many marriages, but fortunately, Filipino brides are committed to their man. Divorce is not too common in the Philippines; marriage is a sacred event and is treated with respect. So having potential partners from the Philippines, you are in safe, loyal hands. 

Why Does A Filipino Bride Always Stand Out From Other Asian Women? 

Beauty secrets of Filipino women.

The reason so many men from the US and Europe want to be with the Philippines women is simple; they are drop-dead gorgeous. The reason for this is their healthy lifestyle and the climate they live in. They have smooth tanned skin, dark features, and slim bodies. They eat plenty of fruits and use very little makeup. All of this creates an attractive woman that men from all over the globe desire. 

Who is more beautiful: Filipino women or Chinese women?

It is always difficult to compare women, but with Filipino ladies, you see, super attractive females. They are different from the Chinese because Chinese do not have the same skin color, and Chinese women are generally more petite. A Filipino girl has sexy curves, and smooth, tanned brown skin. You will also notice their facial features are more subtle than Chinese ladies. So overall, women from Philippines are tough to beat. 

Filipino women

Comparison of Filipino and Filipino women: who is more attractive?

Japanese women are beautiful women to look at, just like women from the Philippines. But with Filipino ladies, you get much more sex appeal. They have a natural sexier look that pulls me towards them more. It is no surprise that thousands of girls from the Philippines marry American men every year. The most significant difference between Japanese and Filipino ladies is that Japanese girls have sharper facial features. Also, a Filipino woman has more of a curvy shape which men go wild over. A Filipino woman looks more feminine than other Asian women.

Why are Filipino women more attractive than Japanese women?

They are more attractive because they have a natural sex appeal that is missing with Japanese girls. When you lay your eyes on Filipino brides, it is clear that these ladies have something special about them. They are slim, have stunning eyes with incredible hair. Men from the US adore women from the Philippines, as they tick all the boxes required. If you want to be with a woman that has tanned skin, smooth, silky hair with exotic looking eyes, You need to be with a Filipino woman. 

Where Can A Modern Man Find A Bride From The Philippines? 

Please check the most popular ways to meet your future Asian wife.

Offline trip to the Philippines

There is also a demand to visit the Philippines as it is such a wonderful country. So many single guys go searching for a perfect partner in large cities. This can be an adventure and a great experience abroad. It can have its issues, which can be a language barrier, danger, and time-consuming. If you are lucky enough to locate a partner while in the Philippines and desire to bring her back to the US, you need to follow some rules. To marry a Filipino women, you need to get a K1 visa so you can marry in the US. If we were to estimate the price of a round trip with visas, including accommodation, we would say it can be $4,000. 

Filipino ladies

Online dating sites

When you use online dating services, you are getting the most convenient method of finding a Filipino bride. What makes this such a fantastic option is the ease and the wide selection of girls available. Here are four advantages of using a top-quality dating site:

  • Being able to date from the comfort of your own home is something very convenient. 
  • Having a safe environment to date is very appealing, and many Filipino girls want security.
  • A wide selection of Filipino brides is available to date when you use a reliable, popular dating service. 
  • The number of brilliant features makes a dating platform the perfect place to locate a Filipino woman.

Marriage Agency

If you go through a marriage agency, you will have experts holding your hand through the entire process. As marriages between Filipino girls and foreign men are common, using popular a marriage agency is a great idea. The agency will do their best to get you in contact with the most suitable Filipino woman. Remember, a marriage agency is ideal for those that want everything done for them for a cost. 

Reliable And Trusted Dating Sites To Meet Beautiful Filipino Women

When it comes to the best dating sites, we have three quality platforms that will get you excited. On these platforms, users are able to hunt for the most suitable partner. There are numerous sexy Filipino brides waiting to make contact with US guys. Let’s check these sites out. 


When you use this website, you can find long-term relationships. You will find women from a host of Asian countries, including the Philippines. With over a million users from across the planet, it is a place you can trust. 


By signing up for this website, users can gain a wonderful attractive Filipina bride. You will find lots of verified members and free features. Locating a sexy single to communicate with is simple here. 

beautiful Filipino women


There are more females registered here than males, which is excellent news. You will find users are very active, with over 5 million monthly visits. Long-term commitment can be found with the Filipino woman of your dreams.

ReviewAsian MelodiesEastern HoneysOrchidRomance
Number of users2 million1.5 million 7 million
FeaturesLive chat and Send a winkFaces featureSending virtual and real gifts
Cost20 credits cost $2.9920 credits will be $2.9950 credits cost $20

The Whole Truth About Filipino Brides From A Dating Expert

Learn more about brides from the Philippines from our dating expert.

What is it like to be married to a Filipino woman? What are some risks of marrying a Filipino woman?

I have dated many Filipino girls in the past and married one too. The only things I can say are positive things. They are attractive and love life. They are curious about everything and always seem to be in a good mood. If you are interested in a Filipino woman to care for you and love you like no other, it is a brilliant choice. The only risks I see with marriage to a Filipino woman are cultural differences. But they are not a significant issue. 

Do you think Filipino brides are a great choice for most Western men?

Having a Filipino bride is a great decision. The reason is they are loyal, reliable, and beautiful. Most western men are in need of some tender loving care, and that makes dating Filipino women the perfect choice. You are sure to never regret such a decision. 

