Russian Mail Order Brides Cost – Communication And Dating With Russian Wives To Buy

Updated on Jul 2023

Finding the perfect partner for a harmonious relationship can be challenging. But it is a real pleasure. A beautiful lady who shares your interests and provides support in difficult times makes your days brighter and full of positive emotions. And if you want to meet such a woman, then we recommend paying attention to Russian girls. The beauty, charm, and wonderful character of these ladies are known all over the world, and modern dating sites make the search easier and more convenient.

Of course, you need to choose a quality matrimonial service that guarantees safety and has the most benefits. It is also important to understand how much does a Russian bride cost – this will help you make the right plan of action. In this overview, we will provide you with useful information.

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Russian Mail Order Wife Price: Service Rates And Communication Fees

The first step to take on the path to love and happiness is choosing the right dating site. Important parameters when choosing a service are:

  • Popularity. The more charming Russian singles registered here, the better;
  • Security and professional support service;
  • Rich experience and good reputation;
  • A large number of opportunities for online communication with Russian women;
  • Availability of a mobile application;
  • Good Russian order bride prices.

We recommend choosing such popular and reliable sites like AnastasiaDate, VictoriaHearts, RussianCupid, and others. They offer a wide range of benefits and excellent Russian mail order brides cost. Typically, companies offer free signup, view other members’ profiles, send winks, and use search. But chatting with lovely ladies is a paid option, available only after you make a deposit.

The average monthly subscription cost is around $20-30. Moreover, if you buy a membership for three months, six months, or a year, then you are entitled to excellent discounts, so the Russian bride cost can become significantly less.

Also, a large number of services offer a rich set of tools for communicating with beautiful ladies. It can be online chat, exchange of letters, photos and videos, or video communication. Many companies also offer the services of a professional translator to help make the conversation as pleasant and comfortable as possible. Most of these features are paid for using local currency (credits). Coins can be bought at the price set by the company (usually $20 per 50 coins), and discounts work here as well.

We continue to answer the question, how much is a Russian bride cost. The average cost of sending a text message is 1-2 coins, a photo or letter – 10-15 coins, a minute of video communication costs 2-5 coins. Therefore, the cost of your communication and the Russian mail order wife cost may be different. It all depends on how long you chat and what features you use.

Interest And Development Of Harmonious Relationships

Online communication can be very enjoyable. And if the client wants to make it more interesting and emphasize his serious intentions, he can order the sending of a gift or flowers to his girlfriend. This is another cost item that helps answer the question of how much does a Russian wife cost. Most of the services offer these services – the cost of a gift bouquet is about $35, a jewelry gift – up to $300.

Russian Brides Cost: From Theory To Practice

Online communication is good, but every man wants to touch his woman, talk to her, and look into those beautiful eyes. Therefore, you can invite a charming lady on a date. To do this, you need to pay attention to many details that will affect the Russian mail order bride cost.

  • Request for the provision of personal data. Of course, a girl can provide this information, but most services offer customers to pay for the address. It costs around 1,000-2,000 coins or is a free option with a one-year subscription.
  • Obtaining a visa and issuing a passport. This option is also offered by companies cooperating with visa centers. In this case, the cost is $80-160.
  • Insurance. A must-see for tourists when visiting other countries. Add about $200 to the Russian mail order wife price.
  • Tickets for transport. It can be a plane, ship, or train. It all depends on the wishes and capabilities of the company and the client. Tickets cost $100-400.
  • Accommodation at the hotel. Of course, you can invite a girl to your house, but this is not the best solution for the first meeting. We recommend renting a nice hotel near you for a beautiful Russian lady. It will cost you about $50-100 per day.
  • Dating. It all depends on you and your imagination. Because you can just walk in the park, eat ice cream in a cafe. Or you can rent a yacht and go on a cruise, go to a concert of your favorite musician or visit a prestigious restaurant. However, one date with a Russian girl is unlikely to cost you less than $150-200.

In this section, it is necessary to conclude how much Russian brides cost. In case a girl comes to you for a week or two, you will have to spend $2,000-3,000 for visa opening, tickets, legal formalities, accommodation, and pleasant communication.

Serious Step

So you’ve decided you’ve found the ideal. It remains only to invite the Russian bride to his country and make her a wife. In this case, you need to contact the embassy or just have a wedding. It all depends on the imagination of the fiance and the desires of the beautiful Russian bride. You can play a modest ceremony or organize a lavish celebration. Remember that this day can be the happiest of your life. Expect to spend several thousand dollars at this stage.


It’s time to draw conclusions and say how much are Russian mail order brides. Of course, everything depends on a large number of factors: the chosen service and its prices, the time of online communication with the girl, the number of dates with a beautiful Russian lady, the organization of a wedding, etc. But the average cost of Russian brides is between $3,000 and $10,000. Yes, this is a serious amount, but happiness is priceless for us, isn’t it? And Russian brides can make your life brighter and your relationships more harmonious.

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Questions & Answers

How Can I Meet Russian Mail Order Bride?

The process of buying a Russian wife consists of several stages, and modern dating sites make it easier and more convenient.

  1. Analyze well-known matrimonial service with Russian brides and choose the highest quality one;
  2. Register, make a deposit, and start chatting with the lady you like;
  3. Invite the bride to date (the service will help in organizing travel and buying tickets) and start real communication;
  4. Play the wedding of your dreams and build harmonious relationships based on love and trust.

Is It Safe To Invite Russian Brides On A Date?

Of course, buying a Russian bride has a lot of complexities and nuances. For example, you do not know what kind of person she is, and only real communication will help you understand this. But you can reduce your risk. First, choose the best quality and most reliable matrimonial service. Secondly, only ask the girl out on a date when you are sure of it. Third, do not invite her home, but rent a hotel room. Of course, this increases the value of the pretty bride, but safety is the main factor. In this case, the path to happiness will be more convenient.

Why Do I Need To Buy Russian Bride?

Because such brides are known all over the world for their positive qualities. Charming ladies have great looks, great figures, and a pleasant character. Thanks to this, relations with them become ideal, because next to you is now a real soul mate, who shares your interests and life values. But the main thing is that these girls believe in love. So don’t try to buy Russian brides; just love them. And then your relationship will become perfect, and life will be filled with bright and positive colors.

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