Filipino Women: Let’s Talk About Statistics

Is it easy for Filipino women to adapt to American culture? What challenges might arise in this process?

Having been with my Filipino bride for almost two years, I can say she adapted very easily. They learn English in the Philippines, so the language is never a problem. They miss their family, but that is expected. So my wife heads back to see her family twice a year, so everything is fine. 

It is a common opinion that Filipino wives are exceptionally submissive to their husbands. What can you say about this?

This is true. They are eager to care for, cook, and look after their home. A Filipino woman prides herself on taking care of her duties. My wife is a very traditional woman in every aspect of her life. This is what is missing in many western relationships nowadays. Remember, Filipino culture is very traditional. 

How safe is the process of buying a Filipino mail order bride for the average American? Can you advise proven online dating sites to find a Filipino wife-to-be?

It is very safe as long as you use common sense and a reliable dating site. The service worked exceptionally well for me, and I have been married for over 3 years now. Some of the quality websites to find a Filipino wife are AsianMelodies, and OrchidRomance. These are trustworthy and safe.

How Much Does It Cost You to Date Filipino Women

How Should You Act To Impress And Be Liked By Filipino Women? 

When you desire to impress women from Philippines, you can follow these simple tips to make your dream of a Filipino wife come true.

Make sure you are polite and use manners

This is a basic requirement, but many men fail at this simple task. When dating these beautiful ladies, remember to be respectful in every interaction. Treat her like you would like to be treated, and you can not go wrong. 

Be a good listener

All Filipino girls like to talk and want to have a good listener as a partner. So being curious about their life and asking questions will light them up. Women from the Philippines adore a man that does not talk constantly but listens. Filipino women dating is going to be more successful!

Look good and smell good

It is always appreciated when a man takes time to look presentable, whether online or face-to-face. By dressing well in good clothes, this impression will last, and your Filipino woman will admire you more.

Do Filipino Girls Seek Relationships With Foreign Men? 

Filipino women would love to be in a relationship with American men, and there are multiple reasons for this. We have listed a few of them below. 

The Best Ways To Find a Filipino Wife

The desire to live a better life

The number one reason why Asian women, like Filipino, dream of being with an American guy is a new life that would bring. Life is pretty simple and can be challenging in the Philippines, so the American dream is something many females want to try. They believe that having an American husband will bring them a new life that is much more glamorous. 

To be treated with respect

Getting treated like a princess appeals to the majority of women, and a Filipino bride is no exception. It is well known in Asian countries that American men are true gentlemen compared with local guys. So this is another reason why it is appealing to find a US husband. Women from the Philippines want to have a man that respects and treats them well; American singles tick the boxes. 

They find foreign men more attractive

The third reason why countless Filipino singles want to be with US men is that they are good-looking. These women like the way western men look. They admire their fashion and their appearance. It is completely different from local Asian men, and this is what is so appealing. This is why so many Asian women are on online dating platforms.

The Attitude of Filipino Women Toward Marriages With Foreigners

Stories Of Happy Relationships Between Westerners And Filipino Mail Order Brides

Analyn and Greg

I was a single man from Detroit and wanted to find a traditional wife online. I was fortunate to come across Analyn three years ago. We started chatting online and never looked back. If it was not for online dating, I would still be depressed and single living alone. But now I am the happiest I have ever been. We dated online for three months and last year got married in the US. 

Agila and Bryan

Being 46 years old, I did not know if I would ever be in another relationship, but after searching through an online dating platform, I found love. Agila and I met online six months ago and spoke every day. We have created an incredible bond over that time, and we wanted to meet in person. I can say Filipino women are out of this world, so caring, thoughtful, and fun. We are a match made in heaven. 

Agwa and Joseph

I found Agwa through a dating website two years ago. It completely changed my life. I had been married twice already and failed both times, so I was not sure if it was meant to be for me. But chatting online with Agwa was incredible. After a month, I went to the Philippines to meet her and her family; it was amazing. We arranged our K1 visa and married 6 months later. Now we are living together in the US, happier than ever. 

Tips To Avoid Fraudulence In the Philippines

The Secrets Of A Strong And Long-Lasting Marriage With A Filipino Wife

Everyone wants to know the secrets of a long-lasting romance, so we have created a list that will assist those wanting a Filipino wife. 

Make sure you are honest with each other at all times

This is the number one rule if you want a committed and lasting relationship. If you are not honest, everything will fall apart very fast. So even if your wife does not want to hear it, you must speak your truth at all times. Honesty is a key ingredient. 

Be patient with your wife

Because you are from two very different cultures, life can sometimes be challenging. This is why patience is super important in a romance between two people. You always have to remember that things are different in the Philippines; it is not like America, so having patience with each other is vital. 

Give each other compliments

Every person loves to hear positive words; this makes everyone feel better about themselves. Treat each other to positive words and compliments. Luckily Filipino brides are already super optimistic, so it is down to you to be more positive too. 


So throughout this article, we have discovered the benefits of being with a Filipino woman. There is no doubt that they will enhance your life 100%. These females are extra exceptional wives with a heart of gold. If you are looking for more love, affection, support, and loyalty, then Filipino brides are the way to go. You will never look back. 


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